Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Painting furniture can be a fun and rewarding way to give any old piece of wood a creative new look. These chalk paint furniture ideas are easy and affordable solutions for anyone looking to transform their furniture without spending a fortune.

With the right supplies and effort, you can give your furniture a beautiful finish that is sure to turn heads.

different brands and types of chalk paint with everything you need to know about chalk paint text

The cost of painting furniture is much lower compared to buying a brand-new piece of furniture while also offering an easy and convenient way to refresh the look of any furniture item.

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It gives you the freedom to experiment with colors and designs, transforming an outdated dresser or table into something beautiful and unique.

This paint is easy to use and can be applied with a paint brush, roller, or paint sprayer. It comes in a variety of colors, which means you can create any look you desire. It also dries quickly, allowing you to move through your project quickly.

Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

But before you get started, here are our best tips so you can get the perfect finish with your furniture paint!

Start with the basics and then move your way through some other techniques. But don’t forget to properly prep your furniture before you paint!

Chalk Paint for Furniture

When it comes to choosing the right paint for your furniture project, there are several options available. Popular brands all offer a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes to choose from.

Here are some of the best chalk style paints for furniture.

Here are the best colors for furniture.

Chalk Painted Furniture

Choosing the right chalk paint color for your furniture project can be intimidating. Here are our best chalk painted furniture ideas sorted by color.

Painted Dresser Ideas

Dressers are the best sellers when it comes to painted furniture. So it’s only fitting that we have a lot of chalk painted dresser ideas for you!

Grey Painted Dressers

Green Dresser Ideas

Blue Painted Dressers

Teal Painted Dresser Ideas

White Dressers

Black Dressers

Pink Dressers

Yellow Dressers

Painted Tables

From chalk style painted coffee tables to nightstands and end tables, here are our painted table ideas.

Chalk Painted End Tables and Nightstands

Painted Coffee Tables

Painted Sewing Machine Tables

More Furniture Ideas

No less fun are chalk painted desks, cedar chests, and buffets or sideboards. Here are our best ideas for everything else.

Chalk Style Painted Desks

Painted Fabric

Painted Buffets

Painted Cedar Chests

What is so special about chalk Style paint?

It is a great choice for furniture makeover projects because it is easy to use. It dries quickly, and you can brush it, roll it, or spray it on. You don’t need to know much about painting to use it.

While most chalk brands claim that you don’t need to prime before painting furniture with chalk style paint, you still should scuff sand and prime before priming for the best results.

Primer can stop stains from coming through paint. These stains come through the paint on a lot of wood furniture. Check out the best primers to stop tanning bleed. Here are the best primers for painting furniture.

I’ve tested various brands of paint on different types of furniture, and many times the chalk style paint still scratches off easily. But it sticks much better than latex paint (the paint you paint walls with.) It also sands very easily and can be blended with other colors when you paint it on to create a unique, ombre effect.

Then you can topcoat it with your choice of topcoat to give it different sheens.

What are the disadvantages of chalk Style paint?

It is a great choice for furniture makeover projects, but it does require some additional effort to get the best results. For example, it’s necessary to topcoat it. Learn more about topcoats for painting furniture here. Since it is matte, and honestly not very durable on its own, it needs to be topcoated. I prefer a waterbased polyurethane topcoat because it is more durable than wax.

You can learn more about wax for chalk paint here. Wondering “is chalk paint durable for kitchen table?” check out this post to find out. Learn more about the importance of sanding before painting furniture as well to get the best results.

These steps may be somewhat inconvenient and time-consuming, but following them will result in beautiful, durable, long-lasting pieces.

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