Dark Green Chalk Painted Dresser

Step by step, how to paint a dresser with green chalk paint and how to paint furniture without brush marks. You’ve gotta see this stunning dark green chalk painted dresser makeover!

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Today I’m sharing this Modern dresser makeover with chalk paint.

This is what the dresser looked like before.

modern tall dresser before paint

We picked it up from an ad on Facebook marketplace and it was in pretty good condition other than a damaged corner.

Supplies Used For This Dark Green Chalk Painted Dresser

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How to Chalk Paint a Dresser

First I removed the old hardware with my electric screwdriver.

I planned to clean up the hardware and put it back on, so I didn’t fill in all of the hardware holes.

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But one of the top drawer pulls was broken so I filled in the holes on the top drawer so then I could put new hardware on the top drawer.

Best Way to Fill Holes in Drawers

I filled them in with KwikWood, my favorite product to fill hardware holes and repair damage.

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It’s a two-part epoxy that’s the consistency of clay. It dries hard in about an hour, and it doesn’t shrink and crack like most wood fillers do.

While I had it out, I shaped it around the broken corner to fill in the missing wood.

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filling old hardware holes with kwikwood.
repaired dresser corner with kwikwood.


While I waited for the KwikWood to dry, I cleaned the whole dresser with Krud Kutter and an old damp rag to get rid of any dirt, oil or grime that was on it.

I don’t want any of those things to interfere with the paint being able to stick to the dresser.

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Scuff Sand

After the KwikWood was dry, I sanded the KwikWood down smooth and to a better shape.

Then I scuff sanded the rest of the dresser, with a fine sandpaper pad just to remove the shine.

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I used my shop vac with the hose and brush attachment to remove most of the dust that was left behind, then a tack cloth to pick up the rest of the dust.

Prevent Bleed Through

Even though I’m using chalk paint on this dresser, I still like to prime before painting.

Not necessarily to help the paint stick, because this chalk paint will stick to a scuff sanded wood surface pretty well on it’s own.

But I like to prime to prevent bleed through stains from showing up in my paint.

Bleed through is only really prevented by using the right kind of primer, and a shellac-based primer is my go-to for blocking it.

Clear shellac is specifically my go-to primer for How to Stop Stains from Coming Through Paint. I use it on almost everything!

spraying clear shellac to prevent bleed through before painting.

I sprayed two coats of shellac all over the dresser, letting it dry for at least an hour in between coats, and then overnight before I painted.

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Paint with Chalk Paint

Then I was finally ready to paint!

I picked out this gorgeous deep, moody green from Country Chic Paint called Hollow Hill.

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country chic paint hollow hill chalk paint

Avoiding Brush Marks

I poured it into a separate container and added a little bit of water to it to thin it out a little bit, because Country Chic Paint, and chalk paint in general is pretty thick stuff.

Adding some water helps prevent some brush marks, because it makes the paint take a little bit longer to dry.

I brushed the paint on all over with my favorite round paintbrush from Zibra.

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brushing first coat of green chalk paint on with round paint brush.

Honestly, I LOVE spraying paint with my paint sprayer instead of brushing it on, but this time I just wanted to use my paintbrush.

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But, I really don’t like brush marks on my furniture, so I still tried to do what I could to minimize them.

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I worked in smaller sections and tried to brush it with long brush strokes, from edge to edge, before moving to the next section.


I pulled out the drawers so I could paint all sides of them, and just painted really carefully on the edges so I didn’t get paint on the drawer boxes.

When everything was painted with one coat, I wrapped my brush with plastic wrap to keep it from drying out in between coats.

And then I let the paint dry. It only took about an hour before I could paint the second coat.

second coat of chalk paint on dresser
2 coats

This paint has pretty good coverage and needed only 2 coats to get full coverage, even after I thinned it out.

Sand Away Brush Marks

After the second coat was dry, I sanded everything to help remove any brush marks that were made.

This is also a great time to create a distressed look.

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sanding with foam sanding pad to remove brush marks in chalk paint

Then I removed all of the dust and I lightly brushed some more paint on the areas that needed more paint.

Topcoat the Chalk Paint

And then I used my tried and true method of top coating chalk paint.

I filtered the water-based poly into my paint sprayer and added a tiny bit of water to thin it out a little bit.

Then I sprayed 3 coats of poly all over the dresser, letting it dry for a few hours in between coats.

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spraying water based poly in paint sprayer

I scuff sanded lightly between coats of poly with fine grit sanding pads to help the finish feel silky smooth.

green dresser with clear topcoat on it

Attach New Hardware

After the poly was all dry, I started to put the original, cleaned-up hardware back on. But I just wasn’t feeling it.

So, I switched gears and made new DIY leather pulls for the drawers.

drilling a hole into leather for new diy leather drawer pulls

You can get more details on how I make these leather pulls in my DIY leather drawer pulls video that I’ll link here.

closeup of leather drawer pull.

The only difference is that I made them into handles, with two screws instead of just one.

The old hardware holes were 5.5” apart, and I cut the leather at about 7.5” so the leather would bend out enough to be able to grab onto.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your new chalk painted dresser!

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Watch the full makeover here!

tight shot of green chalk painted dresser with leather drawer pulls.

Dark Green Chalk Painted Dresser

Dark Green Chalk Painted Dresser

Here's the step by step process on how to recreate this stunning dark green chalk painted dresser makeover and give your old furniture a modern look.


  1. Prep the furniture for paint.
  2. Prime to prevent bleedthrough stains from coming through paint.
  3. Apply 2 coats of paint.
  4. Lightly sand to smooth out brush marks.
  5. Topcoat with waterbased polyurethane.
  6. Attach new hardware.

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full shot of green painted dresser with farmhouse decor.

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before and after of a green painted dresser

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