Welcome to A Ray of Sunlight. A website dedicated to tips and ideas for painting and refinishing furniture.

I’ve been painting furniture for my full time job since 2014… and in that time I’ve learned a lot because I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

a collage of painted furniture makeovers

I’m sharing all of these tips and tricks to keep you from making the same mistakes.

Here’s a little tour, so you can find what you’re looking for!

Furniture Makeover Ideas

Every week we makeover a new piece of furniture. We find most of our furniture for cheap at local thrift stores, then we paint it or refinish it.

You can see our before and after furniture makeovers here on our website.

Since 2020 we have created videos for all of the makeovers. You can find a video of the makeover in each before and after post that has a video.

You can also watch our furniture makeovers on A Ray of Sunlight’s Youtube, or A Ray of Sunlight’s Facebook Page.

Painting Furniture Tips and Tricks

There’s a lot more to painting furniture than slapping some paint on… unless you don’t care how it looks or how long it lasts.. haha

So, I’ve compiled and organized the best tips and tricks for painting furniture here.

natalie of a ray of sunlight painting furniture with a camer recording her

Repairing Old Furniture

Does your old furniture have chipped wood? Or are the drawers not working?

Check out our repairing old furniture hub to learn how to fix the damage on your furniture before you paint it.

Best Tools for Painting Furniture

The tools and supplies that you use when painting furniture can make or break your project. (no lie!)

Here are our 10 must have supplies that you need when you paint furniture.

We also love to review products to see how they compare to other similar products.

Check out the best tools for refinishing furniture here.

How to Make Money Painting Furniture

Since 2014, I have painted hundreds of pieces of old furniture, and sold most of them to buyers locally, sold furniture online and even shipped furniture across the country.

Some of that furniture even sold for well over $1000, for just one piece of furniture!

owners of a ray of sunlight - natalie and taylor

In 2020 my husband left his job as a weatherman and joined me at A Ray of Sunlight. (He also started another website about science activities for kids, called Playing with Rain.)

Now, we live in Idaho Falls, Idaho (where I grew up.)

We still sell our furniture makeovers locally, but now we focus more on sharing the process and the best tips so you can paint your own furniture.

We still use this pricing guide to help us determine how much to sell a piece of furniture for.

I plan to share more about how to sell furniture in the future as well.

As for now though, just know that any ad you see on our website or videos is making it possible for us to continue to share everything we know about painting furniture.

Without them, we would have to get “real jobs” and there wouldn’t be any time left for us to share ideas with you.

If you have questions about how to do something specific, you can use the search bar at the top of the our homepage or at the bottom of any page.

Best Resources for New Painters

Follow us on YouTube to get more tips for painting furniture. Or share your project with us on our Facebook Group and be part of our community. See you there!