How to Use KwikWood

Repairing furniture is a breeze with the right products! KwikWood dries quickly into a hard type of wood filler. Plus it shapes easily, like clay! Making it one of the best types of wood filler around! Here’s how to use KwikWood.

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how to use kwikwood and filling in hardware holes with kwikwood

I absolutely love KwikWood. Not only because of what I mentioned above, but the list goes on and on.

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It doesn’t shrink or crack like other wood filler is notorious for. It also doesn’t get air bubbles in it like Bondo does, so it’s my go to for filling in hardware holes when changing hardware on a dresser.

Plus, it doesn’t stink like Bondo does! I can use it indoors without issues of a lot of fumes. (It does have a slight smell to it though. Just not anything super strong!)

Check out my honest Bondo wood filler review here.

So, over time, KwikWood has become my #1 type of wood filler for furniture repairs! Learn all about the best wood fillers for furniture here.

Supplies for Using Kwikwood Epoxy Putty Stick

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How to Use KwikWood

First scuff sand around the damaged area. Scuff sanding with 220 grit sandpaper will help the KwikWood adhere better where it needs to adhere to.

If you put the KwikWood on a glossy surface, it most likely will fall off or chip away easily, so don’t skip this super easy step!

kwikwood wood repair epoxy putty in hand

Learn more about why sanding before painting furniture is important and which is the best sandpaper for furniture painting here.

Put on a pair of disposable gloves then cut the amount that you need from the roll of KwikWood. It’s best to cut the amount you need with a utility knife so then the middle and the edge don’t get mixed together.

But let’s be honest, I seem to never have a utility knife around so I break it off.

a cut off chunk of kwikwood

KwikWood starts to get hard about 15 minutes after you start kneading it, so you only want to use the amount you can work within that time.

Simply knead the KwikWood with your fingers to mix the inside and outside layers together. Mix it until it’s all the same color.

kneading kwikwood

This should only take a minute to get the KwikWood to be completely uniform in color.

Kwikwood Wood Repair

Now you can repair your furniture! There are a few different ways to do this depending on what you need to repair.

You can simply just shape the KwikWood with your hands and fingers to create the shape that you need.

I was able to create this detail that I needed to replace on this chalk painted desk by just shaping the KwikWood with my fingers.

shape kwikwood to replace details on furniture

If the details are a bit more intricate, consider using a mold putty or hot glue to make a mold (see this post about how to repair broken trim) of the shape that you need to create.

Then you can put the KwikWood into the mold to create the intricate details.

If you need to use the KwikWood on a flat surface, you can use a putty knife or a straight edge to flatten and smooth the KwikWood.

My favorite use for KwikWood is to fill in old hardware holes so I can put new hardware on furniture.

You can also repurpose old hardware from another project by learning how to paint drawer pulls.

And since not all hardware holes are spaced the same, you can fill the existing holes with Kwikwood before adding the new or painted hardware.

filling hardware hole with kwikwood

I just basically shove a little bit of the KwikWood into the holes, leaving a little bit of excess on the outside of the hole so I can sand it down perfectly flush with the surface of the drawer front.

Here’s a comparison of Kwikwood VS other wood fillers in filling holes when replacing cabinet or furniture hardware!

Kwikwood Dry Time

After the KwikWood is where you want it, (remember, you only have about 15 minutes to work with it!), let it dry. It usually takes about 1 hour for the KwikWood to dry completely hard.

If you didn’t shape the KwikWood to the exact shape or smoothness that you want, you can use some 220 grit sandpaper to sand it smooth.

For flat surfaces, you can use a power sander with 150+ grit sandpaper to sand it smooth with your surface. Check out the best sanders for furniture here.

Now you can finish it how you desire! It dries into a natural wood / tan color when it’s dry. KwikWood can be drilled or screwed into!

sanding kwikwood down

Can KwikWood be Painted?

You can also paint it with the rest of your furniture. Check out these furniture makeover ideas for some inspiration!

painted furniture repair with kwikwood

Before painting over the KwikWood, be sure to prime it and the furniture to ensure an even painted finish.

My favorite primer is BIN shellac based primer because it is one of the few primers that actually blocks bleedthrough from the wood and stops stains from coming through paint!

Read this post to learn more about the best primers for painting furniture and how to choose the right one.

Can KwikWood be Stained?

KwikWood can also be stained! But just like every other wood filler, it takes the stain differently than wood takes stain.

I have had great success by staining KwikWood with gel stain since gel stain sits on top of the surface instead of soaking in.

Learn more about the different techniques of staining wood filler here.

You can also mix a little bit of gel stain with the wet KwikWood while you’re kneading it to make it darker right off the bat. Learn more about wood stain repair here.

Where to Buy KwikWood

You can buy a KwikWood Epoxy Putty Stick on Amazon, Home Depot, and probably even your local hardware store! It comes in either a 2oz or 4oz stick/roll.

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ebook on how to repair furniture

How to Use KwikWood

how to use kwikwood on furniture

KwikWood is one of the best wood fillers to repair furniture. Here's how to use KwikWood.


  1. Scuff sand the damaged area for KwikWood to adhere better.
  2. Cut the amount that you need from the roll of KwikWood.
  3. Knead the KwikWood with your fingers to mix the inside and outside layers together.
  4. Shape the KwikWood depending on the damage you need to repair.
  5. Let it dry, usually takes about 1 hour.
  6. Sand it smooth and finish it how you desire!

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how to use kwikwood to repair furniture with photo of wood furniture filled in with kwikwood

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