Country Chic Paint Review

Looking for a good quality chalk paint to use on your furniture or other projects? Here is our Country Chic Paint review to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you. This Canadian matte chalk paint is certified safe for children’s furniture by European Toy Safety Standards and has excellent coverage that dries quickly.

It’s also one of the types of paint for furniture that has a very low VOC which makes it an environmentally friendly choice. However, there are some drawbacks such as limited colors and needing a topcoat in order to make the finish durable.

photo of a hand holding a bottle of country chic paint.

When it comes to furniture painting, you want a product that is high quality and will give you the great results. Country Chic Paint is a paint that we have used for years. It’s a high end chalk style paint that is easy to use and comes in absolutely beautiful colors.

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In this blog post, we will be taking an in-depth look at Country Chic Paint so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your next project.

First, we’ll go through the pros and cons of using Country Chic Paint on your furniture, and then we’ll guide you through the process of using it on your furniture so you can get the best results on your project!

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Country Chic Paint Review

Country Chic Paint is a matte chalk style paint from Canada with a wide selection of colors, plus they come out with more colors each year. Read our what is chalk paint post to get the scoop and why people use it.

The coverage is excellent – better than other paints, the VOC is very low, and it is certified safe for children’s furniture by European Toy Safety Standards. Which is amazing! Your health is important and low VOC products are much better for your health.

The adhesion is great as well and it dries quickly so you can move on with your project and finish sooner!

spraying country chic paint onto furniture with a high quality sprayer

The colors are limited compared to what you can get with big brands of paint, and it can be hard to get a brush-free finish since it is so thick. That’s normal with any type of chalk style paint though!

It is advertised as an all-in-one decor paint, but when it comes to painting furniture, this paint needs a topcoat.

View our how to chalk paint furniture guide to see what happens when you use Country Chic Paint on wood furniture without a primer, or sanding, and with a wax topcoat. Spoiler: It is very similar to other chalk style paints.

photo of country chic paint in a bottle.

It sticks better than regular paint, but like most paint, it needs help if you want the best results. Check out our 5 chalk paint problems and how to fix them to learn what not to do when you’re using any chalk style paint on furniture.

Chalk paint in general is not durable on its own, and Country Chic Paint is no exception. It needs a topcoat to be durable, but you can use it on picture frames and decorations that don’t get touched with no problem.

But anytime you use this paint on furniture or something that will get used everyday, then it will need a topcoat. The best topcoat is a waterbased polyurethane (also known as polycrylic). Read our wax vs polyurethane post for a deep dive on why polyurethane is better for furniture.

This paint is matte, which is pretty, but it isn’t very practical for everyday living. If you touch matte paint, especially if it is a dark color, you will look dusty where you touch. It also isn’t easy to keep clean or to clean.

However, you have to order online or go to a local retailer (if you have one in your area, you can check here) to grab the paint.


  • Top brand chalk paint on Amazon
  • Has a wide selection of colors (55)
  • Excellent coverage
  • Very low VOC
  • Certified safe for children’s furniture by European Toy Safety Standards
  • Great adhesion
  • Dries quickly


  • Order online or locally if you have a local retailer 
  • Limited colors
  • Hard to get a brush-free finish
  • Matte finish that is hard to keep clean
  • Needs a topcoat to be durable for furniture

Where To Buy Country Chic Paint

Is Country Chic Paint Good for Furniture?

Yes! I have used Country Chic Paint on multiple projects and it was once my favorite brand of furniture paint! (Now there are all in one paints that truly don’t need a topcoat, which makes your project go much faster and cheaper! Here are the best all-in-one paints for furniture you can use.)

I still use it and I will continue to use it! I love their paint colors, and the coverage is great! I’ve also listed Country Chic Paint as one of the best chalk paints for kitchen cabinets here.

Country Chic Paint Colors

We’ve said above Country Chic chalk paint colors can be limited, but they still have 50 beautiful colors to choose from! They offer classic neutral shades like white, gray, and black, as well as more vibrant colors like blues, greens, and pinks.

Whether you’re going for a farmhouse look or a bold statement piece, there’s a Country Chic Paint color that will suit your needs. But what if you can’t find the exact color you want?

Country Chic Paint actually allows you to mix their colors together to create your own custom hue! So if you have a specific shade in mind, you can easily create it with their paint. Just remember to write down the ratio of colors you use so you can easily replicate it when you run out or for future projects.

Country Chic Paint Painted Furniture

Like I said, I love Country Chic Paint, and I have used it many many times.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to paint your furniture with Country Chic Paint or want to see the process I used when painting my furniture with it, check out this list of some of my furniture makeovers and Country Chic Paint tutorials.

I even used this paint for DIY home decor – check out these painted fall pumpkins with Country Chic Paint.

How to Use Country Chic Paint on Furniture

First, remove the hardware. Most hardware is screwed on and is simple to unscrew from the back. Then clean the furniture with Krud Kutter and a damp rag. Let dry.

Lightly sand the surface with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface and help the paint stick. If you aren’t sure how to do this, check out our sanding before painting furniture post. Clean off the dust.

Spray 2 light coats of clear shellac onto the furniture. The clear shellac helps the paint stick even better, and it also stops stains from coming through the paint. For a list of the best primers, check out our best primers for painting furniture post.

spraying clear shellac onto furniture before painting with chalk paint

Paint 2-4 coats of Country Chic Paint onto your furniture with a high quality paint brush – it’s one of the ways how to paint furniture without brush marks. You can also add some water to the paint to prevent brush marks. Let dry between each coat for about 30 minutes to an hour.

When the last coat is dry, topcoat with polycrylic (waterbased polyurethane). Apply 3 coats letting it dry between coats. Here is our blog post with guidance on how to apply polycrylic to painted furniture.

pouring polyurethane topcoat to sprayer through a filter

Let dry for 24 hours before putting on the hardware or using the furniture. Take extra care of your furniture for the next 30 days until the paint completely cures.

Overall, Country Chic Paint is a great choice when it comes to furniture painting. It offers excellent coverage and dries quickly with a very low VOC which makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

The colors are limited compared to what you can get with big box store brands of paint but the color selection they do have is absolutely beautiful! To make sure your project has the best results, be sure to prep before painting furniture and use a topcoat for added durability.

Does Country Chic Paint contain lead?

Good news, Country Chic Paint does not contain any lead! Again, this paint is certified to be low VOC. This makes it a great choice for those who are concerned about using safe and environmentally friendly products in their home.

But why is it important to know if paint contains lead? Lead is a toxic substance that can have serious health consequences if ingested or inhaled. So it’s definitely best to choose paints that are certified as lead free, like Country Chic Paint.

You can use a lead test kit to check for the presence of lead in your painted piece. Here’s how to use a lead paint test kit to guide you with using one and making sure your furniture is safe for use.

With these tips in mind, we hope that this review on Country Chic paints will help guide you on your next furniture painting adventure!

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