The Antique Blue Nightstand Makeover

When we found these nightstands they were in pretty rough condition aesthetically. But underneath the dings, scratches, and years of built-up grime were beautiful bones ready for a fresh new look. Wait until you see the antique blue nightstand makeover we did with these!

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Natural wood nightstands before getting painted

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Supplies for Antique Blue Nightstand Makeover

Antique Blue Nightstand Makeover

First I removed all hardware, including the pulls, hinges and metal feet plates. Then I scrubbed the dirt and grime away.

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Then, each piece received two coats of the beautiful Midnight Sky. This deep royal blue is such a stunning bold color and the coverage is amazing!

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Navy blue painted nightstands with antique glaze

While the base coats dried I created a custom dark glaze of 1 ounce Dark Roast mixed with 4 ounces Clear Glaze.

Once it was mixed I added the smallest amount of water, just to thin the glaze down a bit.

I distressed the edges with 220 grit sandpaper, then wiped off any leftover dust with a damp rag.

Then I applied a layer of satin top coat to make it easier to work with the glaze.

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Close view of blue paint on nightstand

Need to SEE how to glaze? Check out this video on how I glaze over chalk paint.

Using a cheap chip brush I lightly brushed on the Dark Roast Glaze, making sure to get it into every corner and detail.

When the glaze is watered down ever so slightly it becomes much easier to get a very thin even layer.

Once the glaze started to dry I very lightly wiped it off with a wet lint-free cloth (a cut up old t-shirt works great!) to create a worn feel.

After photo of blue painted nightstand with black hardware

Because we wanted more of a sheen on the nightstands we sealed the glaze with another layer of satin top coat.

Matching nightstands painted with navy blue chalk paint
Close view of the top of a blue nightstand with a brown marble top inlay
After photo of blue nightstands with cabinet doors opened

The Antique Blue Nightstand Makeover

The Antique Blue Nightstand Makeover

Paint and glaze your furniture to give it an antique look. Here are the steps for this antique blue nightstand makeover.



  1. Prepare by removing hardware and cleaning the furniture.
  2. Paint the nightstand with 2 coats of paint.
  3. Apply a layer of satin top coat.
  4. Mix dark roast and clear glaze to make a custom dark glaze then brush it on the furniture.
  5. Once the glaze starts to dry, lightly wipe it off with a wet cloth to create a worn feel.
  6. Top coat with water-based polyurethane.

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  1. Ali. Weddington says:

    I can’t believe I found your post.
    It’s almost identical to what I’ve been envisioning in my mind.
    I’ve been looking for used wood nightstands, like you found. So far I’m only finding partial wood.

    1. Hey Ali,
      Finding specific pieces are always hit or miss. Just keep searching!

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