How to Decoupage Furniture with Rice Paper

Easily transform your wood (or laminate) furniture with some Rice Decoupage paper and a little creativity. Here’s how to decoupage furniture with rice paper without any stress!

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white church pew before adding dedcoupage

My husband and I built this mini church pew because like most moms, I love taking pictures of my kids and thought this would be a cute little photo prop.

After building it, painting it, and using it many times, I decided to try out a new technique.

I first practiced this technique on a piece of wood and absolutely loved the results.

I am excited to share this easy and quick process with you to try on your own furniture!

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Supplies to Decoupage Furniture with Rice Paper

Step One: Create Texture

First, I created a textured surface by using Dixie Belle Mud in the color White.

dixie belle mud white

I stirred the product well and spread a thick layer over the area I wanted to decoupage.

I wanted this area to have a lot of hills and valleys, so I began stippling the wet Mud with a chip brush.

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stippling on dixie belle white mud onto a wood board
stippled dixie belle mud drying

Then I allowed the product to fully dry before moving on to the next step. (This took approximately 2 hours.)

Dry times really depend on the temperature and the thickness of the Mud. I like to set my projects out in the sun when I can to speed up the drying process.

Step Two: Apply the Rice Decoupage Paper

Once the Mud was dry, I put my rice decoupage paper onto the area to estimate the size I needed to cut.

Then I cut the paper down to size with some scissors and applied the Satin Clear Coat onto the Mud with a brush.

I like to put a generous amount of clear coat on to ensure all of the areas of the paper are saturated. I gently placed the paper onto the wet clear coat.

Immediately after putting the decoupage paper onto the clear coat, I applied more of the clear coat on top of the paper. This seals the paper onto the surface.

applying clear coat to top of rice paper

While I apply the clear coat on top, I use a stippling motion again to make sure the paper gets pushed into the crevices of the texture we created.

Now it’s a waiting game again to make sure the clear coat is fully dried.

Step Three: Add the Wax (Optional)

So now we have a textured decoupaged surface that looks beautiful as is, but I wanted to create a more antiqued look.

I did this by adding Brown wax over the sealed paper.

I grabbed my chip brush and dipped it into the Best Dang Wax in Brown.

brushing dark wax onto decoupage paper

I applied it over the entire surface of the paper, making sure it was pushed into all the crevices.

I then grabbed a damp rag/paper towel and began removing the excess wax.

wiping away brown wax

This wax is water based, so it is easy to remove from the sealed surface.

Now, this is the time when it comes down to personal preference. I like to remove most of the wax from the center while leaving a bit more wax as you progress to the edges. I like this look because it looks more natural to me.

more brown wax on the edges and less brown wax in the middle
two decoupaged sections finished and two sections with brown wax still needing to be wiped away

Once you have the area looking the way you like, you can begin closing up the lid on your wax and throw in the towel.

Step Four: Enjoy the Finished Look

This technique is super simple and easy.

Decoupage can sometimes be a bit challenging when trying to make it look “perfect”, so this is a great way to alleviate some of the stress.

The finished product has a vintage feeling, so if it ends up looking worn and imperfect, that is just fine!

finished white church pew with blue floral decoupaged sections on the back
finished white church pew with blue floral decoupaged sections on the back

How to Decoupage Furniture with Rice Paper

White church pew with decoupaged rice paper panels

Check out this super easy and creative way to transform your furniture by learning how to decoupage furniture with rice paper!


  1. Create the Texture
  2. Apply the Rice Decoupage Paper
  3. Add the Wax (Optional)
  4. Enjoy the Finished Look

This makeover was created by Eryn Garcia with Breath of Life Design. Eryn has a passion for breathing life into furniture and interior spaces. She was born and raised in Texas and graduated from Texas A&M in 2016 with a degree from the College of Architecture. She lives with her husband and three kids, ages 5, 3, and 1. She is a stay-at-home mom that decided she needed a creative outlet and began refinishing furniture. Follow along to see more of her work and some behind the scenes into her life…

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