Floral Painted Furniture

Give your home a unique and personal touch with beautiful floral painted furniture!

From bright roses to watercolor blooms, painted furniture with a colorful floral design is the perfect way to add some life and texture to any room. Whether you are looking to create a show-stopping piece or simply add an element of personality to your space, these inspirational ideas will be sure to get you started.

collage of floral painted furniture

Adding floral painted furniture to a space can be a great way to bring in color and texture without going overboard. 

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You can create an eye-catching statement piece, or choose more subtle shades for a muted and sophisticated look with its bold and vibrant colors. 

With the right choice of colors and patterns, you can easily find ways to add charm and personality to your furniture project. 

Floral Stencils VS Floral Transfers

If you’re looking to add a floral touch to your furniture, there are two main EASY options: stencils or transfers.

A stencil is usually a thin sheet of plastic with a pattern cut out of it and is used to produce designs by spraying or brushing paint onto cutouts.

Floral transfers are very thin paperlike material (kind of like tissue paper) that has a design printed on it. A thin sheet of plastic is stuck to it to help keep it protected until you rub the transfer off onto a surface.

Floral stencils allow for more creativity and flexibility when painting since you can choose your own color palette and vary the look of the design by adding additional elements.

On the other hand, floral transfers provide an effortless way to apply jaw dropping, beautiful designs with minimal effort.

Both stencils and transfers come in many sizes and designs. And you can pick and choose what part of each you want to use on your project.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference when choosing between floral stencils and transfers for painting furniture.

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Where to get floral rub on transfers for furniture

The most popular rub on transfers for furniture are from Redesign with Prima. You can find many designs available on Etsy and Amazon.

Furniture Transfers:

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Where to Get Floral Stencils for Furniture

There are many companies that make stencils that are suitable for furniture. For large surfaces, look for large wall stencils.

If you are working with small furniture, a smaller stencil would be easier to work with. You can find an amazing selection on both Etsy and Amazon as well.

Furniture Stencils:

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Floral Painted Furniture

Brighten up an old piece of furniture or simply add some character to your home decor by adding floral painted furniture. Here are some furniture makeover ideas to get you started. 

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