Stenciled Furniture

With so many trending styles today, stenciled furniture is the perfect option for DIYers looking to step up their painting game. Painted furniture can be a fun and creative way to spruce up any room.

With two simple items – paint and stencils – it’s easy to make your furniture look like it was done by a pro! Here are some great ideas for inspiration on your next stenciled furniture project.

collage of stenciled furniture ideas

From bold, contemporary prints to classic pattern designs, stenciled furniture allows anyone to express their creative style when painting.

With so many options available, there are countless choices for sprucing up your furniture with stencils.

Whether it’s an entire bedroom set or just a small accent piece, you’ll be surprised at how much of a transformation simple stenciled accents can make!

How do you stencil on furniture?

Stenciling on furniture can be an easy and creative way to transform any piece.

Before you start, make sure the surface is clean and properly prepared – sand down any rough spots, wipe away dust or dirt, and prime and paint if desired.

Choose a design for your stencil, apply it with spray adhesive, and hold it in place with painter’s tape.

Using a foam roller, lightly roll the paint onto the stencil.

Once done, remove the stencil carefully and let your masterpiece dry before you enjoy your new stenciled furniture!

Here are tips on how to stencil without bleeding, so your furniture looks perfect in the end!

Do you need special paint for stenciling?

When it comes to stenciling furniture, you have a variety of paint options at your disposal.

Whether you purchase your paint from a local hardware store or online, any type of furniture paint can be used.

For best results, I suggest choosing one of the best paints for furniture listed here.

These paints are specially formulated for painting furniture and will help make sure that your project turns out looking professional and long-lasting.

More Painted Furniture Ideas

Looking for more ideas?

Here are some more painted furniture ideas to give you more inspiration for your next project.

Stenciled Furniture

In this post, we have compiled some of our favorite stenciled furniture ideas to help create the perfect look for your home. Not only are they easy to use but they are also cost-effective and fun! Check them out below.

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