Wallpaper Dresser Ideas

Looking to jazz up your old dresser? Give these awesome wallpaper dresser ideas a try! They not only bring personality and character to any room but also breathe new life into plain or outdated dressers.

Wallpaper can add beautiful patterns and colors to any painted furniture, making it a super fun and unique DIY project. In this post, we’ll explore some creative and inspiring ideas to get you started on your next DIY adventure. Let’s dive in!

Photo of dresser drawer with wallpaper with text overlay

Wallpaper has always been a popular choice for home decor and design, and guess what? It’s not just for walls!

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With its wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, wallpaper can breathe new life into old furniture pieces like dressers.

By using wallpaper on your dresser, you can turn it into a statement piece that adds personality and character to any room in your home. And the best part? These creative wallpaper dresser ideas won’t break the bank!

So, let’s get started and explore some fun and inspiring ways to spruce up your old dresser with wallpaper!

Are there specific wallpapers that work best for dressers?

When it comes to picking the perfect wallpaper for your dresser, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • First, make sure you choose a durable and high-quality wallpaper that can handle everyday wear and tear. This way, your new dresser design will stay looking fresh for years to come.
  • When it comes to patterns and colors, you can go for bold and colorful patterns to add a touch of personality to your dresser. Or, choose more subtle designs that complement the existing decor in your room.
  • Also, think about the style of your dresser when selecting the wallpaper. If you want a modern look, go for geometric or abstract patterns. For a classic touch, floral or damask designs are the way to go.

Ultimately, it’s all about your style and the overall vibe of your room.

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What are tips for applying wallpaper on a dresser? 

Putting wallpaper on furniture can be a bit trickier than on walls, but with the right tools and techniques, you can get a pro-looking finish. Consider these helpful tips:

Photo of adding wallpaper to drawer
  • Clean and sand down your dresser’s surface before applying the wallpaper for better adhesion. You can learn about the importance of these processes in our posts on cleaning furniture before painting and sanding before painting furniture.
  • Measure your dresser carefully and cut the wallpaper accordingly, leaving some extra at the edges for a perfect fit.
  • Use a furniture-specific wallpaper adhesive and apply it evenly on the back of the wallpaper.
  • Smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles with a smoothing tool or credit card as you go.
  • Once the wallpaper is dry, seal it with a clear top coat for added protection against scratches and stains.

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More Painted Furniture Ideas

After checking out our collection of wallpaper dresser ideas, if you’re still looking for inspiration, don’t worry! We’ve got plenty more ideas for you.

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Wallpaper Dresser Ideas

This post is your ultimate guide to using wallpaper for a total makeover of your old dresser. We've got you covered from selecting the perfect wallpaper to handy tips for applying it. Get ready to bring personality and charm to your home with these awesome ideas for dressing up your dresser!

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