Chalk Spray Paint Review: Rust-Oleum VS Magnolia VS Krylon VS Behr

Today I’m comparing four different brands of chalk spray paint to find out which one is the best. I’ve tried them all out and have some pretty strong opinions, so stay tuned to this chalk spray paint review to see which one comes out on top.

Painting furniture has never been easier with the convenience of spray paint, and I’m here to help guide you towards the perfect choice for your next DIY project.

different chalk paint spray cans

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When it comes to chalk spray paint, there are four main brands that stand out: Rustoleum, Magnolia Home, Krylon, and Behr.

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But how do you know which one is right for your project? In this blog post, we’ll be comparing these four brands of chalk spray paint on a laminate and wood desk to see how they hold up in terms of durability, coverage, and price.

So whether you’re looking to refinish a dresser or paint your decorations, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Chalk Spray Paint Comparison

Alright, just so you know the setup of this comparison, we tested the paint on a desk with a laminate top and wood drawers.

We cleaned the surface with Krud Kutter. Check out this post to learn more about how to clean furniture before painting. Then we taped the top and drawers into 3 sections.

The first section was left as is. The second section was sanded with 220-grit sandpaper to scuff the surface and help the paint stick better.

scuff sanding second and third sections of desk before painting

The third section was sanded with 220-grit sandpaper and primed with BIN shellac based primer. Check out the best primers for painting furniture here and read through this post to learn more about how to prepare furniture for painting.

After the primer dried for an hour, we taped the top into 4 different sections for each paint. We used each drawer for 1 brand of chalk spray paint.

We sprayed 2 coats of chalk spray paint onto each section, letting them dry for about 45 minutes between coats. And then we let the paint dry for about 48 hours.

Then I scratched at each paint with just my fingernail to see if it would scratch or not. And here is what we found out.

Rustoleum Chalked Spray Paint

bottle of rustoleum chalked spray paint in linen white

First up is one of the most popular spray paint brands, Rustoleum. It comes in 14 great colors and dried to a really pretty matte finish. It doesn’t feel chalky either, which is great in my opinion.

The Rustoleum Chalked spray paint was very durable and only scratched the tiniest bit on the wood that hadn’t been sanded.

scratch test after spray painting wood with rustoleum chalked spray paint


  • Excellent adhesion and durability
  • Comfort spray tip
  • 14 color options


  • Poor coverage
  • More expensive (at the time of writing this)
  • Indoor use only

Here’s a dedicated post all about Rustoleum Chalk Spray Paint to get more information.

Where To Buy Rustoleum Chalked Paint

Magnolia Home Chalk Spray Paint

bottle of magnolia home chalk spray paint

If you’re looking for chalk spray paint with excellent coverage, Magnolia Home chalk spray paint is a great option. But, it’s the most expensive option out of the 4 brands.

It scratched a little bit on the wood that hadn’t been sanded. But I think that’s still pretty amazing after drying for 48 hours and no sanding or priming.

scratch test after paint spraying wood with magnolia home chalk spray paint


  • Excellent coverage!
  • Great adhesion and durability
  • Comfort spray tip
  • Can use indoors and outdoors


  • Most expensive chalk spray paint (at the time of writing this)
  • Only 6 color options

Where To Buy Magnolia Home Chalk Spray Paint

Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint

bottle of krylon chalky finish spray paint in paver gray

Right from the get-go, I was a little disappointed with the Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint.

The first can we tried wouldn’t spray at all. So we had to go exchange it for another can. Thankfully the 2nd spray can worked well!

And then it was the least impressive during the scratch test. It scratched a little bit more than the other options on the wood that hadn’t been sanded. I wouldn’t say that it’s not durable, but it scratched the most out of the 4 options.

scratch test after spray painting with krylon chalky finish spray paint


  • Excellent coverage
  • Good adhesion and durability
  • Can use indoors and outdoors
  • 2nd cheapest option (at the time of writing this)
  • 12 color options


  • Least durable option
  • No comfort spray tip

Where To Buy Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint

Behr Chalk Spray Paint

bottle of behr chalk spray paint in linen white

I was shocked, but even though Behr chalk spray paint was the cheapest option, it also was tied for the best coverage out of the 4 options. It did scratch a teeny tiny bit on the wood that was sanded though.

scratch test after spray painting with behr chalk spray paint


  • The cheapest chalk spray paint (at the time of writing this)
  • Excellent coverage
  • Excellent adhesion and durability
  • Comfort spray tip
  • Can use indoors and outdoors


  • Only 6 color options

Where To Buy Behr Spray Chalk Paint

Watch the comparison video here!

The Best Chalk Spray Paint

In the end, which one has the features that are most important to you?

Does Krylon have the color you want? Use Krylon!

Are you on a tight budget? Go for the cheapest option for you! (My cheapest option was Behr chalk spray paint.)

Do you need it fast and Rustoleum is the only option in your town? Use Rustoleum Chalked!

All of these chalk spray paints have their own pros and cons, but they all will work. Actually, you can even use Rustoleum’s lighter coverage to your advantage if you don’t want full coverage.

What is chalk spray paint used for?

You can use chalk spray paint for furniture, decorations, walls, wood, laminate, plastic, glass, metal, wicker, and ceramics.

Magnolia Home chalk spray Paint, Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint, and Behr chalk spray paint can be used both indoors and outdoors as well. Check out more spray painted furniture ideas here.

If you are looking a spray paint for your furniture here’s our list of the best spray paint for furniture!

*Double-check that the paint you choose will work on the material that you want to paint.

Do you have to sand before chalk spray paint?

Nope. From our test, we got basically the same results whether we sanded or didn’t sand before using chalk spray paint.

The worst results were on the non-sanded wood though. So sanding before painting will help your paint stick better. Learn more about the importance of sanding before painting furniture here.

Does chalk spray paint work?

Yes!! Chalk spray paint is a great way to paint wood and laminate furniture and decorations!

Does spray chalk paint need to be waxed?

No. You don’t have to topcoat chalk spray paint. It is durable on its own and isn’t as chalky as regular chalk paint is.

You can definitely wax or clear coat it though! Read through this post to learn more about topcoats for painting furniture.

How long does it take for chalk spray paint to dry?

Most chalk spray paint dries to the touch in 20 minutes, but takes an hour until it’s dry enough to handle. I wouldn’t use whatever you paint until the paint has dried for at least 24 hours. In our test, the paint had 48 hours to dry and held up well.

What are the pros and cons of spray chalk paint?

The pros of chalk spray paint are that it is easy to apply, most brands have excellent coverage and adhesion, even without sanding, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

It’s also more durable than regular chalk paint and doesn’t require a topcoat. Because it’s a spray, it creates a beautiful brush-free finish.

Some cons are that there aren’t many color options, and the spray paint version is oil based so clean-up is with mineral spirits.

They also should only be used outdoors while wearing a respirator because they have a very strong smell.

How to Use Spray Chalk Paint

Most spray chalk paint has the same process. Start by cleaning your surface, then sand it if you want the best results.

Spray your chalk paint on in light even coats. Recoat within an hour or wait for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the brand of paint.

Then let it dry completely. I recommend waiting 24-48 hours if it’s a high-traffic surface. Learn more about how to use spray chalk paint here.

If you have particle board furniture and are hesitant to apply spray paint, you can check our blog post answering can you spray paint particle board? Or if you have IKEA furniture and want to know if you can apply spray paint on it, check out our post on can I spray paint IKEA furniture?

How to prevent drips and overspray while using spray chalk paint

You may experience some difficulties while using spray chalk paint, such as overspray or drips. But don’t worry – there are some simple tricks you can follow to prevent these issues and get a flawless finish!

First of all, make sure to mix and shake the spray paint well before using it. You want the paint to be well-mixed and consistent in color and texture. This will help prevent clogs and guarantee even coverage.

When spraying, try not to start directly onto your project. Instead, start spraying on a piece of scrap material. This way, you can test the spray pattern and pressure before applying it to your project and avoid any drips or blobs of paint.

Another tip is to regularly clean and wipe the nozzle while using spray chalk paint. This will prevent any buildup or clogs that can cause the paint to splatter or overspray.

Also, be sure to avoid spraying too closely to your project. If you apply too much material in one spot, it can create drips and uneven coverage. Instead, keep a consistent distance from the surface and use light, even coats for a smooth finish.

So there you have it – now you know all your chalk spray paint options and how they compare with each other. You also have some great tips and tricks for using spray chalk paint successfully. So go ahead and give it a try on your next furniture or decor project!

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