Whether you’re looking for gray painted furniture for a new look for your bedroom or just want to update your living room, you’re in the right spot to get some major painted furniture inspiration!

And gray is the perfect color to use if you want something that’s sophisticated and neutral.

collage of gray painted furniture

To help give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered our gray painted furniture makeovers. From dressers and nightstands to end tables, there’s something here for everyone.

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So get your paintbrush ready, and let’s go!

Gray Painted Furniture Ideas

Painting furniture is a great way to give it a fresh look without spending a lot of money. And there are so many easy looks you can create with different paints. The possibilities are endless!

Depending on the atmosphere desired, you might opt for a modern charcoal color or something more subtle, like an off-white with just enough gray tint in it.

another photo collage of gray painted furniture

If your looking to add texture, light distressing on some of the furniture’s corners and edges can create a worn look. Or add some texture with texture powder and stencils.

With some creativity and a careful selection of pieces, you’re sure to end up with a piece you love. Here are our gray painted furniture ideas, broken down by the shade of gray.

Light Gray Painted Furniture Ideas

Light gray furniture can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. It pairs well with other light shades, like whites, beiges and blues, for a relaxing yet stylish look.

collage of light gray painted furniture

Medium Gray Painted Furniture Ideas

Medium gray is a perfect choice for those wanting to add some warmth and depth to their home.

collage of medium gray painted furniture

Dark Gray Painted Furniture Ideas

Dark gray painted furniture can be used to create a moody atmosphere or provide contrast with lighter pieces.

Dark shades of gray pair great with bold accent colors and metallics, like brass, copper and gold. This will help add some drama and glamour to the room.

collage dark gray painted furniture

How to Paint Furniture Gray

Painting furniture gray is a relatively easy project that anyone can do.

  1. Prepare the furniture for paint by removing hardware, cleaning the furniture, scuff sanding, and or priming if necessary.
  2. Paint at least 2 coats of your chosen paint. Let dry between coats of paint.
  3. Topcoat the paint (if needed).
  4. Replace hardware, or upgrade it with new if desired.
  5. Let dry completely. Be extra careful with it while the paint cures for the next 30 days.

For more details on each step, check out this post on how to paint furniture.

What is the Best Paint for Furniture

Acrylic paint, chalk paint, mineral paint, and all-in-one paints are some of the best paints for furniture.

Acrylic paint is a very popular choice since it’s durable, easy to clean up, and low cost. Chalk paint is easy to use and can be used on almost any surface.

Mineral paint also provides a durable finish that sticks well to furniture. All-in-one paint is a great all-around option with minimal prep required and a long lasting finish.

Check out this post on the best paint for furniture for more information to help you choose the best paint for your furniture project.

It’s time to give your furniture the transformation it deserves! With these gray painted furniture makeover ideas, you can create stunning pieces that.

Want to know what color furniture sells best? Check out my post to find out if gray is one!

Now it’s time to get creative and start creating the perfect look for your home. Let us know what shades and tones of gray you end up with – we’d love to see your creations!

Good luck, and have fun!

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