Whitewashed Furniture

If you’re looking for inspiration, whitewashed furniture is an easy and versatile option.

Painting furniture can be a fun and creative way to brighten up any space in your home.  With a few simple steps and some creativity, you can quickly transform outdated furniture into a beautiful art piece. 

We gathered some ideas to help you get started with transforming your next project with whitewashed furniture.

collage of whitewashed furniture ideas

Whether it’s adding a fresh new look to a treasured antique or just reinventing something old, whitewashing furniture is sure to spruce up any room.

Choose a color and finish that works best for you and use paints, waxes, or other sealants to get the desired result.

With so many possibilities available, whitewashed furniture is a great option for any DIY enthusiast looking for inspiration!

How do you Whitewash Furniture?

To whitewash furniture, you will need some white paint, a brush, and sandpaper.

Start by sanding the piece of furniture to remove any glossy finishes or coatings.

Then, mix the white paint with water to thin it out and create a washable consistency.

Apply the mixture to the piece of furniture using a brush in long strokes until all surfaces are covered. You can wipe off the excess with a lint free rag.

Let the first layer of paint dry completely before adding additional coats for a more vibrant finish.

Learn more about How to Whitewash Furniture here.

What Kind of Paint do you use to Whitewash Furniture?

When whitewashing furniture, use waterbased paint specifically made for furniture, such as acrylic, chalk, all in one or mineral paints.

Here’s our list of the best paints for furniture.

Avoid using oil-based paints.

Additionally, you can use any color of paint that you like – white is the most popular but any neutral hue will also work well.

More Painted Furniture Ideas

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Whitewashed Furniture

Whitewashing furniture is the perfect way to add a touch of rustic charm and warmth to any space. Explore our list of ideas and get inspired to create your own whitewashed project!

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