Beyond Paint Review

Is Beyond Paint good? Does it really stick without sanding or priming?

Here’s our Beyond Paint Review, including a thrifted sewing table makeover to walk you through the process of using Beyond paint for painting furniture.

a jar of beyond paint and sewing desk after makeover with some text

In this blog post, we’ll provide an in-depth review of our experience with Beyond Paint and share what you can expect.

What if you could paint furniture without sanding, priming or topcoating the paint?

That’s what Beyond Paint claims to do. But we’re gonna test it and see if it’s true with this makeover.

thrifted sewing desk before the makeover

We bought this old sewing desk from the thrift store for $25.

I won’t lie. I wasn’t thrilled with this style, but I love the thought of an easy flip.

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Supplies for Beyond Paint Makeover

Painting Furniture with Beyond Paint

Let’s dive into how to paint furniture with Beyond Paint.

Then I’ll share my review and up close photos of what you can expect.

Real quick, this sewing table had a sewing machine in it, so I tested it out and sure enough, it worked… but I have no use for it, so I got rid of it.

Check out another painted sewing machine table where I chose to keep the sewing machine.

Prepare Furniture for Paint

I unscrewed the door pull and got rid of the thread storage inside the door.

Then I gave it a good cleaning with some Krud Kutter and an old damp rag.

Whoever had this table must have used it a lot over the years. It was gross inside.

No matter what paint you use, it’s always important to clean your furniture with a good degreasing cleaner to remove oils, grease, and grime from the surface.

Here’s how to Clean Furniture Before Painting.

Beyond Paint

And then I moved onto the paint.

Yep, no sanding or priming before painting. And I didn’t fill any scratches with wood filler either.

I mixed up the paint.. holy cow it’s THICK!

showing the thickness of beyond paint with a popsicle stick

Then I poured it into a paint tray and used a 3/8” roller to roll it onto the furniture.

That’s what Beyond Paint recommends.

Find out the Best Rollers for Painting Furniture, and the Best Paint Brushes for Painting Furniture here.

If you need to get into tight spaces, they say to stipple the paint brush so it doesn’t leave brush marks in the paint.

So, this paint claims that you don’t need to sand or prime before you paint, on a variety of surfaces.. including slick laminate or even tile.

So it’s supposed to have excellent bonding properties…

It also claims that you don’t need to topcoat it.

But they do come right out and say there will be slight texture left behind.

I like their honesty.

Here’s what the paint looked like after I rolled it on, while it was still wet… and what it looked like after it was dry.

close up on texture after rolling beyond paint onto furniture
close up on texture once beyond paint dried

Yep, there is definitely texture.

But nothing worse than most paints when they are rolled on.

About 3 hours after I painted the first coat, I scratched at the paint, and I couldn’t really get any paint to scratch off.

Maybe a teeny tiny speck here or there. That’s pretty great!

scratching dried beyond paint to test if it's durable

I let it dry the recommended 2 hours between coats.

And I ended up sanding with 220-grit sandpaper between coats because I had some paint globs and uneven textured spots on the edges.

Learn more about Sandpaper for Furniture Painting here.

Then I painted the 2nd coat. This paint definitely needed 2 coats to get full coverage, even with the black color.

Whitewashed Legs

I planned to paint the entire table, but after I painted the top, I thought it might look cool with some light wood legs.

So I sanded off the old finish on the legs.

And then I mixed up some whitewash.. probably 1 part Fusion Mineral Paint’s Algonquin with 2 parts water.

I brushed it on, and then wiped off the excess with a lint free rag.

wiping excess whitewash off the leg

Learn more about How to Whitewash Wood here.

Check out more whitewashed furniture ideas here.

Floral Transfer

And then for some added fun, I put this Dark Romance floral transfer onto the inside of the door.

applying a dark romance floral transfer onto the inside of the door

Learn How to Apply Furniture Transfers here.

Check out these floral painted furniture ideas.

Painting Hardware with Beyond Paint

Oh, and for the hardware, I cleaned the hardware and then painted it with Beyond Paint, so we could test it out on some metal.

Learn How to Clean Old Furniture Hardware here.

Watch the video of this review/makeover here:

And here’s what it looks like now!

side angle of black painted sewing desk after the makeover

Beyond Paint Review - Thrifted Sewing Table Makeover

black painted sewing desk after the makeover

Check out our Beyond Paint review with steps on how to paint a thrifted sewing table.


  1. Clean furniture with a degreaser to prepare for paint.
  2. Pour the paint into a paint tray.
  3. Apply 2 coats of paint with a roller, sanding in between coats to smooth out some paint globs and uneven texture.
  4. Mix up some whitewash then brush it on the furniture legs.
  5. For some added fun, apply a floral transfer onto the inside of the door.
  6. Clean the old hardware, paint and attach it to the sewing table.

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black painted sewing desk after the makeover
inside the door of the sewing desk

Ahh I love it now!!

Where can I put it in my house??

It’s nothing like I envisioned it would be before I started!

What do you think of the new look? Would you have gotten rid of the sewing machine?

Let me know in the comments!

Beyond Paint Review

After using Beyond Paint, here’s my review of Beyond Paint.


On finished wood, it sticks well, even when scratching at it within a day or 2.

It didn’t scratch off the metal door pull either!

The Finish

I’m not a fan of the textured finish. But it’s not terrible either.

close up on the black painted sewing desk after the makeover

I have seen way worse with a similar paint seen here in this post on How to Paint Wood Furniture (Without Sanding or Priming).

I brushed it onto some other wood, and the brush marks left behind were about the same as I would expect with chalk paint. 

visible brush marks after brushing beyond paint onto some wood

The finish is a matte/eggshell sheen and I can tell because it collects dust like no one’s business.

visible brush marks once beyond paint dried on the wood

So, even though you don’t have to topcoat it… if you want it to look clean, you might want to topcoat it.

I think I will topcoat it or else the dustiness will drive me crazy.

Learn about the best Topcoats for Painting Furniture and how to topcoat painted furniture.

Ease of Use

I love how easy it was to use!!

No sanding, priming, or sealing needed.

I would still prime before using a light color of Beyond paint though to make sure to Stop Stains from Coming Through Paint.

But if you don’t have to sand, you’re less likely to have those stains.


The price is very comparable to other all-in-one paints at regular prices.

Color Selection

The color selection with Beyond Paint is very limited.

There are 16 basic colors to choose from, and as far as I know, you can’t get it tinted to a specific color.

You could mix colors together to create a custom color though.

Final Thoughts

Will I use Beyond Paint again? Yep!

Next time though, I am going to try spraying it with my Wagner paint sprayer, hoping to get a durable, but texture free finish.

I wish they offered more colors too. I don’t like the small selection, but I wouldn’t be against mixing colors to make my own.

Check out my comparison between Beyond Paint VS Heirloom Traditions Paint to find out which is better for painting furniture.

Do you have any other questions about Beyond Paint? Leave them in the comments!

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sewing table before makeover with text

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