Beyond Paint vs Heirloom Traditions Paint: Which Is Better For Painting Furniture?

When it comes to painting furniture, Beyond Paint and Heirloom Traditions Paint offer similar options. While both products can create stunning results, it is important to understand the differences in order to make an informed decision on which one is right for your project.

In this post, we’ll talk about Beyond Paint vs Heirloom Traditions Paint, including the cost difference, the difference in application, and the pros and cons of each paint. To learn more about all of the various types of furniture paint available, check out our post on types of paint for furniture.

beyond paint and heirloom traditions paint for furniture painting

Beyond Paint and Heirloom Traditions Paint are both great options for painting furniture, although they each have their pros and cons.

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Both products are all-in-one type paints that boast that no sanding, priming, or topcoat are needed. But is this all really true?

And what else should you expect when painting furniture with either one of these paints. Let’s dive in!

Variety of Colors, Finishes, and Uses

Heirloom Traditions Paint and Beyond Paint both offer a variety of colors, finishes, and uses. They are both low-VOC and water-based paints.

Heirloom Traditions Paint has over 30 colors available, with a satin finish.

Beyond Paint offers 16 base colors, in addition to a couple of metallic options, and its finish is more eggshell-like or almost matte.

Heirloom Traditions Paint can be used on wood (raw or painted), masonry, laminate, leather and vinyl, metal, ceramic glass, and smooth fabrics for indoor and outdoor projects.

Similarly, Beyond Paint can be used on wood (raw or painted), metal, Formica, laminate, plastic, linoleum, glass and tile for indoor and outdoor projects as well.

Just from looking at these differences, they are pretty similar.

But Heirloom Traditions Paint has a few more options and has a better finish for painting furniture. (Matte finishes look dirty really quickly and are hard to wipe to keep clean.)

Application Process

The application process of each of these paints is very similar. They both require you to clean your surface, and then you can start painting. Learn how to clean before painting furniture here.

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Yep, skip over the scuff sanding and priming. Usually, I talk about how important sanding before painting furniture is, and suggest that you use a good primer before painting furniture.

Priming is still the only way to stop stains from coming through paint, with both of these paints. They aren’t immune.

And you will always get better results if you scuff sand and prime before painting. Especially if you paint your kitchen cabinets or something that gets a lot of use.

But, honestly, these paints both do a great job at sticking to furniture!

Beyond Paint

Beyond Paint suggests brushing the paint into the details, and then rolling the paint on everything else.

And if you do have to use a paintbrush to stipple it so you don’t get brush marks. (Beware, it still leaves a lot of texture.)

I haven’t personally tried to spray Beyond Paint yet, but I have seen others do it, so I know it’s possible. Learn more about spray painting Beyond Paint here.

Heirloom Traditions Paint

Heirloom Traditions Paint recommends brushing the paint on, then rolling over it to prevent brush marks. (It still leaves a lot of texture.)

I have sprayed Heirloom Traditions Paint with great success though!

They don’t recommend that you thin the paint, but I have thinned it out (check out this post on painting furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint to learn more.)

Check out our list of the best paint brushes for painting furniture and the best rollers for painting furniture here.

If you want to spray your furniture to get a professional-looking finish, here are the best HVLP paint sprayers for furniture.

Durability and Protection

Beyond Paint and Heirloom Traditions Paint, both offer great protection and durability. They both are UV resistant so they don’t fade as much in the sun.

I have not done an elaborate test on either of these paints, but I did a scratch test after 48 hours, and both held up well, with no sanding or priming before painting.

I have not tried Beyond Paint on laminate, slick surfaces yet, but I know Heirloom Traditions Paint will stick well to laminate furniture without scuff sanding or priming.

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At the time of writing this post, Heirloom Traditions Paint is $39 per quart (but they go on sale for $25 at least a few times a year.) Beyond Paint is $46 per quart!

Yikes. I don’t think I need to spell out the difference here.

Where to Buy Heirloom Traditions Paint

Where to Buy Beyond Paint

Pros and Cons of Beyond Paint

Now let’s break it down based on the paint. Where does Beyond Paint shine and disappoint?


  • Waterbased, Low VOC formula
  • No sanding, priming or topcoat needed
  • UV resistant
  • Can be used on indoor and outdoor projects
  • Recoat in 2-4 hours
  • Very thick!
  • Great coverage
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed


  • Matte sheen is harder to keep clean
  • Leaves a textured finish behind
  • More expensive

Pros and Cons of Heirloom Traditions Paint

And here are the pros and cons of Heirloom Traditions Paint. I think you’ll find a lot of similarities between this list and Beyond Paint’s list of pros and cons.


  • Waterbased, Low VOC formula
  • No sanding, priming or topcoat needed
  • Satin sheen!
  • Cheaper!
  • UV resistant
  • Can be used on indoor and outdoor projects
  • Recoat in 2 hours
  • Larger color selection
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed


  • Leaves a textured finish behind
  • Coverage isn’t as good

Did you spot the few differences between the two paints?

Painted Furniture with Beyond Paint

So far, I only have used Beyond Paint on one furniture makeover.

Painted Furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint

I’ve used Heirloom Traditions Paint quite a bit more, and have a lot of quart of paint, so you’ll definitely see more makeovers with it.

Here are the furniture makeovers I’ve done with Heirloom Traditions Paint.

When it comes to Beyond Paint vs Heirloom Traditions Paint, there are a few differences that make each of them stand out.

Beyond Paint is more expensive but has great coverage; Heirloom Traditions Paint is cheaper with a larger color selection and satin sheen, but not as good of coverage.

Both paints require no sanding or priming before painting and offer UV resistance for outdoor projects.

Ultimately, the decision between Beyond Paint and Heirloom Traditions will depend on your budget, desired finish, project size, and other preferences.

With these two options in mind you can be sure to find an option that suits your needs perfectly!

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  1. Vicki Manning says:

    I love HTP paint. I have painted several pieces of furniture and cabinets and countertops. 3 years and going strong. It has held up really well

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Vicki!!

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