Painting Furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint

Looking for an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial on painting furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint?

Learn more about the different types of paint for furniture here.

different ways of painting furniture with heirloom traditions paint

This paint is easy to use and results in a beautiful, durable finish that will last for years. Plus, it’s very affordable and quick to use!

In this blog post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to paint furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint.

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Benefits of Heirloom Traditions Paint

Is Heirloom Traditions Paint right for your furniture makeover? It might not be!

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Easy to use!
  • Dries in a beautiful, satin sheen
  • Dries quickly!
  • No topcoat needed!
  • No sanding or priming needed (better adhesion than most paints!)
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including laminate without sanding or priming
  • Creates a durable finish that will last for years
  • Affordable and quick to use
  • Comes in 45 different colors
  • Low odor – Waterbased


  • Not self-leveling, so if you brush, you’ll have brush marks
  • Average coverage compared to other paints
  • Available Online Only

Supplies for Painting Furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint

How to Paint Furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint

can of heirloom traditions paint in oyster

Heirloom Traditions paint is really easy to use. This is coming from someone who primes before using chalk paint… when I say it’s easy to use, and you don’t need to sand, prime or topcoat it… I mean it.

Preparing the Furniture for Painting

Before applying any paint, it’s important to properly prepare the furniture for painting. But with Heirloom Traditions Paint, it’s easy peasy!

Start by cleaning the furniture with degreaser or mineral spirits to remove any dust and debris. They suggest cleaning your furniture with their Deglossing / Degreaser.

cleaning furniture with an old rag and a deglosser/degreaser

But I’ve had great success just cleaning with my favorite Krud Kutter cleaner.

If there are areas of dirt or grease buildup, you may need to scrub them off first with a soft brush or cloth before using degreaser.

Learn more about How to Clean Furniture Before Painting here.

You don’t need to sand before painting; it sticks to even slick laminate surfaces without sanding or priming!! I’m shocked!

See my Heirloom Traditions Paint Review, where I talk about painting laminate.

However, if you’re worried about bleedthrough or need a base coat under your paint color, you can still prime before painting.

Pick a primer from our list of the best primers for painting furniture.

And if you’re worried about the paint sticking, you can either go ahead and scuff sand it before you paint, or you could even test it on a small area to see how well it sticks.

scuff sanding surface of furniture before painting

If you can easily scratch it off with your fingernail after 24 hours, then its best to scuff sand and/or prime.

Learn more about scuff sanding before painting furniture here.

Painting Furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint

Once your furniture is cleaned, it’s time to start painting!

Heirloom Traditions Paint dries quickly… usually within an hour. And then you can paint the next coat.

Light colors might need 3-4 coats of paint to get full coverage.

Dark colors will probably take 2 coats to get full coverage.

You can sand in between each coat with 220 grit sandpaper to get a smoother feeling finish. But that’s totally optional.

You can use either a brush, roller, or sprayer when applying Heirloom Traditions Paint; you can get great results with any of these methods.

How to Paint with a Paint Brush

If you don’t mind brush marks on your painted furniture, you can use whatever brush you want and have fun!

If you are looking for a brush-free finish, there are some things you can do to minimize the brush marks.

First, thin the paint with 5-10% water. So if you have 1 cup of paint (8 ounces), you would add 1 Tablespoon of water to the paint. Then mix it together well.

Note: They don’t recommend that you add any water to the paint, so I was nervous about adding any water to it. But I tested it out, and I haven’t seen any problems with durability and adhesion since adding even 20% water to the paint.

Next, use a high-quality paint brush like the Staalmeester paint brush, Country Chic paint oval paint brush or Cling On paintbrush.

painting furniture with heirloom traditions paint using a paintbrush

Learn more about the best paint brushes for painting furniture here.

Check out this post on how to minimize brush marks for more tips and tricks.

You will be left with some brush marks, but not as many. 

How to Paint with a Paint Brush and a Roller

Another method of painting furniture with Heirloom Traditions paint is to brush the paint on and then use a roller to smooth out the brush marks.

painting furniture with heirloom traditions paint using a roller

I tried this method in this tutorial on how to paint furniture without sanding or priming.

The results?

A lot of bumps in the finish.

texture finish after painting furniture with heirloom traditions paint

Apparently, though, I’m doing something wrong because many of our followers on Facebook have said that they get a near perfect finish with this method.

It seems like some sort of art that I just can’t get right to get a perfect finish.

If roller texture doesn’t bother you, this might be the method you choose!

Here’s our list of the best paint rollers for furniture.

How to Paint with a Paint Sprayer

If you’re looking for a super quick makeover with a flawless finish, using a paint sprayer is the best option for you!

spray painting furniture with heirloom traditions paint

Here are the best HVLP paint sprayers for furniture.

I like to thin the paint by 20% before I spray it. I’ve only sprayed it with our Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer, and the finish has been flawless every time.

Learn more about How to Thin Paint for Wagner FLEXiO Sprayer here.

Check out this post on how to use a paint sprayer to paint furniture for more information!

Finishing Touches

When you’re done painting, it doesn’t need a topcoat!! So you don’t have to worry about that.

It dries to a satin sheen that won’t get dirty looking like Matte finishes do. And it’s durable all on its own.

After painting, allow the furniture to dry 48 hours before using it, so your furniture doesn’t get accidentally scratched.

After 48 hours, the paint will be strong!

After 30 days, the paint will be as dry and hard as it will get.

Heirloom Traditions Paint Before and Afters

Want some inspiration for your furniture makeover?

Here are some Heirloom Traditions Paint before and after makeovers.

Some of them are mine, and some of them are from other painters who have posted their makeovers online. If you like a project, be sure to click over and check out how they did it.

Where to Buy Heirloom Traditions Paint

Heirloom Traditions paint is only available online.

You can either purchase from Amazon or from their website.

You have to create an account on their website to buy from them. But there are some perks if you order on their website too.

Painting furniture doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—it’s actually quite simple when you use Heirloom Traditions Paint!

Painting Furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint

different ways of painting furniture with heirloom traditions paint

Step by step, here's how to paint furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint. It's the easiest way to paint furniture!


  1. Clean your furniture with a degreaser. Let dry.
  2. Apply your paint with either a brush, roller or paint sprayer.
  3. Let dry for about an hour.
  4. Repeat Steps 2-3 until you have full coverage. It usually takes 2-4 coats of paint.
  5. Enjoy your completed project!

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