Repainting Dresser Ideas

Old dressers can feel like a hassle, especially if they don’t match your decor anymore. Instead of tossing them out, why not breathe new life into them with these repainting dresser ideas?

Repainting your dresser is an easy and cost effective way to give it a fresh new look. In this post, we will share some creative DIY dresser makeover ideas for repainting dressers that will inspire your next DIY project. So grab your paintbrushes and let’s get started!

collage of repainted dressers

Repainting your old dresser is a fantastic way to save money and lets you customize it to match your style and taste perfectly. And depending on your skills and the look you want, there are loads of ways to tackle it.

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For a quick refresh, think about using a basic coat of paint in a solid color or adding some fun patterns with stencils. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, try playing around with different finishes like distressed or ombre looks, or even adding bold colors or metallic accents for a statement piece.

Also, repainting your dresser lets you keep its sentimental value while turning it into a unique standout piece. Whether you want a modern twist or to highlight its vintage charm, these ideas will help make your dresser a stunning focal point in any room.

What type of paint works best for repainting dressers?

This is a common question for DIY dresser repainting. For the best results, we recommend using chalk paint or acrylic latex paint since they stick well to wood and cover nicely.

Chalk paint is super popular because of its matte finish and ease of use, needing minimal prep work. Acrylic latex paint is great too, known for being durable and resistant to chipping. Here’s this post about chalk paint vs acrylic paint to learn more about the difference between these two types of paint.

You can also go with spray paint for a quicker, smoother finish. It’s perfect for an even coat without brush strokes, but just make sure to have proper ventilation and protective gear to avoid the fumes. Check out our list of the best spray paint for furniture to help you decide which spray paint is right for your project.

The choice of paint depends on the finish you want and how much time and effort you’re willing to put into the project.

How do I prepare the dresser before repainting?

To get a smooth and long lasting finish, proper prep is key. Start by taking off any hardware or knobs from the dresser and give it a good clean to get rid of any dirt or grime.

proper prep of furniture before painting

If there are any chips or scratches, gently sand them with fine-grit sandpaper. This will also help the paint stick better.

Then, put on a coat of primer to create a smooth base for your paint. It also helps keep stains from showing through lighter colors. If you’re using chalk paint, you might be able to skip this step. Here’s how to prepare furniture for painting for a detailed guide on preparing furniture for painting!

More Painted Furniture Ideas

If you’re still seeking inspiration after viewing our list of dresser repainting ideas below, don’t worry. We have plenty more ideas! Check out some of our posts featuring additional painted furniture concepts!

Repainting Dresser Ideas

This post shares fun DIY ideas for repainting old dressers. Learn how repainting can save you money and let you customize furniture to your style. We also give tips on picking the best paint and prepping the dresser. Get inspired to refresh your old dressers and turn them into eye-catching pieces for any room!

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