Tired of your ugly old furniture? Update it and love your home again with this list of DIY dresser makeovers! Whether you’re looking to revamp your bedroom decor or give new life to your living space, these easy and fun projects will transform any boring dresser into a beautiful piece that you’ll be proud to display.

Get ready to get creative and fall in love with the world of painted furniture!

the best diy dresser makeovers

There are so many ways to have beautiful furniture in your home on a budget.

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When my husband and I got married, we were in college and were so poor. But I wanted to have a beautiful home. I just needed to find some cheap furniture, even if it was ugly, and make it pretty!

I searched the local thrift stores until I found a little 3 drawer dresser for $30. The top corner was broken, the drawers didn’t open and close very well, but I liked the style of it.

We brought it home and I painted it black. My dad helped me fix the top with some wood.

If I had only known about how to repair damaged furniture like that, it would have been even easier and I wouldn’t have needed my dad’s help haha.

That dresser became our little TV stand. It held our movies, board games, electronics. It had so much storage!

That was the start of my DIY dresser makeovers. We kept it for over 3 years before we moved and sold it.

By then I had learned how to paint furniture and a few tricks about how to makeover dressers to fit our needs. And I was able to really customize what I wanted and needed.

But the funny thing is that I found myself transforming a FREE dresser that a friend was giving away.

I put a wood plank top on it, removed some drawers and turned them into open spaces for the electronics. Then I painted it white.

We used that dresser for a couple of years until we moved across the country. I ended up selling it for a couple of hundred dollars right before we moved.

How to Transform a Dresser

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to decorate your home, or to make some extra money, I’ve got you covered.

Learn how to transform a dresser with this list of makeovers as the perfect guide.

First, you need a dresser to makeover (if you don’t already have an ugly dresser in your life)! Learn how to quickly (and on a budget) find the best furniture to paint.

Then learn what paint to use on a dresser before you get started on your project!

(If you click away from this page, don’t worry! Just click on “Dresser Makeovers” in the navigation bar to get right back to this list!)

Can I use any type of paint for my dresser makeover?

There are many types of paint for furniture and it can be overwhelming to choose just one.

When it comes to dressers, you should look for a durable and easy-to-use option such as chalk or milk paint. These are great for beginners because they dry quickly and adhere well to most surfaces.

There are also all-in-one paints for furniture that have built-in primer and topcoat, making them convenient and budget-friendly.

Keep in mind that the type of paint you choose will also depend on your project goals.

If you want to create a distressed or shabby chic look, chalk or milk paint will work best. Here’s a comparison post on milk paint vs chalk paint to help you decide between the two.

For a smooth and modern finish, acrylic or latex paint would be your options. Check out our posts on painting furniture with acrylic paint and painting furniture with latex paint to learn more about these methods.

Tips for Your Dresser Makeover

On top of choosing your paint type, there are a few things to do so your dresser painting project goes smoothly.

First, make sure the dresser is clean and free of residue. Next, sand your furniture lightly. These will help the paint adhere better and prevent any bumps or roughness in the finish.

You can follow our guides on cleaning furniture before painting and sanding before painting furniture to learn more about important steps.

Priming furniture for painting is also important for certain types of paint. It helps block stains and improve adhesion.

Last but not least, don’t forget to protect your hard work with these best topcoats for painting furniture. Sealing your painted dresser will guarantee it lasts for years to come!

Favorite DIY Dresser Makeovers

More Painting Furniture Resources

Learn more about painting furniture with these great tutorials!

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