25 of the Best DIY 9 Drawer Dressers

Old dressers are easily found at thrift stores and make for some of the best furniture makeovers. Here is an inspirational list of DIY 9 drawer dressers that will make you want to bust out the paint and find a cheap dresser!

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25 DIY Dresser Makeovers

There are so many different ways to paint a dresser. Paint it with chalk-style paint, high gloss paint, in navy blue, in dark grey or in pure white… the list goes on and on.

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You can add legs, or even turn your dresser into a tv stand.

Each of these pieces have been through incredible makeovers, and I’ve linked the information to each tutorial. I believe that they all have before and after photos as well.

So this is a golden resource to pin for later!

DIY 9 Drawer Dressers

Here are some of my very favorite products to get you started on your first or next piece of painted furniture. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below!

If you thought any of these ideas were inspiring, I bet your friends and family will think the same!

More Dresser Makeovers

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DIY Dresser Makeovers

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