Painted Dresser Color Ideas

When thinking of DIY dresser makeover ideas, one important factor is the color you will choose to paint your dresser. This color will not only bring life to your old furniture but also set the tone for the entire room. And so we have gathered some painted dresser color ideas to get you started!

It can be overwhelming to pick a color or two for your dresser, especially with the many options available. That’s why we’re here to make the decision easier for you! From bold and bright to soft and muted, there’s sure to be a color that will suit your style and home.

Collage of painted dresser color ideas

Color is a powerful tool in interior design, and this applies even to painting a dresser. The right color choice can instantly transform the look and feel of a room, making it more inviting, energetic, or calming. It’s definitely important to consider how different colors can affect your space.

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When choosing the color for your dresser, it’s important to also consider the colors of your existing decor. This will help create a cohesive look in the room. Unless you want to make a bold statement, it’s best to choose colors that complement or contrast with your decor rather than clash with it.

Different colors also bring different feelings and vibes into a space. Some colors can add a sense of energy and warmth to a room, while others can create a more tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. There are also classic options that can work with any style or decor.

Now let’s dive into these popular painted dresser colors and how they can enhance your space. There’s a color for every mood and style, so check out each one and find the perfect fit for your home!


Blue is a popular color choice for dressers, and for good reason. It’s a classic color that brings a cool, calm vibe to any room. You get different shades of blue such as navy blue, teal, light blue, and slate.

Navy blue is a deep and rich shade of blue that you should go for if you want a sophisticated and elegant look. It’s a versatile color that can work with many different decor styles, from traditional to modern. Navy blue dressers pair well with white or cream accents as it is a bold color on its own.

dresser painted with matte navy blue

Teal is a more vibrant shade of blue that brings energy and personality to a room. It’s perfect for those who want a pop of color in their space, but not too overwhelming. Teal dressers with brown or wood accents also create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

dresser painted with deep teal

Light blue is a softer and more delicate shade of blue that can give a room a charming and ethereal feel. It’s perfect for creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere in a bedroom or nursery. Light blue dressers pair well with pastel colored accents, adding to the soft and dreamy vibe. It’s also a great color to add texture to with patterned decor such as floral or geometric prints.

dresser painted with light blue

Slate blue falls in between navy and light blue, making it a versatile shade that can work with many different styles and moods. It’s a great alternative for those who find navy too dark and light blue too soft. Slate blue pairs well with both warm and cool toned decor, making it easy to incorporate into any existing color scheme. So whether you want to create a cozy and comforting bedroom or a crisp and fresh living room, slate blue dressers can give you that perfect balance.

end table painted with slate blue


Moving on to another popular color for painted dressers – green! Green is a refreshing and versatile color that can bring a touch of nature into your home. Just like blue, there are many shades of green to choose from such as sage, olive, and forest.

Sage green is a soft and muted shade that brings a sense of calmness and serenity to any room. It pairs well with natural wood accents and white or cream decor for a fresher and more airy feel. Sage green dressers also work well with bohemian or rustic styles, creating a cozy and earthy atmosphere.

dresser painted with sage green

Now olive green is a more bold and richer shade that adds warmth to a room. You can use it to create a cozy and inviting living room or an intimate and romantic bedroom. Olive green dressers go well with warm toned decor such as gold, rust, and brown for a more luxurious feel.

dresser painted with olive green

We also have forest green – a deep and dramatic shade. It’s similar to navy blue in the way that it makes furniture sophisticated. You can pair your forest green dresser with metallic accents like gold or silver for a glamorous touch, or with natural elements like wood and plants for a more organic vibe.

dresser painted with forest green

Overall, each shade of green brings a different feeling and mood into your space. Sage green is calming, olive green is warm and inviting, while forest green is bold and elegant.

Whichever you choose, green painted dressers give you that touch of nature and freshness to your home. Here’s our list of green painted dresser ideas for inspiration!


Yellow is a cheerful and bright color that can instantly liven up a room. You can go bold with a bright yellow dresser or choose a more muted shade for a subtle pop of color. Mustard and light yellow are two popular shades for painted dressers.

Mustard yellow on a dresser will bring a warm and rustic vibe to your room. If you want a vintage or bohemian look, this is the yellow shade for you. Natural wood accents and warm toned decor with a mustard yellow piece would make for a cozy yet lively feel. You can also incorporate it with navy blue accents for a bold and trendy color combination.

Yellow painted card catalog style dresser

On the other hand, light yellow is a softer and more delicate shade that can give your space a feminine or playful vibe. It’s perfect for creating a bright and airy atmosphere in a bedroom or living room. Light yellow dressers with other pastel colors such as pink and lavender can add to the dreamy and whimsical feel. You can also pair it with white decor for a fresh and clean look.

sofa table painted with light yellow

When choosing between mustard and light yellow for your dresser, think about the overall mood and style you want for your space. Mustard is warm and earthy while light yellow is soft and dreamy.

With yellow, you can bring a sunny and happy feeling into your home all year round. Check out these yellow dresser ideas if you want add a pop of color to your home or room decor!


If you want that feminine touch, pink painted dressers would be the perfect choice for your space. Pink is another versatile color that can either be playful, charming, or elegant depending on the shade you choose. There are three main shades of pink to consider when painting your dresser – light, muted, and hot pink.

Light pink is a soft and delicate shade that brings a sweet and romantic feel to any room. It’s perfect for creating a dreamy and cozy atmosphere. It will work best with white or pastel colored decor – think light blue or lavender. Floral patterns and dainty accents with a light pink dresser would be so cute too!

dresser painted with pink

It can be quite similar to light pink, but muted pink is a bit more toned down and sophisticated. You can use it for a more grown up vibe. Especially when paired with classic colors like white, gray, and beige and metallic accents such as gold or rose gold, you will get a chic dresser. Muted pink dressers fit modern to shabby chic too, so your style can change but the dresser will always match.

Lastly, hot pink is bold and vibrant, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their furniture. You can make a hot pink dresser as a focal point in your room and keep the rest of the decor neutral. For a modern and edgy look, black with the hot pink would be a cool combo.

dresser painted with hot pink


Red is a bold and attention grabbing color for sure! And when it comes to painting a dresser red, there are two main shades that stand out – deep red and rusty red.

Deep red or almost burgundy is a rich shade that’s luxurious and elegant. And when you add in gold or metallic accents, your dresser will look even more regal. This deep red color on a dresser would be perfect for a formal and sophisticated living room or bedroom.

dresser painted with deep red

Meanwhile, rusty red is a warmer, more rustic shade of red. Unlike the intense vibe of deep red, rusty red adds a cozy and comfy vibe to your home. You can nail a vintage or country style look in any room with this shade of red, especially if you throw in some natural wood accents and warm toned decor.

dresser painted with rusty red


For a unique and eye-catching color for your dresser, why not consider purple? It’s a color you don’t see often in furniture, but when done right, it makes a pretty piece! If you want to paint your dresser purple, lilac, and deep burgundy are two shades that will give your space a different kind of charm.

Lilac is a soft and subtle purple, and you can use lilac paint for that sweet and dreamy touch. If you have a lilac painted dresser in your bedroom, the space would look lovely. Add in white or pink decor, and the room will become even more whimsical.

Dresser painted lilac purple

Deep burgundy is an elegant and luxurious purple. It’s a darker and more intense shade that you will want to paint your dresser with if you want a statement piece. Glam it up with gold or silver accents, and your dresser will look like it belongs in a palace. Perfect for a formal living room or dining room!

dresser painted with deep burgundy

Each color has its own personality that can transform any space, so pick the one that speaks to you. Paint color is a major decision when painting furniture, so take your time and make sure to choose one that you will love for a long time. Have fun choosing the color, painting your dresser, and decorating your space with it!

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