Which Wagner FLEXiO is best?

So you’ve decided to use a paint sprayer on furniture, huh? Good for you! It’s a quick and efficient way to get that professional finish. But now you’re faced with another decision: which Wagner FLEXiO is best?

If you’ve been considering the Wagner FLEXiO sprayers, you know that there are a few different models to choose from. Let’s find out which are the top picks from this paint sprayer series.

photo of Wagner FLEXiO 3500 and 5000 spraying paint onto furniture with text overlay

Investing in a paint sprayer can save you a ton of time and effort when it comes to painting furniture. While brushing or rolling paint can be effective, it’s still a tedious and time consuming task. Plus, it may not give you the smooth and flawless finish that you want for your furniture pieces.

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Now the Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer line offers a range of options – whether you’re a DIY-er or a professional painter, there’s definitely a FLEXiO model that will suit your needs.

But if you’re looking for the best of the best Wagner FLEXiO sprayer, we’ve narrowed down our best picks!

Wagner FLEXiO 3500/595

First on our list is the Wagner FLEXiO 3500/595. If you see the FLEXiO 3500 and the FLEXiO 595 separately, know that they are actually the same sprayer, just with different model numbers.

This versatile sprayer is perfect for both interior and exterior projects, making it a great all around option. It’s also designed to be 10% lighter than previous FLEXiO models, so you can work longer without getting fatigued.

photo of painting furniture using Wagner FLEXiO 3500

One of the best features of the FLEXiO 3500/595 is its ability to spray paint 10 times faster than a brush, making it perfect for bigger furniture pieces or projects.

The adjustable settings on this sprayer are what sets it apart from others in its price range. You can easily control the flow, width, and pattern of the spray to suit your specific project needs. It comes with 2 nozzles – the iSpray nozzle for larger surfaces, and a Detail Finish nozzle for finer finishes on furniture or cabinets.

photo of some main features  of the Wagner FLEXiO 3500 paint sprayer

Plus, with the X-Boost turbine, you can spray thick, unthinned paints and stains directly from the can! I still do recommend thinning for a smoother finish, but it’s nice to have the option. Here’s how to thin paint for Wagner FLEXiO sprayer if you’re not sure how much to thin.

And when you’re done spray painting, the sprayer is easy to clean – you can easily disassemble it and rinse the parts clean, or you can use the included cup liners so you don’t have to clean the paint container at all! Check out how to clean Wagner FLEXiO 3500 to learn more helpful tips and tricks on cleaning your Wagner FLEXiO 3500 sprayer!

It also comes with a durable and handy storage case for future use. It does have a short power cord, but you can easily use an extension cord to give yourself more reach. Since the turbine is attached to the sprayer, you don’t have a bulky hose to lug around while painting either.

photo of Wagner FLEXiO 3500 short power cord


  • Can handle both interior and exterior projects
  • 10% lighter than previous models for reduced fatigue
  • Sprays 10 times faster than a brush
  • Multiple adjustable settings for different project needs
  • Comes with 2 nozzles for different types of surfaces and finishes
  • Can spray unthinned paints and stains with X-Boost turbine
  • Easy to clean with included cup liners
  • Comes with a durable storage case


  • Short power cord, but can easily be extended with an extension cord
  • Can be loud during use
  • Thinning may still be necessary for a smoother finish
  • Heavier than stationary models due to the turbine motor being attached to the sprayer

Where to Buy Wagner FLEXiO 3500/595

Read my honest Wagner 3500 paint sprayer review for my experience with this model. And Wagner FLEXiO 3000 VS 3500 to learn more about the difference between these two paint sprayers!

Wagner FLEXiO 5000

Next up on our best picks is the Wagner FLEXiO 5000. This stationary paint sprayer has a unique design with the motor housed in the case on the ground, making it perfect for longer projects. You don’t have to hold the motor in your hand – that means less weight and more comfort while painting!

photo of Wagner FLEXiO 5000

The FLEXiO 5000 also has controls on the handle for variable speeds, giving you more control over your painting process. This sprayer also comes with the 2 different nozzles, but it has an improved design for a better spray pattern and less mess.

It can also handle unthinned paint and stains, so you can go directly to spraying. And when you’re done, the cleaning process is still a breeze – just a few removable parts to rinse clean.

photo of painting furniture using Wagner FLEXiO 5000

However, with the added features, the FLEXiO 5000 comes at a slightly higher price point. This may not be the best option for budget conscious individuals, but the quality and efficiency may outweigh the cost in the long run.

Some users may also find the sprayer to be too heavy for their liking. It’s not as compact or portable as other models, so consider this if you need a more lightweight option.


  • Motor housed in case on the ground so you don’t have to hold it while painting
  • Controls on handle for variable speeds
  • 2 nozzles for different types of surfaces and finishes
  • Improved nozzle design for better spray pattern and less mess
  • Can spray unthinned paint and stains directly from the can
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Covers large surfaces quickly, saving time and effort


  • A higher price point may not be suitable for budget conscious individuals
  • Heavier than other models, which may be uncomfortable for some users
  • Not as compact or portable compared to other options

Where to Buy Wagner FLEXiO 5000

I also have a Wagner Flexio 5000 paint sprayer review you can check out for more of my thoughts on this model. Here’s our guide on how to use Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Paint Sprayer so you can maximize its capabilities!

The Best Wagner FLEXiO Paint Sprayer

So which Wagner FLEXiO is the best? We find the 2 sprayers above as the best options, and the best for you would depend on what features you want.

Both models come with adjustable settings and multiple nozzles to cater to different project needs. They also have the ability to spray unthinned paints and stains, making your painting process faster and easier.

photo of both sprayers having similar features

The biggest difference between these 2 models is that the FLEXiO 5000 has a stationary motor in the case on the ground, while the FLEXiO 3500/595 requires you to hold the motor. This may be a deciding factor for some users who prefer a lighter and more comfortable option.

photo of both sprayers showing their motor location

The FLEXiO 5000 has controls on the handle for variable speeds, giving you more control over your project. It also comes with an improved nozzle design for better spray patterns and less mess.

The FLEXiO 3500 is perfect if you’re looking for a budget friendly and versatile sprayer, while the FLEXiO 5000 offers added features and convenience, especially for longer projects. But with those benefits, it also comes at a slightly higher cost.

We have a more in-depth comparison of the Wagner FLEXiO 3500 vs 5000 here if you’re still torn between the two.

These two Wagner FLEXiO models definitely have their own strengths, so it’s now up to you to choose which one fits your needs and preferences better. But whichever one you pick, they will make your painting process faster, easier, and more efficient!

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