Using a Paint Sprayer to Paint a Dresser

Using a paint sprayer to paint a dresser is easier than it may seem! Use a cheap sprayer to quickly get a smooth brush free finish with chalk paint.

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We started a LIVE video series on how to paint furniture from start to finish. But if you missed them, we’ve compiled them all right here for you!

Using a Paint Sprayer to Paint a Dresser

In video TWO we talk all about the benefits of using a paint sprayer to paint a dresser.

From being able to quickly paint furniture, to the smooth professional finish.

Plus we even go through how to thin paint for a sprayer and what to do to when your paint sprayer keeps clogging.

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Using a Paint Sprayer to Paint a Dresser

First things first, you need a paint sprayer if you want to learn about using a paint sprayer to paint a dresser.

Paint Sprayers for Furniture

This paint sprayer is the best cheap paint gun! I’ve been using mine since 2015 and it’s still working like a champ! I love it so much that I even bought a second one!

If you have never used a paint sprayer before, I completely recommend using this one! It comes with everything you need ( no air compressor needed!) and has an extra container.

*Update: In 2018 I invested in this professional Fuji Q4 paint sprayer. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with it!

I thought I would regret spending so much money on it. But I am so glad I did. It was so worth the investment!

*Update: In 2021 I got a Wagner FLEXiO 3000. It’s more budget friendly, and it can spray thicker paints as well. It’s become my favorite sprayer!

How to Spray Paint Furniture with a Spray Gun Video

Once you have a paint sprayer, you can use these tips and tricks in the video to use your paint sprayer on furniture!

Supplies for this Teal Blue Dresser Makeover

Painting a Piece of Furniture Using a Paint Gun

If you don’t want all the nuggets of info from the video, but just want a quick overview, here are the basic steps for how to spray paint furniture with a spray gun.

  1. Mix the chalk paint really well.
  2. Put a mesh paint filter on a paint sprayer container. Pour the chalk paint through the filter and into the paint container.
  3. Add some water to the chalk paint. (Not too much, you don’t want the paint to be too thin!)
  4. Use the viscosity cup (included with the Wagner Paint Sprayer) to make sure the paint is the right consistency. I like the paint to empty out of the viscosity cup between 35-40 seconds.
  5. Test the paint by spraying it out of the sprayer (onto a scrap board), and set the sprayer controls as you want them.
  6. Spray your dresser! Remember – thin coats are best!

Can you use Chalk Paint in a Sprayer?


These paint sprayers can spray chalk paint, latex paint, oil based paint, primers, and even stain (yep, I’ve tried it).

I would recommend only spraying water based paint out of them, to keep the cleanup from being tedious. But you CAN spray multiple different products.

I would also only spray water based products out of one sprayer, and have a seperate sprayer for oil based products.

Do I need to thin paint for a Wagner Sprayer?


The double duty paint sprayer can’t spray thick paint. It’s just not powerful enough for it. (The fuji Q4 can though!)

Even if it did spray it, the finish would most likely have a lot of texture to it, which isn’t good.

Thinning paint is super easy though! And Wagner makes it really easy.

If you’re working with chalk paint, latex paint, or any other water-based paint, you can thin the paint out with water.

You know that it’s water-based because the label talks about easy water and soap cleanup.

If the paint is oil-based, you can thin the paint with paint thinner or mineral spirits. The label on the can will most likely say that you can clean up with mineral spirits.

Shellac based products can be thinned out with denatured alcohol.

How to Thin Out Paint for Spray Gun

The Wagner Double Duty paint sprayer comes with a tool called the viscosity cup.

You can use the viscosity cup to determine if your paint is the right thickness.

Simply add a little bit of water to your chalk paint. Mix it with the paint. Then fill the viscosity cup up and see how long it takes to drain out of the cup.

I like my paint to empty out of the viscosity cup between 35-40 seconds.

If it isn’t thin enough, you can add more water. If it’s too thin, add more paint.

Most products will tell you not to thin it out more than 10-20%. I honestly thin the paint by how much the viscosity cup tells me to.

Can you Spray Polyurethane with a Paint Sprayer?


Spraying water-based polyurethane is my favorite way to seal chalk paint!

The next video is all about sealing chalk paint with water-based poly, and spraying it out of a paint sprayer!

We also talk about distressing, how I quickly get a smooth streak-free top coat AND how to create a gold finish on hardware super fast!

video 3: Best topcoat for painted furniture.

If you missed the first video on How to prep furniture for painting, see it here!

video 1: How to prep furniture for painting

Here are all of my favorite supplies that I use for almost every makeover, including this one!

(Learn all you need to know about how to use the Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer here!)

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Using a paint sprayer to paint a dresser
Using a paint sprayer to paint a dresser

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  1. stephanie says:

    what is the name of the paint colours that were used? I see the brands, but not the colour names.


    1. I used Peacoat and Jitterbug for this dresser. Those are two different colors. You can find the ratio of how much I used of each one to make this color up in the post. Best of luck!

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