How to Clean a Wagner Paint Sprayer

In about five minutes, your paint sprayer can be all cleaned up and ready for the next project. Here’s how to clean a Wagner paint sprayer, specifically the Wagner Control Spray, Double Duty Paint Sprayer. It’s easier than you may think!

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cleaning wagner paint sprayer

Honestly, I actually think that cleaning a paint sprayer is easier and faster than cleaning a regular paint brush!

With a few steps, your paint sprayer can be nice and clean, and ready for your next project.

Just follow the steps below.

And honestly, it’s basically the same process for all HVLP paint sprayers. I know that my professional paint sprayer gets cleaned out the same way, with only a few changes (like how to disassemble the sprayer).

How to Clean a Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer

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Supplies Needed:

What Cleaner To Use To Clean the Paint Sprayer

If you are using a water-based product in your paint sprayer, you’ll want to use warm water and soap (I like using dawn dish soap).

If you are using an oil-based product, you’ll want to use mineral spirits as your cleanup solution.

When in doubt, check the label of the paint product that you’re using to see what they recommend as a cleanup solution.

How to Clean a Wagner Paint Sprayer

  1. Rinse the Container and Suction Tube
  2. Spray the Cleaning Solution
  3. Disassemble the Sprayer Head and Clean
  4. Let Dry

Step One: Rinse the Container and Suction Tube

First, unplug the paint sprayer.

Then pull the trigger for about 5-10 seconds to let the paint in the suction tube fall back into the container.

Unscrew the container, and pour the product back into the product’s original container.

empty paint sprayer container
rinsing off wagner paint sprayer

Then rinse the paint sprayer’s container and the suction tube with the cleaner solution.

I also like to rinse the white container seal that goes around the suction tube at this point.

Properly dispose of the cleaning solution.

(Check your local regulations for information on how to properly dispose of the cleaning solution.)

Step Two: Spray the Cleaning Solution

Fill the sprayer’s container with some cleaning solution, screw the container back onto the paint sprayer, and plug the paint sprayer back in.

putting warm soapy water into paint sprayer container

Then spray the cleaning solution through the paint sprayer for about 20 seconds.

This will clean the inside of the paint sprayer so there is no product left inside the paint sprayer.

spraying warm soapy water into 5 gallon bucket

I like to spray into a 5-gallon bucket and a rag to help keep the spray from going everywhere.

Step Three: Disassemble the Sprayer Head and Clean

Unplug the paint sprayer.

At this point, I like to unhook the paint sprayer from the turbine too.

And disassemble the sprayer:

  • unscrew the container and dispose of the cleaning solution
  • take off the suction tube and container seal from the head of the sprayer
cleaning wagner paint sprayer with water and rag

On the head of the sprayer:

  • unscrew the nut
  • take off the air cap
  • pull off the nozzle
  • and grab the seal ring.

Clean all of these pieces with a brush or rag, and the cleaning solution.

Use a little brush to get all of the way into the nozzle.

using brush to clean tip of paint sprayer

And make sure to clean inside the bottom of the sprayer head too! (Where the container seal tries to block the paint).

While you’re at it, wipe down the sprayer too.

Step Four: Let Dry

Before you reassemble everything, let it all dry.

Especially the pieces that go back on the head of the sprayer.

If you put it back together wet and use it right away, you might get drips of cleaning solution in your sprayed paint.

I like to let everything dry on a towel near my sink.

That’s all there is to it!

If you keep your paint sprayer clean, it will last a long time and through a lot of paint projects!

holding wagner double duty paint sprayer

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