Black Milk Painted Dresser

Paint your old antique furniture with milk paint for an old-fashioned painted finish. Turn your old furniture or thrift store finds into something you can’t wait to put into your home. I’m so excited to share this super quick and easy black milk painted dresser makeover with you today!

This quick black painted furniture idea is so cheap and easy that anyone can do it! This quick black dresser makeover is so cheap and easy that anyone can do it!

old antique tall dresser before makeover

One of the reasons why I love milk paint so much is that it’s so simple to use, it dries fast (which means that your project doesn’t drag on forever), and I love the old-fashioned finish it creates!

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Going for black paint on furniture is also a classic and timeless choice. It’s elegant and sophisticated, while also allowing you to easily incorporate it into any color scheme or decor style.

So combining milk paint with black paint on furniture, the result is truly stunning. The black gives that depth and richness, and milk paint adds a unique texture and character.

Let’s dive in and see how you can create this look for your furniture!

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Supplies Used for this Black Milk Painted Dresser

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Painting Dresser with Black Milk Paint

The top was sanded down and then sealed for a natural look, and then the old hardware holes were filled in to make room for fresh new knobs. Any detail that could be removed was removed.

Then the whole piece was painted in Shackteau Interiors Milk Paint and hemp oil. Here’s our list of the best milk paint for furniture to learn more about the top powdered milk paint options, including Shackteau Interiors Milk Paint.

drawers removed from dresser and painted
brushing hemp oil on painted dresser

The Basics of Milk Paint

If you aren’t familiar with milk paint, here are a few fun little facts about it!

  • True milk paint comes in a powdered form. You mix it with equal parts of water to create the same type of paint that they used a long time ago!
  • Once it’s mixed with water, it needs to be used up ASAP or else it will curdle and go bad. So only mix it up in small batches.
  • Milk paint has a mind of its own! Sometimes it will create a chippy finish, other times it will create a smooth full coverage finish. Fun!!
  • There are ways to help it do what you want though!

Sanding Top of Dresser to Bare Wood

The top of this dresser got a little bit different treatment than the rest of this dresser.

sanding top of dresser using power sander

I sanded it completely down to bare wood with my power sander. Learn all about the best sanders for furniture here!

Once I got the top sanded down and all the dust cleaned off, then I sealed it with multiple coats of hemp oil. The same topcoat that I used for the rest of the dresser! Hemp oil works really well over raw wood to bring out its natural colors.

The front of the top was lighter in color than the rest of the top, so I went over just the front with a little bit of dark wax. Learn about the 3 ways to seal milk paint here!

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Adding New Knobs

To finish off the look, I added the cutest little white knobs with an antiqued base. I love the white against the deep black! Learn the best way to change hardware on a dresser here.

Get more milk painted furniture ideas here for your next painting project! And for for more black furniture makeovers, here are black painted dresser ideas and black and white painted furniture ideas.

closeup of wood top and black painted dresser with white knobs
Tall black painted dresser with wood top and white knobs

More Before And After Makeovers

Click any of these “before” photos below to view the “after” of that makeover.

Right side view of black painted dresser with wood top and white knobs

I hope you enjoyed this quick little makeover and are inspired to refinish your own furniture in milk paint! I’d love to know your thoughts! Leave us a comment below!

What colors does Shackteau Interiors offer in their milk paint line?

Aside from Black Beach, Shackteau Interiors offers a variety of beautiful colors in their milk paint line. These include shades like Shell White, Deep Sea Blue and Sea Glass. Each color is carefully curated to bring a unique and stylish touch to any piece of furniture.

Shackteau Interiors also offers a bonding agent if you don’t want your milk paint to chip. This is perfect for creating a smooth, modern finish on your furniture. Just mix the bonding agent with your milk paint before applying.

Can you mix colors of milk paint?

Yes, you can mix colors of milk paint! In fact, one of the great things about milk paint is its versatility and ability to be mixed.

You can create endless color combinations by mixing different shades together to get your desired look. This is perfect so you can match your furniture to your home decor or create a one of a kind piece.

When mixing milk paint colors, start by mixing them when they are still in powder form. You can mix them in equal parts or experiment with different ratios to get different shades.

Make sure to mix enough for your entire project, as once mixed, milk paint has a limited shelf life.

You can also try your color combos on a spare piece of wood or cardboard first before painting your furniture. This helps you nail the perfect shade and avoid any surprises.

Depending on the wood type and previous finishes, the final look may vary, so you can still adjust your milk paint color mix before applying to your furniture.

Have fun and get creative with mixing milk paint colors!

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Black Milk Painted Dresser

Black Milk Painted Dresser

Give your old antique furniture a classic look with milk paint. Here are the steps for this black milk painted dresser.


  1. Remove old hardware and fill in hardware holes to make room for your new hardware.
  2. Mix equal parts water to milk paint powder and let sit for 15 minutes. Mix milk paint in small batches because once it is mixed with water, it will curdle and go bad if not used ASAP.
  3. Prep your furniture for paint while waiting for the milk paint mixture to thicken.
  4. Paint furniture with 2 coats of milk paint then seal with hemp oil.
  5. Sand down the top to bare wood and seal it with hemp oil for a natural look.
  6. To finish off the look, add new hardware to your milk painted furniture.

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    More Black Painted Furniture Makeovers

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    Before and After of the black Milk Painted Dresser


    1. Cheryl Atkinson says:

      Ho Natalie! I love this color black. So pretty. I am about to try Miss Mustard Seeds milkpaint for the first time and I’m a little nervous. This topic/video really helped me. What paintbrushes are your favorite?

      1. Don’t be nervous! Just let the milk paint do its thing. Don’t try to force it to chip or not chip. And enjoy the outcome, whatever the milk paint does!
        I use Zibra paint brushes when I’m not spraying! They are affordable, and they work really well with milk paint! I especially like their round brush for painting details on furniture.

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