The Best Wood Legs to Add to Furniture

Adding legs to furniture is the best way to make furniture taller. Here are 25 wood legs to add to furniture! Add these legs to your dressers, buffets, couches, ottomans, etc to add height and interest.

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collage of different wood legs for furniture makeovers

Furniture legs (or furniture feet) can completely transform a piece of furniture! What once was old and outdated, or too short for comfort can be easily updated with new furniture legs.

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The style of the legs can really change the look of a piece of furniture too!

You can choose from wood legs, metal legs, wood turned legs, long furniture legs, small wood legs, skinny wood legs.. the list goes on and on!

We’ve gathered up some of the very best wood furniture legs so you can get on with your project.

But first, you might be wondering how to attach furniture legs. Especially when you have a piece of furniture that already has some sort of legs or skirting on it.

How to Attach Legs to Furniture

We’ve put legs on many different dressers and nightstands. Once you get a flat wood surface, you’re good to go and the process is super simple.

When you flip some furniture over, you might be surprised to see that the old bottom (skirting or legs) is only attached to the furniture with a few screws and some glue.

These are the easiest to attach new furniture legs to! See how to remove the bottom of a dresser just by removing screws in this post about how to add feet to a dresser.

Learn more about how to easily add legs to dressers here, even if your furniture has skirting on the bottom!

We have also used this method of adding legs to a nightstand. It takes a little bit more time, but the results are fabulous!

You might also need to add support for the base like how we add legs to a cabinet here.

Or you can try using this method that we did on this painted cedar chest makeover to prevent creating that annoying gap between the legs and the base!

Check out how to add legs to a buffet where we had to unscrew the skirting attached to the base.

Once you get a flat surface to work with though, adding legs to furniture is super easy!

  1. Decide where you want the leg. Measure it out so all the legs are the same distance from the edge.
  2. Attach the furniture leg plate to the furniture.
  3. Screw in the furniture leg to the furniture plate.

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Installing Furniture Leg Plates

I typically stick to these heavy duty furniture leg plates. They are easy to install! I love that they are shaped to go in a corner instead of the regular square furniture leg plates.

With the heavy duty furniture leg plates, it’s not as big of a deal to have a completely flat surface. You can screw the outside edges into the furniture and not worry about the hallow area in the middle of the dresser.

I do like to add some scrap wood under them to reinforce them, but for a light piece of furniture, I don’t know that that is necessary.

I don’t really recommend a tee-nut, unless it has holes for screws and is heavy duty. I have used a similar tee-nut to these and they worked great on a 5 drawer dresser. They aren’t very stable and can easily fall out.

You can also get angled furniture leg plates to make your legs sit at an angle!

How to Add Hanger Bolts to Furniture Legs

All of these mounting plates are compatible with 5/16″ x 18 hanger bolts.

If your legs don’t come with 5/16″ x 18 hanger bolts already in, then you can add your own by drilling a hole in the center of your leg (it’s usually well marked), and screwing the more coarse side of the bolt into the leg.

The most difficult part of that process is to make sure your drilled hole is super straight so your leg screws straight into your furniture.

Wood Furniture Legs

Adding legs to furniture is the best way to make furniture taller. Here are 25 wooden legs to add to furniture! Add these legs to your dressers, buffets, couches, ottomans, etc to add height and interest.

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