Merry and Bright Wooden Sign | Dollar Tree Christmas Decoration

Today I’m sharing a suuuper simple and CHEAP Christmas sign idea from the dollar store! Here’s how to make a merry and bright wooden sign for only a few dollars!

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super easy diy dollar tree wood sign

We recently went into the dollar store and found a couple of little wooden cutouts, including this merry and bright sign.

I also found some 11” x 14” canvas panels that were perfect for a quick sign!

merry and bright wooden cutout  from dollar tree
11" x 14" canvas panel from dollar tree

I love how quick this farmhouse sign was to put together, but even better, once you have the frame built, you can easily switch the canvas out for a new design!

Build the frame once, use it for all different holidays!!

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Supplies to Make a Merry and Bright Wooden Sign:

Steps for How to Make a DIY Farmhouse Sign Frame

  1. Cut the Wood Frame
  2. Sand Splinters Off
  3. Stain and Paint
  4. Nail Frame Together
  5. Glue Merry and Bright Wooden Cutout to Canvas Panel

Watch this quick full video to see exactly how to make your own DIY farmhouse sign frame.

Step One: Cut the Wood Frame

First, I cut out:

  • 4 pieces that were 11” long
  • 2 pieces that were 15 7/16” long.
cut the wood frame

NOTE!! My furring strips were exactly 5/8” wide. Depending on how wide (the skinniest side) your furring strips are, may make the exact measurements you need to cut a little different.

Remember, just because it says it is 1″ x 2″, doesn’t mean those are the exact measurements of the wood.

Step Two: Sand Splinters Off

Then I used 220 grit sandpaper to sand the edges of the wood a little bit to remove the split ends and splinters.

sand the wood frame

It’s tempting, but you definitely don’t want to skip this step!

Step Three: Stain and Paint

Stain the Wood Frame

Then I removed all of the dust and stained the frames.

I used a homemade water based stain made from brown latex paint and water so I didn’t have to worry about fumes or a long dry time.

stain the wood frame

NOTE: You can make your own water based stain from water based paint and stain by mixing a small amount of paint with more water. Then mix it really well. It should be a really thin consistency.

Paint the Merry and Bright Wooden Sign

While I waited for the stain to dry, I painted the merry and bright wood cutout with some black paint.

paint the merry and bright wooden cutout

Step Four: Nail Frame Together

After the stain was dry, I nailed together my frame.

I put the frame around the canvas panel to make sure that the frame would be square and that it would fit the canvas in it.

Then I worked my way around the 4 sides and nailed the frame to itself.

A brad nailer is the easiest for this, but if you don’t have one, you can use little nails and a hammer!

Using clamps to hold the frame together while you’re working would make things even easier!

Then I flipped it over and attached 2 of the 11” pieces on the back to support the canvas.

nail the frame together

I used some scrap pieces of furring strips to make the supports line up with the edge of the frame, and then I nailed it together with a few more nails all over.

Step Five: Glue Merry and Bright Cutout to Canvas Panel

Once the frame was built, I pushed the canvas into place against the back braces.

Then I placed the wood cut out where I wanted it and glued it down.

I used hot glue, but it dried so fast so I had to work faster than I wanted to.

glue the merry and bright wooden cutout

A glue like E6000 would be better for this!

Just make sure to not use very much or it will squeeze out from under the wood cutout!

Enjoy your new Dollar Store Christmas Decor!

The best part about this sign is that I can easily swap out the canvas panel for something else, so you really only have to make the frame once, and then you can make a different sign for each season by switching out the panel!

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switch the cutout and canvas each holiday


diy farmhouse dollar tree wood sign

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