Christ the Savior is Born – DIY Wooden Christmas sign

Want to make your own Christian Christmas sign? Here’s how to make a Christ the Savior is Born – DIY Wooden Christmas Sign! Along with a free printable template, so you don’t need any special tools.

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Can you believe it’s Christmas time again? Where does time go?

This year I wanted to make a large farmhouse Christmas sign to place over our stockings and I think this is such a good one! I love that through the insanely long shopping list and hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas I can easily be reminded of the real meaning of Christmas whenever I pass by this sign. It’s so easy to forget when Christmas has become so commercialized.

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Sign - Hand Painted with Template

These 3 wood boards hung around our garage for almost a year, but they were perfect to make a DIY wooden Christmas sign! And it didn’t take very long to make.

DIY Christmas Sign Template

Now you’re probably thinking, “How did you go about painting all of the words? There is no way I have the materials or time to do that!” Well, guess what! I bet you do, and I’m going to show you how!

If you can color within the lines of a children’s coloring book, you can make a DIY Christmas sign!

Pallet Wood DIY Christmas Sign

A while back, I wanted to make DIY farmhouse signs as gifts. I searched for days for a decent tutorial on how to paint a farmhouse sign.

There were plastic stencils or Silhouette machines to buy or papers to print out and a crazy time-consuming way to transfer a quote onto wood. Since I was on a budget I chose the cheapest route. Man, one sign took me almost a full day between creating the saying, transferring the image and painting it on. I was worn out and so not ready to make the second sign. There had to be an easier way without spending very much money.

I knew about graphite paper, but I was apparently too lazy to go to the store and get some. For some reason laziness always makes more work. 😉

The next time I had a sign idea in my mind I was ready to make the trip to the store to buy graphite paper (wow, my true home body spirit is showing now). I’m so glad I did! Making these adorable wood signs are such a breeze!

Here’s a list of our favorite Christmas sayings for signs that you can choose from that captures the true meaning of Christmas.

Here is how to easily make your own DIY wooden Christmas sign (mine is 46″ long x 16.5″ tall) — I did the hard work for you!

Use this FREE template to make your own farmhouse Christmas wood sign! (This template is for personal use only. Thanks!)

Christ the Savior is Born Farmhouse Sign

Here is what you need to make a Christ the Savior is Born – DIY Christmas sign:

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Wood Plank Sign Supplies:

  • Wood – I used (3) 6″ pine boards measuring 46″ long (Home Depot can cut them down for you!)
  • Scrap Wood Braces – I used (3) scrap 4″ fencing, each measured about 14″ long
  • Screws – 1″ – 1.25″ screws to attach the wood braces to each of the boards
  • 220 Grit Sandpaper

Hand Painted Sign Supplies:

How to paint farmhouse signs

How to Build a Wood Plank Sign

  1. Cut the fencing boards down to 46″ long.
  2. Cut 3 wood braces out of the leftover wood. They don’t have to be perfect, but long enough to brace together the 3 boards.
  3. Lay the fencing boards face down on a smooth and flat surface to create the shape of the sign.
  4. Spread the braces out on the back of the sign ( one brace in the center, one on the left, and one on the right.) Make sure they are going perpendicular to the fencing boards and that they are touching all 3 boards.
  5. Screw the braces into the sign to hold the sign together. We used 6 screws for each brace.

This is a similar method!

Once the sign was built, we gave it a light sanding to smooth out the rough edges, and then wiped the dust away.

How to Paint Farmhouse Signs

  • Paint the wood plank sign black. Let the paint dry.
  • Paint the sign with 2-3 coats of white. Let it dry between coats.
  • Lightly sand the sign so some of the black paint is showing for a rustic distressed look. (If you don’t want a distressed farmhouse sign, skip the black paint and the sanding.)
Free Christmas sign tutorial
  • While the paint dried, I printed off the template and taped it together. The best way to do this is to cut off the small 1/4″ border on the right of all of the pages and bottom sides of the 1st four pages. Then line up the overlapping text and tape it together, piece by piece. I did the top four pages and the bottom four pages and then attached both rows together.
  • Place the template where you want it and tape it into place at the top.
  • Then place the graphite paper (darkest side down) under the template. Use a pencil or pen to trace around the outline of the text. Since the graphite paper is much smaller than the template, I did one section and then moved it to the next until it was all transferred onto the boards.
DIY Christmas Sign
  • Once the outline is traced onto the wood, remove the template.
  • With a small paintbrush and the black paint, paint the words onto the sign. I used the outline as a guide but didn’t always stay in the lines. After one coat was dry I quickly touched up any places that needed another coat.

**If you feel more comfortable with a pen than a paintbrush, you can use a sharpie paint pen instead!

Here’s a great tutorial on how to paint farmhouse signs.

After the black paint dried completely I lightly sanded everything once again. This time I looked for any mistakes I made that could be “erased” by the sandpaper. That’s the great thing about distressing afterward. When mistakes are made painting on the letters, it can easily be fixed and it only adds to the rustic farmhouse character of the sign.

You can also adjust the size of the template in your print settings if you are wanting a smaller sign. Also, I originally wanted a line underneath “Christ the Savior”, but since I used 3 boards instead of one solid piece of wood, I left the line out. Here is the template for that.

Free Christmas Sign template Christ the Savior is Born
Christ the Savior is Born Wood Sign with Stockings

I absolutely love my new sign and know that you will enjoy yours too! We all need a little reminder of what Christmas is all about and a good DIY Christian Christmas sign can do just that.

You can also paint your own Merry Christmas standing sign that you can easily move around your home.

If you don’t want to do your own sign, we’ve curated this list of beautiful Christian Christmas signs. You should also check out these Jesus Christmas signs to serve as a reminder of what Christmas is all about.

For a cheerful and charming feel, check out these Reindeer Christmas Signs.

Check out some more inspiration for DIY wooden Christmas signs here.

Please share this tutorial with family and friends who would love to make a Christmas sign as well. Just pin the image below!

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Sign - Hand Painted with Template

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