DIY Wooden Christmas Village

Check out this super easy DIY Wooden Christmas Village that makes a stunning table centerpiece for your Christmas decor! Plus they double as candlestick holders!

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diy Christmas candle holders - Christmas village

I love how easy these were to make.

You can easily make a couple of houses, or you can make a ton of houses for your village! It’s up to you!

Plus they double as candle stick holders, but they look great without candles too!

I first got this idea from AngelaRoseHome on Instagram, who had seen this idea on The Navage Patch.

I loved them so much, I had to make my own set!

DIY Wooden Christmas Village

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Supplies Needed:

How to Make a DIY Wooden Christmas Village

  1. Drill Holes for the Chimney
  2. Cut the Houses
  3. Sand
  4. Paint / Stain
  5. Put the Chimney in Place
  6. Decorate!

Step One: Drill Holes for the Chimney

First cut the 4×4 piece of lumber in half so you’re only working with 4′ long pieces.

Then, using a 1″ drill bit, drill a hole on the top edge of the 4×4.

drill hole for chimney candle holders

I clamped my 4×4 onto my table with a couple of clamps first.

And then I drilled my hole a little off the center, so the chimney would sit on one side of the roof.

I drilled probably 1.5″ to 2″ deep.

It’s easiest to drill the hole for the chimney when the surface is flat, so that’s why we drill before we cut the roof lines.

NOTE: Some of the houses didn’t get a hole for a chimney. I just left their roofs plain.

Step Two: Cut the Houses

Cut the Roof

Then mark the middle point of your 4×4 (at around 1.75″) so you know where to line up the mitersaw.

Then put your miter saw at a 45 degree angle and cut your roof line.

45 degree cut for roof
45 degree cut for roof

Line the miter saw up to cut from the middle of your block to the edge.

Then flip over the block and cut the other side of the roof.

Cut the Bottom of the House

Then cut the 4×4 at a regular 90 degree angle to make your house.

cutting a wood village
wood Christmas village

I cut some longer than others, and some pretty short.

Step Three: Sand

After all of your houses are cut out, sand your house down with some 220 grit sandpaper or your power sander.

Sand them use enough to remove any splinters.

Step Four: Paint / Stain

Then paint or stain them as you wish!

I used:

painting the wood Christmas village

Homemade Wood Stain Recipe

For the stain, I used a homemade stain made from watered-down Valspar Antiquing Glaze.

Literally, I mixed a small amount of the glaze with a bunch of water until it was a really really thin consistency. Then I tested it to make sure I liked the shade of stain.

I love using a homemade water-based stain so I don’t have to worry about fumes. But it also dries super fast.

You can use regular wood stain though!

Either way, let the stain/paint dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Step Five: Put the Chimney in Place

Place your copper coupling into the hole you made for the chimney.

You can use some hot glue to secure the coupling a little better if you need to.

diy Christmas village

Mine fit well without any glue.

Then you can put candles in some of the chimneys!

Step Six: Decorate!

You’re all done!!

Some ideas for where to put your DIY Christmas Village

  • On your dining table as a centerpiece
  • On an entryway table or sofa table

I decorated around my village with some bottle brush trees.

And I sprinkled some regular table salt and rock salt on the table as fake snow.

This village would look perfect paired up with small wooden Christmas trees for that charming vibe.

Check out our charming selection of Christmas village houses, each one a delightful addition to your seasonal decor, inviting joy and wonder.

Here are wooden Christmas village houses in all sorts of styles and sizes, so you can mix and match to create a collection that’s your vibe.

Or build your own Christmas village with your family using simple materials. You can use card stock to make your DIY Christmas village and decorate however you want!

Consider these Christmas village houses to paint for a fun activity and unleash your creativity.

There are so many options and inspirations for your DIY Christmas village decorations that are festive but still affordable.

Add some more rustic Christmas decor for the perfect cozy and warm ambiance.

Here are DIY wood Christmas trees to complete your unique winter wonderland.

diy wood Christmas vilage
diy wood village candle holders

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