Homeright Finish Max Paint Sprayer Review

You’re probably looking for a budget-friendly and efficient way to paint your furniture, and our Homeright Finish Max paint sprayer review is here to help you out. Let’s take a closer look at its specifications and performance as well as learn how to use a paint sprayer on furniture with the HomeRight Finish Max.

We’ll also dive into its pros and cons to help you decide and give you some extra resources for more info. Whether you’re a DIY-er or a pro furniture painter, this paint sprayer could be a great addition to your tool collection!

photo of homeright finish max with text overlay

Painting furniture can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when using traditional brushes or rollers. That’s where paint sprayers like the HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer come in handy. It can speed up the process and give your furniture a smooth, flawless finish.

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If you’re still on the fence about spray painting vs brush painting furniture, our post has some insights from both sides.

Now, the HomeRight Finish Max is the more affordable version of the HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer. While it may lack some of the features and versatility of its big brother, it still offers a great solution for those looking to spray furniture with ease.

using Homeright Finish Max to spray paint onto furniture

You can check out our comparison post on the Homeright Finish Max VS Super Finish Max to see the differences and decide which one suits your needs better.

Let’s see how the HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer is worth considering!

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Features of the HomeRight Finish Max

First off, the HomeRight Finish Max comes with a top-notch 2.0mm metal tip that guarantees precise and smooth application, making it suitable for all kinds of furniture painting projects.

image of Homeright Finish Max sprayer 2.0mm metal spray tip

Plus, it’s got a roomy 27-ounce container that lets you hold a good amount of paint, so you won’t have to refill too often.

One of the great features of this paint sprayer is the included viscosity cup, which helps you thin out your paint for optimal spraying. It works best with chalk paint, mineral type paint, or acrylic paint that can be thinned a lot.

It can also handle water-based polyurethane topcoats like General Finishes Enduro Poly or polyurethane. Here’s our best sprayer for polyurethane to help you find the perfect one for your project.

You can plug the sprayer in and go without the need for an air compressor, making it a convenient option for at-home use. The spray patterns are also versatile, with options for vertical, horizontal, and circular settings for different furniture pieces and surfaces.

Homeright sprayer simply plugs into electrical outlet and doesn't need an air compressor

And the best part? The click-in-place feature makes it easy to switch between settings without any guesswork.

Pros and Cons of the HomeRight Finish Max

We have detailed what the HomeRight Finish Max has to offer, so let’s dig into and tackle a few of its downsides and limitations to give you a balanced evaluation.

To work with the HomeRight Finish Max, you’ll need the paint you’re using to be quite a bit thinner so it sprays out nicely. Thankfully again, it has its own viscosity cup, but it can be a bit of a hassle for some.

photo of spraying paint onto furniture using homeright finish max

Learn about the process of thinning paint for a paint sprayer to take the guesswork out of this step.

Cleaning up after using this paint sprayer can also be a bit more challenging than others. Unlike Wagner paint sprayers, you can’t take off the motor to clean it more thoroughly, but it’s not impossible. Here is how to clean Homeright paint sprayers so that you know the exact steps to take.

Don’t worry, with proper care and maintenance, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. We have this post on Wagner vs HomeRight paint sprayers if you’d like to see more differences between them. For other paint sprayer options, here’s our list of the best HVLP paint sprayers for furniture.


  • Affordable compared to other paint sprayers
  • Easy to use with plug-in feature
  • Includes the viscosity cup for thinning paint
  • Versatile spray patterns (vertical, horizontal, circular)
  • Click-in-place settings for ease of use


  • Best used with thinner paint types
  • Cleaning can be more challenging compared to other sprayers

Where to Buy HomeRight Finish Max

You can easily find the HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer on popular online retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart.

Using the HomeRight Finish Max on Furniture

Now that we’ve covered the features and pros and cons of the HomeRight Finish Max, let’s dive into how to actually use it on furniture.

The process is pretty straightforward – first, make sure you have a piece of furniture ready for painting with any necessary prep work completed. Our post on how to prepare furniture for painting can help you with that.

Then, choose the right type of paint for furniture for your project – as mentioned above, thin paints, or paints that you can thin out a lot like chalk paint or mineral type paints work best with this sprayer. You can definitely use the included viscosity cup to thin out the paint you have!

thinning paint with the included viscosity cup

You can then simply plug in the HomeRight Finish Max and start spraying!

It’s best to test the spray pattern and fluid settings out before spraying your project so you can get the settings right beforehand. Remember to use smooth, even strokes for a flawless finish. You can also adjust the spray pattern based on your furniture piece’s shape and size.

For spraying polyurethane, check out our handy how-to guide here!

And don’t forget and even make it a habit to clean the HomeRight Finish Max properly after each use. This will help it last longer and perform at its best for your future furniture painting projects.

You might need to use different products to clean your sprayer depending on the type of paint you use. Learn more about what to use to clean paint sprayer here.

photo of homeright sprayer after cleaning

We hope this HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer review has shown you how it offers an affordable and convenient solution for furniture painters of all levels.

We’ve featured it as one of the best cheap paint sprayers, check out this post for more options.

Its features such as the included viscosity cup and versatile spray patterns make it an awesome option for anyone who wants to speed up their painting process and get that flawless finish.

While there may be some minor downsides like the need for thinner paint and slightly more challenging clean-up, these can easily be overcome if you’re looking for a sprayer that won’t break the budget.

Overall, the HomeRight Finish Max is definitely worth considering so check it out!

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