DIY Foam Christmas Trees

This step by step DIY Foam Christmas Trees tutorial is the easiest way to make DIY Christmas trees for your farmhouse Christmas decor! Plus you can easily switch up the color of the yarn or the embellishments to completely change the look!

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supplies for foam Christmas trees

DIY Cone Christmas Trees

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Supplies Needed:

How to Make Foam Christmas Trees

  1. Wrap the Foam Cone with Yarn
  2. Add Embellishments
  3. Decorate!

Step One: Wrap the Foam Cone with Yarn


First, put a dab of hot glue in the middle of the cone and stick the end of the yarn onto it.

(Be careful to not burn yourself!!)

Then wrap the yarn around the cone a few times.


Make your way to the top of the cone and put some hot glue on the top of the cone.

yarn glued on top of foam cone

Making a loop, glue the yarn onto the top of the cone so all of the foam is covered.


Then make your way to the bottom of the cone while you continue to wrap the yarn round and around the cone.

hot glue to hold on the yarn
wrap bottom of cone with yarn

Then put some glue along the edge of the bottom of the cone and put the yarn on top of the hot glue.

Work your way around the entire bottom of the cone a couple of times.


Then wrap the rest of the cone in yarn, making sure to cover all of the foam with yarn.

When the foam is completely covered, cut the yarn and glue it down in an inconspicuous place.

wrap middle of cone with yarn

Step Two: Add Embellishments

You can either leave it plain, or you can add embellishments!

fairy lights and ribbon for embellishments

Fairy Lights:

These are a favorite! My kids absolutely love the lights!

Just wrap the lights around the cone, with the battery pack end of the strand at the bottom of the tree.


I also decorated one of the trees with some different types of ribbon.

I just tucked it under the yarn and then wrapped it down and around the tree until I reached the bottom of the tree.

Then I cut the ribbon and tucked the end under more yarn.

Step Three: Decorate!

Now you’re done!

Easy peasy right?!

I placed these DIY Christmas trees in front of some Christmas signs.

I also sprinkled some salt and rock salt on the table to make it look like snow.

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DIY cone Christmas Trees

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