DIY Painted Christmas Village

Transform your old Christmas village or a thrift store village with this DIY Painted Christmas Village makeover. Plus add a little something extra to make them really shine.

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dollar tree christmas village

I remember staring at and playing with the Christmas village under our tree as a little kid. But it was always something we shouldn’t touch because they were glass.

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So, I’ve been wanting to get my own Christmas village for my little family, but I really wanted them to be something that my kids could pick up and play with if they wanted to.

Enter these little Christmas village houses from the Dollar Tree! They definitely look cheesy at the store, but with a little bit of paint and extra sparkle, they sure do shine now!

Supplies Used for DIY Painted Christmas Village

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How to Paint a Christmas Village

  1. Prime and Paint the Houses
  2. Add Embellishments
  3. Decorate!

Prime and Paint the Houses

First, prime the houses with a primer that will stick to plastic.

I don’t trust paints that say that they are paint and primer in one, or that the paint sticks to plastic. So I gave the houses all a couple of coats of primer first.

(Spoiler alert: the paint sticks really well to the houses since I primed them first!)

I let the primer dry for about a half hour, but no longer than an hour – according to the directions on the can.

Then I painted a couple of coats of the white spray paint onto the houses. Once again I let it dry for about a half hour before painting the next coat.

Then I let the paint dry for a day or so to really let it dry before I did more to them.

painted christmas village vs embellished christmas village
Left – Spray Painted Village House
Right – Painted and Embellished Village

Add Embellishments

First I brushed a little bit of pearl embossing paste onto the houses.

Painting fusion embossing paste onto the houses

I really like how the paste added a little bit more texture to the houses, but it also added a nice pearl effect to the houses.

Right after I finished brushing the paste on, I sprinkled a little bit of regular table salt onto the rooftops and anywhere that snow would naturally collect on a house.

I love that the salt looks like snow, and it’s super cheap (and you probably already have it in your home!)

put salt on wet embossing paste
sprinkle salt onto village to act as snow

Then let the paste dry completely before decorating with them. I let them dry overnight, but they were dry after an hour.


You’re done! Now you can decorate for Christmas!

I put them on my kitchen table as a centerpiece with some bottle brush trees. Get more inspiration or buy decor instead, here is my list of charming Christmas village houses.

You can also create cherished holiday memories and build your own Christmas village with your loved ones. With simple materials such as card stock and a little creativity, you’ve got yourself a DIY Christmas village.

Consider these Christmas village houses to paint for a fun activity and unleash your creativity.

These adorable houses would look perfect with small wooden Christmas trees for your own winter wonderland.

There are so many options and inspirations for your DIY Christmas village decorations that are festive but still affordable.

Pair them up with this DIY farmhouse Christmas wreath to symbolize the endless circle of love and unity.

I also sprinkled more salt and rock salt on the table to make it look like it snowed.

If you’re looking for more affordable decor that you can get from Dollar Tree, check out these Dollar Tree Christmas signs.

Add some more rustic Christmas decor for that cozy, warm feel. For a charming and countryside vibe, here are farmhouse Christmas decor to get inspiration from.

If you want to bring in meaningful and uplifting decor, check out our top picks of the best Christian Christmas signs here.

Turn your home into a hub of holiday hilarity with our selection of funny Christmas signs, because ’tis the season to be silly!

White painted christmas village with bottle brush trees
dollar tree Christmas village painted

More DIY Christmas Decor

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