BB Frosch Paint Transformer Review

BB Frosch Paint Transformer is an easy to use product that turns regular wall paint into chalk style paint. But how good is it? In this post we’re sharing our BB Frosch Paint Transformer review to help you know if it is the right choice for your furniture painting project.

We have tried many types of paint for furniture, so let’s dive into this post and see how it chalks up to the others.

photo of BB Frosch Paint Transformer in container with text overlay

The BB Frosch powder is a cheaper alternative to buying brand name chalk style paints where you are limited to using specific colors in their paint line. With this powder, you can pick up any flat latex paint from your hardware store, have it tinted or color matched to the exact color that you want to use on your project, and then turn it into chalk paint!

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Why do you need to turn latex paint into chalk paint when painting furniture? Well, chalk paint sticks better than latex paint does. Even with a primer, chalk paint sticks better.

It also is easier to sand because latex paint just turns into little balls as you sand it. But chalk paint turns into a powder and is so easy to sand smooth or distress. You could paint your furniture with latex paint, but honestly, chalk paint works so much better and lasts longer.

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Pros BB Frosch Paint Transformer

BB Frosch Paint Transformer is a great choice for anyone looking to easily create their own chalk paint so they can use any color on their furniture.

This product has lots of benefits. It can save you money, come in many different colors, is easy to use, and sticks better than regular wall paint.

For starters, BB Frosch Paint Transformer is a much more affordable option than purchasing brand name chalk paints. You can pick up any cheap flat latex paint from your local hardware store, have it color matched to the exact shade you want, and then turn it into chalk paint with this powder.

Learn more about what is the different between chalk paint and regular paint here.

adding bb frosh mixture with flat paint to create chalk paint

Here’s our list of the best paints for wood furniture to learn more about the pros and cons of different paints so that you can pick the perfect one for your next project.

Plus, you can make any color of chalk paint you want. So if you’re after a pink chair or an aqua table – no problem! You can custom mix your own color with this paint transformer to get exactly the right shade.

And, it’s easy to use! All you need to do is mix the powder into a cup of water, stir it until it’s completely dissolved, and then add your latex paint – just like that you have chalk paint.

mixing bb frosh powder with water before mixing with paint

This product also helps make sure that your paint sticks better and is easier to sand.

  • It’s a cheaper alternative to name brand chalk paints
  • Allows you to turn latex paint into chalk paint
  • You can make chalk paint in any color
  • Easy to Use!
  • Makes latex paint stick much better!

Cons of BB Frosch Paint Transformer

One of the cons of BB Frosch Paint Transformer is that it has to be purchased online. This can make it difficult if you want to start your project today.

Additionally, the paint transformer needs to be mixed into the paint before being applied, which can add an extra step and a few more minutes to your project.

mixing bb frosh and paint properly before applying onto furniture

If you want to use a different brand of chalk paint, here is our list of the top chalk paint brands for painting furniture.

Also, if the powder isn’t completely mixed into the paint, it can leave behind a gritty texture even when it is well mixed into the paint. This can be fixed by sanding down the paint after it is dry. So just be aware that that can happen with this product.

  • Has to be purchased online
  • It has to be mixed into the paint
  • Can have a gritty texture
  • You still have to topcoat for best durability

Application Tips

When using BB Frosch Paint Transformer, it is important to take the time to prepare the furniture before painting to make sure your paint finish lasts. Learn exactly how to prepare furniture for paint here.

Skipping the prep is what causes most of these 5 chalk paint problems, so take care to prep your furniture for paint before you paint.

Once your furniture is prepped, mix the paint transformer powder very well with water before mixing it into the paint. Read the back of the container to know exactly how much powder and water is needed for the amount of paint you are using.

This will make sure that there are no clumps in the mixture and create a smoother finish when painting. Once mixed together, be sure to stir often while applying your chalk style paint.

applying bb frosh and flat paint mixture onto surface with quality brush

For best durability and wipeability, be sure to top coat your project with waterbased polyurethane after the paint is dry. This will help protect it from wear and tear over time.

Check out our list of the best topcoats for painting furniture to get the best results for your project.

Furniture Makeovers Using BB Frosch Paint Transformer

We personally have used BB Frosh Paint Transformer to update a few pieces of furniture. Overall they turned out great and I would use this powder again to turn regular latex paint into a specific chalk paint color.

Here are the tutorials for the pieces of furniture that we have used BB Frosch on.

BB Frosch Paint Transformer is a great option if you want to update your furniture with latex paint! Another great option that is very similar is our homemade chalk paint recipe where we use a different powder to turn latex paint into chalk paint.

Either way, have fun painting!

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  1. Grant Calloway says:

    What is the difference on the BB than the CC?

    1. There isn’t much of a difference. BB frosch seems more airy, and I think it might stick a little better. It seems like it can be a little more gritty if not mixed very well too.

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