How To Use Retique It

If you’re looking for an easy and awesome way to get the perfect wood finish on your furniture, then you may want to try Retique It. In this guide, we’ll introduce this liquid wood product that looks and feels like real wood, and show you how to use Retique It!

This might be one of the refinishing furniture techniques that you’ve been missing out on. So let’s dive in and see how you can use this for your next furniture makeover!

using retique It wood stain with text overlay

You may want to update your old furniture and you want it to have a more authentic wood finish, or maybe you’re tired of the same old paint or stain finishes and want to try something new. But you’re not sure where to start?

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You can create wood finishes by staining to show the natural grain, but if your piece doesn’t have real wood grain, the effect may not look as great. This is where Retique It comes in handy!

If you want that real wood look and feel, Retique It is a great solution. This liquid wood product can give your furniture a beautiful and realistic wood surface, without the need for expensive and heavy real wood pieces.

So let’s look into this product more and learn how to use it to transform your furniture into a stunning wood piece that will add character and charm to your home.

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How does Retique It work?

So how exactly does Retique It work? Again, Retique It is liquid wood in a jar, and it has over 60% recycled wood fibers. These fibers help give it the look and feel of real wood, and you can use it on almost any hard surface, not just wood. This means you can turn your plain, non-wood furniture or painted furniture into stunning pieces with a natural wood look with just one product.

Retique It wood primer and stain

It works just like a stain and it comes in different shades of wood, so you can choose the one that best matches your desired look. It has low VOC and low odor, making it safe and easy to use indoors. Plus, clean up is super easy with just soap and water. So you can see it’s a very convenient and user friendly product.

How To Apply Retique It

First things first, you need to prep the surface before applying Retique It for best results. This includes cleaning the surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, or grease that could affect the adhesion of the product. You can use a degreaser or mild soap and water to clean the surface, then let it dry completely. Here’s how to clean furniture before painting for a detailed guide of the cleaning process.

Prime with Retique It Wood’n Primer

With your surface prepped, it’s time to prime using Retique It Wood’n Primer. This primer is made to work perfectly with Retique It stain and helps the liquid wood stick better to the surface. It’s versatile and can be applied with a brush, roller, or even sprayed on for larger projects.

Priming furniture with Retique It Wood'n Primer

Apply 2 coats of Wood’n Primer, making sure to brush or roll in the direction you want the grain to go. Don’t worry about being perfect with your strokes – this is supposed to mimic wood grain so it doesn’t have to be uniform.

Give your primed piece at least 2 hours to dry completely, or speed up the process by using a blow dryer on high heat. You can use the waiting time to clean your tools. Here’s how to clean paint brushes for a guide on how to properly clean your brush if you used one.

Create Wood Grain with Retique It Wood’n Stain

Creating wood grain with Retique It Wood’n Stain is a fun and easy process. Start by brushing on a thin coat of the stain in small sections or as wide as your wood grain tool. Then use the graining tool to drag through the section while the coat is still wet. Here’s our post on the best brushes for staining wood to learn more about the best brushes available and find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Brushing Retique It Wood'n Stain onto furniture

It’s important to work in small sections so the stain doesn’t dry before you have a chance to create your desired pattern. You can create a wide wood grain or a skinny wood grain, depending on what you prefer. Practice on a scrap surface to get the hang of it before applying it to your project.

If you’re not happy with the first coat, you can always apply another layer of Wood’n Stain and use the graining tool again to create a different pattern. Wood grain is meant to have a natural and random look anyway but if you want a specific pattern, feel free to experiment until you get it right. Leave the wood grain you created to dry for a few hours before moving on to the next step.

Staining Wood Grain

So you’ve created your desired wood grain using Retique It Wood and Stain, now what? The next step is to stain the wood grain for a more realistic and authentic look. You can use any type of stain that you prefer. Here’s our painting a side table makeover where we used Retique It and then stained it with special walnut waterbased stain.

To apply stain over the wood grain, it actually works like Retique It. Just apply the stain in the direction of the grain, and let it sit for a few minutes. If you want a deeper color, you can let it sit longer. Then wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

applying dark wood stain onto furniture

Once you have stained the wood grain and are happy with the result, let it dry completely before adding any clear topcoat. This will set the stain properly, protect the wood grain, and give it a polished look. Check out our how to stain wood furniture guide for more staining wood tips!

Now you have a beautiful piece of furniture with a realistic wood finish, thanks to Retique It! Remember, you can use this product on a variety of surfaces to get the same effect. So next time you’re thinking of updating your furniture and want that authentic wood look, Retique It may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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