How to Fix Broken Dresser Drawer Tracks

If you have an old dresser, chances are you’ve dealt with the frustration of broken or missing drawer tracks, which can cause drawers to get stuck, slide from side to side, or not open and close properly. So we’ll show you how to fix broken dresser drawer tracks to get them working like new again! You should also fix old dresser drawers that stick to prevent further issues.

From identifying the issue to finding solutions for wooden and metal tracks, we’ll cover all the necessary steps to get your dresser drawers working smoothly!

photo of nailing down new tracks for the dresser with text overlay

Dresser drawer tracks come in two main types: wooden and metal. Wooden tracks are commonly found in old dressers, while metal tracks are more common in modern furniture. Regardless of the type, when they are broken or missing, they can cause frustration and inconvenience.

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Having functional dresser drawers is important for everyday use. You want them to open and close smoothly, giving you easy access to all your stuff. But if the drawer tracks are broken or missing, it becomes a hassle to store and organize your clothes or belongings properly.

By fixing broken dresser drawer tracks, you not only make sure your furniture works smoothly but also keep your stuff safe and even save money by avoiding the need for a new dresser.

Supplies For Fixing Broken Dresser Drawer Tracks

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Identifying the Problem

Before you can start fixing your broken dresser drawer tracks, you need to figure out what’s going wrong. Just pull out the drawers and take a look at the drawer tracks – they could be on the sides of the drawer or underneath.

photo of checking and removing drawer track to repair

If the dresser is super old, there might be no drawer tracks at all. Check the drawers that are not functioning properly and see what is different compared to the ones that are working fine.

If your old dresser drawers are hard to open, you can check out our tutorial on how to tackle this issue.

For wooden dresser drawers, the track might be snapped in two pieces, with a chunk missing, or even the entire track missing. There might also be a loose track because of a missing screw. And for metal tracks, there might be bent or missing parts.

photo of drawer track snapped in two pieces

Knowing what needs fixing will help you come up with the right solution.

Fixing Wooden Dresser Drawer Tracks

If the wooden track is broken into two pieces, just remove the drawer track by unscrewing the screws in the front and back.

The backs might be a bit tricky to remove, so you can try using a short screwdriver or a flexible screwdriver bit hooked to a drill to unscrew them.

Once that’s done, simply glue the broken track back together and use a clamp to hold it in place while the glue dries.

Check out the best glue for repairing wood furniture here. After about 24 hours, you can reattach the drawer track in its original position.

bonding the drawer track together using a wood glue and clamp

If the track is loose, you should check for any missing screws towards the front or back. If there is, find a suitable replacement screw (and make sure it is the right size) and use it to reattach the wooden track securely.

For any broken chunks of wood missing from the track, there might be a way to salvage it instead of replacing the entire track. Give it a shot by turning the track around and securing it back in place. You might need a Dremel multi tool saw to trim the track for a proper fit.

images of turning the track around and trimming with Dremel multi tool saw before securing it back in place

Alternatively, you can use Bondo or KwikWood to rebuild that area. Here’s our guide on how to fix a broken wood corner for more tips and tricks.

Get more information on how to repair broken wood here.

Now if the entire drawer track is missing, you will need to locate or create a new track as a replacement. Sometimes a simple piece of wood can suffice, but there are also drawer track replacements readily available.

photo of attaching new wood track replacement

There’s this vintage slides wooden drawer track and this hardwood center mount drawer slide you can check out. You can also find this convenient drawer track repair kit! It has a universal wood track design so it can accommodate almost any size and shape of drawer.

You may need to cut the new track down to size and make notches for proper fitting – again, the multi-tool saw will come in handy.

Fixing Metal Dresser Drawer Tracks

Personally, I don’t have a lot of experience with metal drawer tracks. But, I’d also start by checking out the tracks on the other drawers that are working fine. That way, you can figure out what needs to be fixed or replaced.

Metal drawer tracks often have bent parts or missing wheels causing them to malfunction. You’ll need to inspect the track closely to see where the issue is coming from.

If there’s a bend, try using pliers to straighten it out as much as possible. If the wheel is missing, I’m sure you can purchase a replacement track online or at a hardware store. Make sure to get one that matches the size and shape.

After fixing or replacing any damaged parts, give it a test run by sliding the drawer back and forth. It should glide effortlessly without any sticking or wobbling. If the old dresser drawers won’t slide, you may need to keep troubleshooting to see if there are other issues to tackle.

How long does it take to fix broken dresser drawer tracks?

The time it takes to fix broken dresser drawer tracks varies depending on how severe the issue is and the type of track that needs fixing. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the steps needed for repair.

If it’s a minor problem like a loose or misaligned track, it might only take a few minutes to fix by adjusting and securing it back into place.

However, if the track is completely damaged or needs to be replaced, the repair process could take a couple of hours. This involves disassembling, finding the right replacement parts, and carefully installing the new track to make sure it works smoothly.

allowing the glue to dry completely when attaching new drawer tracks

Fixing the drawer tracks means you might also be fixing old dresser drawers from falling out! So it is definitely worth the time and effort to get it done properly.

How can I prevent my dresser drawer tracks from breaking in the future?

To prevent your dresser drawer tracks from breaking, make sure to use them properly and avoid overloading them with heavy items. Regularly check for any loose or missing screws and replace them as needed.

You can also apply a thin layer of wax or lubricant on the track to reduce friction and keep things moving smoothly.

photo of applying wax to drawer track

Fixing broken dresser drawer tracks may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple once you know what to look for and how to fix it. Just remember to check the damage and try fixing the existing track before replacing it completely. 

And always make sure to properly maintain your dresser drawers to prevent any future issues.

How to Fix Broken Dresser Drawer Tracks

photo of nailing down new tracks for the dresser with text overlay

Learn the best methods on how to fix broken dresser drawer tracks with this DIY guide, covering both wooden and metal tracks. Learn the best methods on how to fix broken dresser drawer tracks with this DIY guide, covering both wooden and metal tracks.


  1. First, check if there are any broken or missing parts on the dresser drawer tracks.
  2. For wooden tracks, if the track is broken in two pieces, remove it and use wood glue to reattach it together. Use clamps to hold it in place while the glue dries, then reattach the track onto the dresser.
  3. If the wooden track is loose due to a missing screw, find a suitable replacement screw and reattach the track securely.
  4. For any broken chunks of wood on the track, try turning it around and securing it back in place. Alternatively, use Bondo or KwikWood to rebuild the missing piece.
  5. If the entire wooden track is missing, locate or create a replacement track by using a simple piece of wood or purchasing a drawer track replacement.
  6. Test the repaired track by sliding the drawer back and forth to make sure it moves smoothly without sticking or wobbling.

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