Wagner FLEXiO 595 vs 3500

For a more efficient painting process, you may want to use a paint sprayer on furniture. But there are many options out there, how do you choose the right one? In this comparison guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Wagner FLEXiO 595 vs 3500 models to help you decide which one is the better fit for your needs.

Wagner is a well known brand in the paint sprayer market. Let’s look into these 2 Wagner models that seem very similar to each other and find out how similar or different they actually are.

photo of Wagner FLEXiO 595 vs 3500 with text overlay

Paint sprayers are becoming increasingly popular among DIY-ers due to their ability to quickly and evenly coat surfaces with paint. Plus, they give a pro finish without those brush strokes or roller marks you get with traditional tools.

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If you’ve been considering the Wagner FLEXiO 595 and the Wagner FLEXiO 3500, you’ve come to the right place as we will dive into the details of these 2 models.

These 2 have different model numbers, but again, they look very similar. So if you’re wondering if they’re really any different, this guide will help you figure it out!

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Wagner FLEXiO 595 Sprayer

First off, the Wagner FLEXiO 595 is a paint sprayer that is designed to make your painting projects faster and easier. It is perfect for small to medium sized projects, making it a great choice for DIY-ers looking to tackle indoor or outdoor painting tasks.

photo of Wagner Flexio 595 spraying paint onto drawer

With its ability to spray 10X faster than using a brush, this sprayer will definitely help you save time and effort. This is great news for those who have a tight timeline or just want to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

One of the standout features of the FLEXiO 595 is its adjustable settings, which allow you to customize your spraying experience to fit your project needs. The adjustable flow control, spray width, spray pattern, and variable speed power dial give you the flexibility to get your desired finish.

The sprayer also comes with 2 nozzles – the iSpray nozzle for larger surfaces and the Detail Finish nozzle for more precise work. Plus, with its lightweight design, you won’t have to worry about getting tired or sore arms while using this sprayer.

Here’s my honest Wagner FLEXiO 595 review with my personal experience in using it. And check out our chalk painting end tables black makeover where we used Wagner FLEXiO 595.

Where to Buy Wagner FLEXiO 595

Wagner FLEXiO 3500 Sprayer

Now the Wagner FLEXiO 3500 is another popular model from the brand. Its X-Boost turbine allows you to spray unthinned paints and stains directly from the can, saving you time and effort in preparation.

photo of Wagner Flexio 3500 spraying paint onto furniture

The compact and lightweight design of the FLEXiO 3500 also adds to its appeal – making it easier to handle and reducing fatigue. This is especially helpful for longer projects where you may be spraying for long periods.

The sprayer is compatible with a variety of materials such as wood stain, semi-transparent stain, solid stain, and paint and primer – making it a versatile choice for all your painting needs.

Also, the sprayer includes a sturdy storage case to keep it safe when not in use. Cleaning up is super easy – just separate and rinse a few parts, and there are cup liners included for even simpler cleanup.

Where to Buy Wagner FLEXiO 3500

Check out our Wagner 3500 paint sprayer review for more of my thoughts and experience with this sprayer. Here’s our guide on how to use Wagner FLEXiO 3500 when you get yours!

Here’s the comparison of Wagner FLEXiO 3500 VS 590 to learn more about the differences and similarities of these two models.

Wagner FLEXiO 595 vs Wagner FLEXiO 3500

At first glance, the Wagner FLEXiO 595 and 3500 may seem like 2 different paint sprayers. However, upon closer look, it’s clear that these 2 models share many similarities. In fact, they are the same exact sprayer with the same specs and features!

And we can confidently say they are the same paint sprayer because we were curious and reached out to Wagner ourselves! We actually confirmed this with the brand and they clarified that the only difference between the FLEXiO 595 and 3500 is their model numbers.

Yes, these two are the same thing! Just with different labels depending on where you’re buying from.

They both have the X-Boost turbine, and the ability to spray unthinned paints and stains. This makes it easier for users to get started on their projects without having to thin the paint first.

photo of Xboost feature for both sprayers

These 2 sprayers also share a compact, lightweight design. Both the FLEXiO 595 and 3500 are designed to be easy to handle and reduce user fatigue. This makes them perfect for DIY projects where you may need to move around a lot or paint for an extended period of time.

Lastly, both sprayers come with 2 nozzles – the iSpray nozzle and the Detail Finish nozzle. This gives users the flexibility to spray different surfaces and get the desired finish without having to switch out nozzles or tools.

Plus, with their multiple adjustable settings, you can customize your spraying experience depending on the project at hand.

So when choosing between the FLEXiO 595 and 3500, you’ll get the same great performance either way!

photo of the iSpray nozzle and Detail Finish nozzle

Tips for Using Wagner FLEXiO Sprayers

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the Wagner FLEXiO 595 and 3500, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your sprayer.

  • Prepare your surface: Before starting, make sure to properly prep furniture for painting by cleaning and sanding as needed for a smooth and flawless finish.
  • Practice your technique: You should practice your spraying technique on a scrap piece of wood or cardboard before starting your project. This will help you get comfortable with the sprayer and adjust the settings before you start on your actual project.
  • Thin your paint: While the FLEXiO sprayers can spray unthinned paints, I still recommend thinning thicker paints for the best results. You can follow this tutorial on how to thin paint for a Wagner sprayer.
  • Clean after use: Properly cleaning your sprayer after each use will guarantee its longevity and prevent any clogs or damages. Check out our guide on how to clean a Wagner FLEXiO sprayer and how to clean Wagner FLEXiO 3500 here to keep your sprayer in top condition.
photo of tips for using Wagner FLEXiO Paint Sprayers

With these Wagner paint sprayer tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro at using Wagner FLEXiO sprayers!

Is there a difference in price between the Wagner FLEXiO 595 and 3500?

When it comes to price, there is not much of a difference between the Wagner FLEXiO 595 and 3500. Since they are the same paint sprayer with the same features and specs, their prices are also quite similar, if not the same.

However, it’s always a good idea to do some research and compare prices between different retailers. You may be able to find a better deal or discount on one model over the other.

Plus, some retailers may offer additional accessories or extended warranties, making it a better long term purchase. So be sure to do your research before making a decision!

Don’t stress about choosing between the two. Just go for whichever has the best deal or is more easily accessible to you.

Whether it’s the FLEXiO 595 or 3500, you can expect the same level of performance and ease of use since they are the same sprayer, just with different model numbers.

Here’s which Wagner FLEXiO is best? to find out which are the top picks from Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer series.

Whichever you choose, get ready to conquer all your painting projects with efficiency and a pro finish!

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