Can you Make Money Selling Furniture on Etsy?

If you’ve been wondering, “Can you make money selling furniture on Etsy?” you’ve landed in the right place. Not only is the answer a resounding “Yes!” but the potential for profit can also be surprisingly substantial. Etsy offers a fantastic platform for those who are flipping furniture for profit to showcase their creativity and reach a vast customer base.

Especially for those eye-catching, unique, larger pieces such as buffets or dressers, the potential revenue can easily exceed $1000, plus shipping costs. Let’s dive deeper into the captivating world of selling furniture on Etsy!

photo of Natalie and her furniture after makeover with text overlay

Before you dive in, it’s worth mentioning that while there’s definitely profit potential, selling furniture on Etsy requires a mix of creativity, marketing skills, and top-notch customer service.

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But hey, no worries! Whether you’re a seasoned furniture flipper looking to expand your customer base or a DIYer trying online sales for the first time, this guide has got your back.

We’ll cover everything from setting up your Etsy shop and creating great listings to tackling the complications of shipping large items. Ready to turn your passion into profit? Let’s do this!

Establishing a Customer Base

Living in a big city can be a major advantage when it comes to flipping furniture for profit. You’ve got a bigger population, which means more potential customers.

Your unique creations are more likely to catch the eye of prospective buyers just because there are so many people around. And in big cities, you’ve got a diverse mix of people with different tastes and styles, giving you a wider audience for your furniture pieces.

But what if you’re in a smaller city or town? No worries! That’s where Etsy really shines. With its global and national reach, Etsy helps you overcome the limitations of a local market and connect with millions of users nationwide (and worldwide if that’s what you want!).

It’s like having your own furniture store open to customers from every corner of the globe. You’re not just a local artisan anymore; with Etsy, you become a national entrepreneur.

To build your customer base, no matter where you are, it’s crucial to know your audience. Get to know their preferences, keep an eye on the latest trends, and stay connected with your customers on Etsy’s platform.

This will help you fine-tune your products and boost your shop’s visibility, making it easier for customers to discover you.

Last but not least, make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest Etsy policies. This will allow you to get your shop off to a good start and ultimately provide customers with the best possible experience.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of establishing a customer base, let’s move on to one of the trickiest steps when it comes to selling furniture: Shipping.

Shipping Furniture

When it comes to shipping larger items, the challenges can be intimidating. I vividly remember in 2017, when I thought about shipping furniture for the first time, I was scared out of my mind. But I wanted to grow my business, and I knew that it would do just that if I got out of the way.

photo of shipping out a large piece of furniture

You’ve got weight and size restrictions, as well as the packaging, of course! But don’t worry; we have plenty of resources available to help you figure things out. Here are some of our free helpful guides:

If you don’t want to waste time sifting through articles, we have a great how to ship furniture comprehensive guide that will walk you through shipping furniture, step by step by step. From how to package your furniture to what companies to use when shipping…We have it all covered.

Your goal is always to get your customers their furniture in one piece — safe and sound!

Make sure you take extra care with packaging so the item doesn’t get damaged in the delivery process. Blanket wrap furniture shipping is a great solution to make sure your pieces arrive safely and undamaged.

And don’t forget to include a tracking number on your shipments (if at all possible), so customers can track their item’s progress and also feel more secure about their purchase.

Learn more about How to Package Furniture for Shipping here.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of shipping let’s move on to creating great listings for your pieces!

Creating Quality Listings

If you want to make a living selling furniture, the key is creating quality listings. This means having beautiful photos that really show off your piece and detailed descriptions that give prospective buyers all the necessary info about your item.

If you’re new to Etsy and would set up a new seller account, you can get 40 free listings here.

When it comes to pictures of your furniture pieces, remember: you don’t need a professional camera or photoshoot setup. You just need natural lighting and a good styling.

Try different angles and a white background to give buyers an idea of what the piece looks like from every possible perspective. Get a few overall photos of your piece of furniture and some closeup photos to show more details of the piece of furniture.

sample shot of close-up image showing details and a different angle

In terms of descriptions, focus on features that you think will make your pieces stand out to potential customers. Don’t just list measurements — consider including special details about your item that sets it apart from other similar pieces on Etsy.

Don’t forget to include keywords that someone would use to find your piece of furniture in your title and description. This way, your item will show up easier for potential buyers when they are browsing through Etsy’s marketplace.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to start selling furniture on Etsy. With a bit of creativity and the right strategies, you can easily turn large pieces into major profit-makers – and have a lot of fun doing it!

You can check out and visit my Etsy furniture shop here!

Marketing Your Furniture

So now that you’ve established your customer base, know how to ship your furniture, and create great listings, it’s time to turn to marketing. To make sure people come across your shop when searching for furniture on Etsy, take advantage of various promotional features and tools like:

Social Media

You can create a dedicated brand page for your furniture flipping business on your favorite social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. This will help you reach even more potential customers and spread the word about your pieces.


Etsy also offers various advertising tools that can be used to increase exposure for your shop. You can create targeted ads on Etsy’s marketplace that are specific to items in your shop or use Google Ads to reach an even larger customer base.


Running promotions like discounts on shipping and certain pieces of furniture can help bring in new customers and also encourage existing customers to come back for more furniture.

The biggest takeaway here is that marketing your shop isn’t something you should overlook or take lightly! Yes, Etsy has a large customer base, but if you market your furniture yourself, you can reach even more people!

With the right strategies, you can easily increase your sales and get more people interested in buying furniture from you.

If you’re having struggles selling your pieces, here are some important tips on how to sell furniture fast.

Customer Service

Once you’ve started to get your shop off the ground, make sure that you maintain a high level of customer service. This means making sure that it’s easy for customers to contact you with questions and concerns and also responding quickly when they do.

It can be helpful to set up a dedicated email address or phone number for customer service inquiries so you can keep track of customer interactions more easily.

This will also help give customers the impression that your shop is reliable and trustworthy, which in turn will likely lead to more sales and happier customers!

If you have the question “Is selling furniture profitable?“, check out this inspirational story to get your answer!

So, now that you know all the basics for selling furniture on Etsy, it’s time to get started! With careful preparation and good marketing strategies, you’ll be able to turn this hobby into a profitable business. Have fun, and don’t forget to take lots of great pictures! Good luck!

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