Are you sick of only being able to reach local customers? 

Are you ready to reach more customers from across the United States but you are stumped when it comes to how to reach all those customers?? Then it sounds like it’s time to learn how to ship furniture!

Did I say “customers” enough yet? 😉

I’m teaching all about how I have been able to reach more customers outside of my usual delivery area, and how it completely blew up my business!

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I know, I know. Shipping furniture is sooo overwhelming. There are so many unknowns.

But shipping furniture across country doesn’t need to be that way.

Once I learned the tips and tricks about shipping I was able to get the confidence to start shipping. And once I shipped a few pieces, I felt like an old pro.

So I’m going to take you through all the steps to ship your furniture!

Step. By. Step.

I want you to be a success, and not just in your local community!

This is an ebook with 13 video tutorials for those with shipping questions who are ready to broaden their customer base across the U.S.

Or if you’re just curious about what goes into shipping furniture across the country, come join us!

This is the complete guide to conquer your shipping fears! I’ve done all the research and made the mistakes for you! Now it’s your turn to sit back, soak in all the short cuts and start shipping!

After purchase, you will have instant access to the ebook and videos. Click the link on the last page of the ebook to access the videos.

We cover:

How to list on Etsy to reach more customers!

Learn how to enter shipping costs for your Etsy listings!

-How to offer free shipping on Etsy.

-How to weigh furniture for shipping.

How to get a quote, and how to gather the information needed to get a quote!

What things to add to your shipping quote.

What are the best companies to use to ship furniture?

How to package furniture so it gets to your customer without damage!

What to do when something goes wrong!


So get ready to learn all you need to know to start shipping your furniture to brand new customers all over The United States!

Here is what others are saying!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Tracey Martin of Red Geranium Restorations

“I have followed Natalie for a LONG time.  I purchased her very first How To Ship Furniture Ebook, Iearned how to thin paint appropriately for use in a sprayer through a video she created and learned how to wrap drawers prior to spraying a dresser. 

She is talented, knowledgeable and so willing to share and help others so I was not surprised one bit that this upgraded How to Ship Furniture e-book was top notch.

Not only has she covered every base, but she provided so many minute details that one would never consider unless they had experienced it and her willingness to pass all that information on to us is amazing.  I am a very visual person so her photographs, not to mention her videos, are priceless to me. 

I truly believe if you need to know anything about shipping furniture, you’ll find it in this e-book or one of her videos.  She has definitely done all the hard legwork and removed much of the trepidation of shipping furniture for the first time.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Monte Thames of Cedar Creek Woodworks
“Wow!!! This tutorial was SO informative and complete!!!! It even covers starting an Etsy Store. We will be opening an Etsy store soon and shipping our furniture now that our fears of shipping have been quelled. SO worth the money!! Honestly, for work she put into it, it should cost more.” -Review from the 1st version


Will this be helpful for shipping in Canada?

Yes! While it is focused on shipping in the USA, the methods of shipping, the way to package, and the tactics are the same! The exact company that you end up shipping with may be a little different than what I recommend here, but most of the companies I use, service Canada as well.

Where can I access the 13 videos?

The videos can be accessed by clicking on the link on the very last page in the ebook.

Do you show how to wrap, box up and/or put furniture on a pallet?

YES! We have a video for each topic. One to show you how to wrap furniture to protect it while in a box or on a pallet. Another video to show how to best package furniture in a box. And another video on how to secure your furniture on a pallet so it doesn’t get damaged.

What are the other 10 videos about?

We broke the ebook down into 10 different sections. Then I sat down and chatted about every section while looking at the ebook. Plus, we go through the process of getting an online quote from many of the companies. These videos are filled with gold nuggets, even more information than in the ebook! But I broke them down into manageable videos so you don’t have to watch a straight 3 hour video.

Do you have an affiliate program I can join?

Want to share this Shipping Guide with others and make money while you’re at it? Click here to join our affiliate program and get paid every time your friends purchase their own copy of this guide!

What topics does this guide cover?

Here is a breakdown of our Table of Contents:

  • My Shipping Story (full of mistakes and worries!)
  • Listing on Etsy
  • How to Get a Shipping Quote
  • Packing Supplies
  • The 5 Best Shipping Companies (broken into different methods and furniture shipping companies)
  • Insurance, Policies and When Things Go Wrong
  • What I Currently Do
  • Step by Step Guide and Checklist

Within each shipping company section, we cover:

  • What type of furniture you can ship with them
  • How long it takes to ship
  • Their locations
  • How much it costs to ship with them
  • Break down and step by step how to package your furniture with that company
  • Pros and Cons
  • And individual companies that I use and trust

Can I get a physical book instead of an ebook?

This product is 100% digital. But, once you download the ebook, you can send it to your local printing store to get it made into a physical ebook. Or you could print it off at home.

I purchased the first version of this ebook. How do I get access to this new version?

First off, thank you so much for your continued interest and support! There is a special discount code for you on the page of the old video to get a deep discount on this new version.

The file with the link to the old video and the password to access that page was either emailed to you, or it’s in your Etsy purchases if purchased there.

The videos and the content in the guide are copyrighted. Please do not share any of this content. Thanks!

All sales are final and non refundable. Please note that this is a PDF guide and an online video tutorial. There will be no physical items sent through the post office. Please check your email for the files.