Benjamin Moore Advance Paint Review

Whether you’re looking to refresh an old dresser or revamp your kitchen cabinets, Benjamin Moore Advance Paint is a great type of paint for furniture and cabinets. Today we are sharing our Benjamin Moore Advance Paint review.

Overall, it is easy to use, with no need to thin it out or mix it with any other products. It doesn’t require a topcoat and provides excellent coverage over the surface you are painting. We’ll cover the pros and cons, as well as where to buy it. So let’s dive in!

spraying Benjamin Moore Advance paint onto furniture

It’s no wonder this paint is so popular; with its waterborne formula, it offers the durability of an oil-based paint with the convenience and ease of use of a water based paint. It will easily self-level, and adhere to your surface if you prepped it correctly.

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It can be used with a brush, roller or even sprayed for larger projects. Here are the best paint brushes for painting furniture, the best rollers for painting furniture, and the best HLVP paint sprayers for painting furniture.

Also, this paint comes in every color you can think of, and you can get it tinted at a store. With its versatility and ease of use, it’s no wonder people love using this paint for their projects.

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Properties of Benjamin Moore Advance Paint

Benjamin Moore Advance Paint has all the properties you’d want in a paint for furniture or cabinets. It is an easy-to-use, waterborne formula that acts like a water based paint when wet but dries to a durable oil finish.

stirring Benjamin Moore advance paint before pouring into the sprayer

It also offers great coverage with only one coat, but for a super smooth and professional finish, you’ll need two coats. Do not try to thin out the paint; it can prevent the paint from hardening completely.

And since it doesn’t require thinning, you can get started on your project quickly and easily.

When it’s dry, the paint has low odor and minimal toxins, so it’s perfect for using around people and pets. You can choose from a range of sheens, like Satin or High Gloss, to get the exact look you want for your furniture makeover.

And the coolest thing about it is that you can totally customize it to any color you can think of. Whether you want a deep blue nightstand or a bright yellow dresser, this paint has you covered.

You can look for color inspiration from these posts on the best painted furniture colors and painted furniture ideas.

Personal Experience with Benjamin Moore Advance

I recently used this paint to update two nightstands. I was very impressed with how well it sprayed and how easy it was to use!

painting end table with Benjamin Moore Advance paint using a paint sprayer

The dry time wasn’t an issue for me, as I sprayed one coat per day and then worked on other tasks in between coats. But if you have a deadline it could be problematic.

Having said that, I did have an issue with the paint not hardening properly after thinning it out for spraying. So make sure you don’t do this – if you need to spray, use a higher pressure setting and/or adjust your fan width!

If you are new to DIY projects and not familiar with using a paint sprayer here’s our blog post about how to use a paint sprayer on furniture.

You can read about my experience for more details on painting furniture with Benjamin Moore Advance Paint here.

Pros of Benjamin Moore Advance Paint

There are tons of advantages to using Benjamin Moore Advance Paint. You can tint it to any color you want, so you can get the perfect shade.

Here’s our blog post about what color furniture sells best to learn more about some tips for selecting hot-selling furniture colors.

You don’t even need a topcoat, although you’ll still need a primer like BIN shellac primer or STIX primer to make sure it sticks to the surface. Plus, it’s got those self-leveling properties that make coverage look flawless. How cool is that?

painting end table drawers with Benjamin Moore Advance paint using a paint sprayer

Check out your options for the best primers for painting furniture so you can pick the right one for your project.

The list of pros doesn’t end there: it is easy to use, can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on, has a low odor and minimal toxins for use around family and pets, comes in various sheens so you can get the perfect look and finish, and it isn’t overly expensive like other furniture paints can be.

  • Can be tinted to any color
  • No need for a topcoat!
  • Self-levels really well!
  • You can brush, roll, or spray it
  • It’s a waterborne paint that acts like water-based paint but dries like an oil-based paint
  • Super easy to clean!
  • Comes in Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss Sheens
  • Not too pricey like some other furniture paints can be!
  • Covers amazingly well!

Cons of Benjamin Moore Advance Paint

But hey, let’s talk about some drawbacks. The biggest one is that it has a 16-hour dry time between coats of paint, so you need to plan ahead and allow some extra time for the painting process.

Additionally, the paint is only available at locally owned stores, so you may have to do some searching if you don’t live close to one.

  • Wait for 16 hours between coats of paint
  • You can only get it at locally owned stores

Where to Buy Benjamin Moore Paint

If you’re on the hunt for Benjamin Moore Advance, you’ll only find it at locally owned stores. No worries though! Just head over to Benjamin Moore’s Store Locator page and you’ll get a handy list of all the stores near you that carry their products.

Once you’ve found a store that carries this paint, all you need to do is pick the color and sheen of your choice. Then get ready to start your furniture makeovers! Here are our best furniture makeover ideas for you to be inspired by.

If you’re after a paint that’s super user-friendly and leaves a long-lasting finish, Benjamin Moore Advance Paint is a solid choice.

This paint is a great option if you’re looking to paint furniture that is subject to frequent use like kitchen tables. Get more information in this post: “Is Chalk Paint Durable for Kitchen Table?”

Its waterborne formula has all the benefits of both oil and water based paints, plus it comes in various sheens so you can get just the right look and finish for your project.

It’s super convenient because you don’t have to thin it or use any other products, so you can get your project started in no time, and with ease! And the best part? It won’t break the bank like some other pricey paints out there.

photo of Benjamin Moore Advance paint in a can

Don’t forget to give each coat of paint a good 16-hour dry time – so make sure to plan ahead!

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