Wagner FLEXiO Not Spraying

Are you having trouble with your Wagner FLEXiO not spraying? We know the frustration that comes with malfunctions while using a paint sprayer on furniture. So we’re here to break down why this may be happening and how you can fix the issue in no time.

Don’t think that your paint sprayer is a lost cause just yet. Let’s troubleshoot the problem together and get your project back on track!

photo of Wagner Flexio not spraying any paint with text overlay

So you’re all set to tackle that DIY painting project with your trusty Wagner FLEXiO sprayer, but when you pull the trigger, nothing comes out!

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But before you throw your hands up in defeat and reach for a paintbrush, or stop the project altogether, let’s see what could be causing this problem. It could be an easy fix that you can handle on your own. And then you can go back to work and finish up your furniture makeover!

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Why Your Wagner FLEXiO Sprayer May Not Be Spraying

There are a few common reasons why your Wagner FLEXiO may not be spraying properly. Explore these possibilities and see if any of these could be the culprit:

Paint Sprayer Container isn’t Attached Securely

We know this may sound obvious, but it happens more often than you think. Sometimes just a slight misalignment or not screwing the container on all the way can cause issues with your paint sprayer.

photo of screwing the container onto nozzle

Make sure to check and double-check that your container is attached securely before starting any project. You can try taking it off completely and reattaching it again. The last thing you want is for your paint to leak out or worse, spill out all over your project or workspace. That is also a waste of paint!

If you find any issues with the container itself, it may need to be replaced before continuing your project. But if it seems to be attached properly, let’s move on to the next possible cause.

Paint Has Debris

Your paint may have debris in it that could be blocking the sprayer. It could be dried paint or any other foreign object that found its way into your paint. You could be spraying fine at first but then the paint suddenly stops coming out. This could be a sign that there’s something clogging your sprayer. You can also learn all about how to unclog a paint sprayer in this post!

So filter your paint before putting it in the sprayer, especially if you’ve had trouble with clogging in the past. You can use a paint filter or even a flour sifter to get rid of any debris.

photo of pouring paint into a container using a paint filter

This extra step makes your paint better for spraying and smoother for your furniture project. It’s definitely worth the few extra seconds of prep time.

Paint is Too Thick

Aside from debris in the paint, the next thing you should look into is the thickness of your paint. If it’s too thick, it could be why your Wagner FLEXiO is not spraying properly or at all.

photo of thinning paint

The Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer can handle thick paints, but I still recommend thinning your paints for better spray and finish.

If you continue to have issues with your sprayer not spraying paint, then you can empty your paint container and try water instead to see if it sprays. If it does, then your paint is definitely the problem. Follow our guide on how to thin paint for a Wagner sprayer to get it to the right consistency.

photo of spraying only with water to test wagner sprayer

If you’ve thinned your paint and it’s still not spraying, then keep reading!

Paint Sprayer Not Clean Enough

Now if you haven’t cleaned your sprayer thoroughly after its last use, that could be the reason we’re having the issue. It happens, we forget or miss a spot during cleaning. Or we think just rinsing it out is enough. Or that maybe your paint sprayer just needs a deeper clean than usual.

Whatever the case may be, go and take apart your Wagner paint sprayer and give it a really good cleaning. Here’s what to use to clean paint sprayer depending on the kind of paint or material you use.

Make sure to clean all the nooks and crannies, especially the tips. You can use small brushes for a more thorough cleaning. Check any dried paint or stubborn spots and make sure to scrub those out. Even the smallest clog can affect your spray pattern.

photo of cleaning major parts of the Wagner sprayer

After doing so, let everything dry completely then assemble your sprayer back together. Be sure that each piece is properly attached and screwed on tight. Give it a test spray using water to see if the cleaning worked. If so, then you are good to go back to painting your furniture! And remember, always clean your sprayer after each use to avoid any future issues.

For Wagner FLEXiO models, check out how to clean a Wagner FLEXiO sprayer here.

Clogged Pressure Tube

Speaking of Wagner FLEXiO, these specific sprayers have a pressure tube. This is a small clear tube that goes from the lid of the container to the tip of the sprayer. The container can’t build pressure to push the paint out if this tube is blocked in any way.

To fix this, you can simply remove the tube from one end and clean out any debris or dried paint with a small cleaning brush. You should also check this regularly, especially while cleaning, to make sure it’s not clogged.

photo of cleaning the pressure tube

Our post on Wagner Paint Sprayer troubleshooting can help you with more issues you might encounter with your paint sprayer.

Now that you’ve checked the causes and tried the steps to get your sprayer back up and running, hopefully you can continue your project without any more interruptions! Next time you run into Wagner FLEXiO not spraying again, you’ll already know what to look into.

Just remember to always clean your paint sprayer after each use, so it’s also always ready when you need it.

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