SurfPrep Sandpaper

Whether you’re a DIY-er or a pro furniture refinisher, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. And when it comes to sanding furniture, nothing beats the quality and versatility of SurfPrep and SurfPrep sandpaper.

In this blog post, learn about the different types of sandpaper available from SurfPrep, from their foam sanding pads to regular sandpaper abrasives, and how they can benefit your furniture refinishing projects.

photo of surfprep foam sanding pads with text overlay

SurfPrep specializes in providing high-quality sandpaper that can fit on its own line of sanders as well as for other brands of sanders.

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Whether you have a SurfPrep Sander, a Dewalt Orbital Sander, or a Festool Sander, you are sure to find the perfect fit for all your sanding needs with their extensive range of sandpaper options. Since I love them and use them so much, they gave me a coupon code for you to use!

Use code RAY10 to get 10% off your order of SurfPrep items! (not including the POV-8 Vacuum).

When it comes to refinishing furniture, using the right sandpaper is important. You want something that can effectively remove old finishes and prep your piece for painting or staining, without damaging delicate details or curves.

That way, you’ll end up with a flawless, long-lasting final result. This is where the SurfPrep’s sandpaper shines.

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Foam Sanding Pads

One of the most unique and highly recommended products from SurfPrep is their foam sanding pads.

photo of surfprep foam pads sanding curves of the furniture

These pads are designed to make sanding curved surfaces and details on furniture a breeze. They’re also perfect for scuffing surfaces and can even remove old finishes down to the raw wood.

Available in 1/2″, 10mm, and 5mm sizes, they offer varying levels of aggressiveness for different sanding needs. The 1/2″ foam pads are perfect for a gentle sanding process, while the 10mm and 5mm pads provide a more aggressive sanding option.

However, they still maintain the ability to effectively sand curves on furniture.

photo of surfprep foam sanding pads

In detail, the SurfPrep 1/2″ foam sanding pads offer the perfect balance of soft flexibility and effectiveness, allowing you to sand over profiles without cutting or burning through lines or finishes.

For those looking for a more aggressive option, SurfPrep’s 5mm foam sanding pads are the way to go. These pads offer excellent cutting power and they work well on cabinet or furniture building, especially in tight corners or edges where manual sanding is a challenge.

Learn more on how to sand in tight spaces here.

The 10mm version is similar to the 5mm one but made thicker.

Now these foam pads do tend to be a bit more expensive compared to regular sandpaper, so it’s best to use them wisely.

If you are using other sanders check out our blog post about foam sanding pads for electric sanders to help you decide which foam sanding pad is best for your next project.


  • Perfect for sanding curves and details
  • Available in different sizes and levels of aggressiveness to fit various sanding needs
  • Can be used for scuffing surfaces or removing old finishes down to the raw wood


  • More expensive than regular sandpaper

Regular Sandpaper Abrasives

Apart from their foam sanding pads, SurfPrep also offers a range of regular sandpaper abrasives. These include paper sheets, film sheets, and screen sheets. Each type has its own unique benefits and uses.

Paper Sheets

photo of surfprep paper sheet sanding abrasive

Paper sheets are the most budget-friendly choice when it comes to SurfPrep’s sandpaper abrasives. They’re perfect for prepping surfaces for staining because they create a consistent and uniform scratch on all types of surfaces.

Plus, the open coat construction allows for a speedy cut and longer lifespan.


  • Affordable
  • Effective in preparing surfaces for staining
  • Fast rate of cut and longer life


  • Doesn’t last as long compared to other sandpaper options

Film Sheets

photo of surfprep film sheet sanding abrasive

Film sheets are slightly more expensive than paper sheets, but they offer a longer lifespan and are less likely to clog. They’re perfect for leveling and finish sanding, providing a consistent finish and tear-resistant edges.


  • Longer lifespan
  • Less likely to clog
  • Provides consistent finish


  • More expensive than paper sheets

Screen Sheets

photo of screen sheet sanding abrasive

Screen sheets are SurfPrep’s most expensive sandpaper abrasive option, but they also have the longest lifespan. They’re great for leveling and finish sanding, and the cool ‘load-free’ coating means you can cut through it without any issue.

You don’t even need vacuum holes for clean sanding!


  • Longest lifespan
  • Doesn’t require vacuum holes for clean sanding
  • Fast rate of cut and longer life


  • Most expensive option
  • May not be necessary for all sanding needs

Other SurfPrep Pads

In addition to their foam and regular sandpaper options, SurfPrep also offers non-woven pads and buffing pads. These pads are not meant for sanding, but they can save you time and effort in the finishing stages of your furniture refinishing projects.

Non Woven Pads

photo of a non-woven Surfprep pad

SurfPrep’s non woven pads are awesome additions to your sanding toolkit.

These 3-dimensional and highly flexible pads offer a multitude of uses, from cleaning and scrubbing off gunk, defuzzing wood to scuff sanding between sealer coats.

With different levels of grit available, from very fine to ultra-fine, these pads can be used for a variety of sanding substrates such as wood, metals, plastics, and composites.

Plus, their non-abrasive option is perfect for use with cleaning compounds on any type of surface, without the risk of scratches.

Buffing Pads

Once you’re done sanding and refinishing your furniture, it’s time to give it a final touch with SurfPrep’s buffing pads. These pads are specifically designed for waxing, cleaning, and buffing surfaces to give them a beautiful shine.

They’re awesome for cleaning compounds on any surface! Just make sure to use a separate pad for each type of wax or compound to avoid any cross-contamination.

Just a heads up, when you’re using non-woven pads and buffing pads wet for cleaning, make sure your vacuum is off and the sander is completely dry before sanding dry materials. Don’t forget to blow out the sander regularly to keep it clean and debris-free!

Overall, SurfPrep offers a wide range of sandpaper and pads that are specifically designed to make for a smooth and efficient sanding process.

With their foam sanding pads for curves and details, regular sandpaper abrasives for different needs and budgets, as well as non-woven and buffing pads for cleaning and finishing touches, you can trust in the quality and effectiveness of their products.

So next time you’re refinishing furniture, don’t forget to reach for SurfPrep’s sandpaper options and see the difference for yourself!

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