How to Clean the Fuji Q4 Paint Sprayer

Cleaning your paint sprayer is one of the most important things to do to keep your sprayer working for a long time. Here’s the best way to clean a Fuji Q4 paint sprayer!

"how to clean an hvlp paint sprayer"

Each cleaning usually takes about 5-10 minutes.

It’s actually pretty much the same with all HVLP paint sprayers.

How to Clean a Fuji Q4 Paint Sprayer

  1. Rinse out the container
  2. Spray cleaning agent through it
  3. Spray water through it
  4. Disassemble the tip and needle areas
  5. Clean the small parts
  6. Let dry
Fuji Q4 Paint Sprayer

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Step 1: Rinse Out the Container

So, first I dump out any remaining paint from the sprayer’s container and put it back into the original paint container.

Then I rinse out the container, the suction tube, and the little filter at the end of the suction tube.

suction cup and filter on the suction cup

Step 2: Spray Cleaning Agent Through It

When it’s all rinsed out, I fill it with hot soapy water (for water-based products).

And then I spray the hot soapy water out of it and into a 5-gallon bucket.

Spraying hot soapy water gets all the paint out from the inside of the sprayer.

Step 3: Spray Water Through It

Then I spray clean water through the paint sprayer to rinse out the soapy water.

Step 4: Disassemble the Tip and Needle Areas

Then I remove the container and start taking the sprayer apart.

I unscrew the knob on the back that holds in the needle.

Loosen and remove the knob on the back

And then I unscrew and remove all of the little pieces on the front of the sprayer, including the tip, diffuser, and plastic seals.

You’ll need the wrench that came with the sprayer to unscrew the tip!

Closeup of 1.3mm tip of Fuji Q4 sprayer
Outer tip removed from sprayer
Using wrench included to get the tip completely off

Step 5: Clean the Small Parts

Then I rinse all of those pieces off and use a brush to get into the tip and any little spaces.

Fuji Q4 Paint Sprayer small pieces
little brushes to clean the small parts

I also make sure there isn’t any paint in the pressure tubes, and if there is I run water through the pressure tubes to get the paint out.

closeup of the pressure tubes

I don’t ever put the whole sprayer under running water!

If there is paint on the outside of the sprayer, I use a wet rag to rub it off as much as possible.

Step 6: Let Dry

And then I set everything on a towel to dry.

That’s it!

Once you get used to the sprayer and all of the pieces, it’s a really quick process!

Check out this video to see more about how to clean the T70 spran gun.

You can also read this post about how to clean the Wagner paint sprayer to get more of an idea.

The process is the same!

Learn everything you need to know about using the Fuji Q4 paint sprayer here.

The parts are the only thing that’s really different.

Best of luck!!

"how to clean an hvlp paint sprayer"

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