Best No Sand Furniture Paint

The types of paint for furniture have come a long way in recent years, and you can now still get a smooth and durable finish without any sanding at all. If you’re tired of spending hours sanding down furniture before painting it, and let’s be honest, who isn’t, then you’ll want to check out the best no sand furniture paint options on the market!

These paints not only save time and effort but also create a beautiful finish on your furniture. Keep reading to know your options and learn some tips on how to use no sand furniture paint successfully.

applying paint onto furniture without sanding

Let’s face it, sanding furniture is not a fun task. It can be time consuming, messy, and just an overall hassle. Between the dust getting everywhere and the effort required to smooth out every inch, it’s easy to see why many people dread it.

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Sanding also requires a bunch of supplies and tools, like sandpaper and sanders, which can add up in cost. You might not even be ready to invest in a sander yet, or maybe you just want a quick and easy option for painting your furniture.

So is it possible to skip the sanding process altogether? Well, you sure can! With the advancements in paint technology, you now have the option to use paint that can still work well on furniture without the need for sanding.

Best Furniture Paint without Sanding

If you’re starting out with furniture painting or just looking to save some time and effort, no sand furniture paint may be the perfect solution for you. Now let’s find out what the best no sand furniture paint is!

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Heirloom Traditions Paint

And the best furniture paint that needs no sanding is Heirloom Traditions Paint! It has excellent durability and adhesion, and it works exceptionally well even on slick or shiny surfaces like laminate.

heirloom traditions all in one paint

For Heirloom Traditions Paint color options, you’ll have plenty to choose from with its huge selection. So if you’re going for a fun pop of color, you’ll find what you need with this brand. And it dries to a beautiful satin sheen, giving your furniture an elegant finish.

Plus, you have the flexibility to apply Heirloom Traditions Paint using a brush, roller, or even spray it on. Go with whichever you’re most comfortable with or switch it up depending on your project.

However, keep in mind that if you choose to brush or roll the paint, there will be a textured finish. Heirloom Traditions Paint is not self leveling, so you’ll need to work around that. To create that smooth finish, you can check out how to paint furniture without brush marks here!

This paint is also one of the best all-in-one paints for furniture, so you can also skip applying a topcoat. However, for high traffic or outdoor furniture, you can seal it for extra protection. But if you don’t want to, the finish is still durable as is.

Check out our Heirloom Traditions All In One Paint review here for more details on this amazing no sand furniture paint! And here’s our guide on painting furniture with Heirloom Traditions Paint to get you started with it on your next project.

Where to Buy Heirloom Traditions Paint

General Finishes Milk Paint

Acrylic paint like General Finishes Milk Paint also does well for painting furniture without sanding. It adheres to surfaces tightly, though you really need to topcoat it if you want maximum durability.

One of the things that make General Finishes Milk Paint stand out, especially compared to Heirlooms Traditions Paint, is that it has self leveling properties. This means you can use a brush or roller and still get a smooth and less textured finish.

general finishes milk paint

So if you’re worried about brush marks with the Heirlooms Traditions Paint, you can switch to General Finishes Milk Paint and get a similar result. You still need to be careful with your brush or roller strokes, but it’s definitely more forgiving.

Here’s our General Finishes Milk Paint review and painting with General Finishes Milk Paint experience so you can learn more about what to expect with using this paint!

Where to Buy General Finishes Milk Paint

Tips for Using No Sand Furniture Paint

While using no sand furniture paint may save you time and effort, it’s important to keep in mind that not sanding can affect the overall quality of your project. You can learn more about what happens if you don’t sand before painting here.

But again, if you’re set on not sanding, one tip is to prime your furniture with a spray on clear shellac before painting. Sanding helps with adhesion, and since you’re skipping that step, using a primer will give the paint something to grip onto. Check out our best spray paint primer for wood post for more about using clear shellac as a primer.

spraying on clear shellac onto furniture

Another tip is to use thin coats of paint and let each coat dry completely before adding another layer. This will help prevent any drips or runs in your finish. And if you do end up with some brush marks, lightly sanding between layers can help minimize them.

Lastly, for furniture you will use a lot or keep outside, it’s still best to add a topcoat to make sure the paint is properly sealed and protected. This will also help with any potential chipping or wear and tear over time. Here’s our sealing painted furniture post to help you with choosing the right topcoat for your project!

applying topcoat onto furniture

So there you have it! Yes, you can simplify your painting process by using the best no sand furniture paint like Heirloom Traditions Paint or General Finishes Milk Paint. And as with any project, it’s important to prep, prime, and seal your furniture as needed so you get the best results.

We really do recommend sanding your furniture first before painting for the best adhesion and finish, but if time is of the essence, then don’t hesitate to try out these no sand options!

More Painting Furniture Tips

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