Best Furniture Paint for Smooth Finish

More likely than not, we want our painted furniture to have that smooth finish. But smoothness can vary depending on the type of paint for furniture used. This is why it’s important to choose the best furniture paint for smooth finish so you get exactly the flawless look you’re going for.

There are many factors to consider when painting your furniture, like type of wood, condition of the piece, and paint finish. All these can affect the final outcome of your project, and paint itself plays a big role. So if you want that smooth finish, let’s explore the many paint options available!

a smooth finish on furniture with text overlay

If you’ve ever tried to paint furniture, you know how frustrating it can be when the finish turns out less than smooth. It’s like a bad hair day, but for your furniture! It’s unsightly, it’s rough to the touch, and it just doesn’t give off that professional look you were hoping for.

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So using this type of paint for a smooth finish from the get go is a whole lot better. You won’t have to worry about sanding down uneven surfaces or trying to fix brush marks later on. You’ll save time and effort without having to go back and redo the whole thing.

It could also be just a matter of needing practice and using the right painting techniques for furniture, especially if you’re just starting out. Still, one thing’s for sure, using furniture paint that’s specifically formulated for a smooth finish can make all the difference.

And let’s not forget about the aesthetic appeal. A smooth finish on furniture just looks so much more polished and professional. Not only does it look great, but it also feels good to the touch. So you really want to use the paint that gives you the smoothest finish possible.

Best Self Leveling Furniture Paint

Self leveling paints are what we need – these paints are designed to level out on their own, and they dry to a smooth, even finish. Self leveling furniture paint takes the hassle out of painting and gives you that professional look without much effort.

There are many self leveling furniture paints in the market, and we’re listing our top picks, along with their features and performance.

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Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel

Let’s start with the Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel. First off, this is not the same as their regular emerald line – it has to be the urethane version for that smooth finish we’re looking for. You’ll want to pay attention to this detail when purchasing.

It’s available in matte, satin, and semi gloss sheens, so you have a lot of options on how you want your finished piece to look. You can also get them tinted to any color of your choice, making it versatile and customizable. Check out our Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel review to learn more about our experience with this paint.

painting Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel onto furniture

It’s easy to use – you can brush, roll, or spray it on. This makes it great for both beginners and experienced DIY-ers. Check out our recommendations for the best paint brushes for painting furniture, the best rollers for painting furniture, and the best HVLP paint sprayers for furniture. Having the right tools can help create a smoother finish too!

What sets the Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel apart is it doesn’t require using a topcoat for painting furniture. This saves us an extra step and makes the painting process even simpler. You get to save money as well, since you don’t need to buy a separate topcoat.

You can easily find this paint at any Sherwin Williams store – just check their website for store locations near you. And if going to the store is not an option for you, you can also order online. They have quarts, gallons, and even 5-gallon options, so you can choose the size that fits your project.


  • Easy to use – can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on
  • Available in matte, satin, and semi gloss sheens
  • Can be tinted to any color of your choice
  • Does not require a topcoat
  • Available in different sizes (quarts, gallons, 5 gallons)
  • Can be purchased online or in-store


  • Requires specific version (urethane) for smooth finish
  • Only available at Sherwin Williams stores

General Finishes Milk Paint

Another easy to use self leveling paint is General Finishes Milk Paint. It sticks very well to wood and finished wood surfaces, so you can be sure that your painted furniture will have a long lasting finish. It can also be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on, depending on your preference.

using general finishes milk paint to paint furniture

However, one downside to this paint is that it has a limited color selection. It only comes in an eggshell finish as well. So if you’re looking for a specific shade or a different sheen, this may not be the paint for you. And you will need to topcoat it for the best durability.

But don’t let that stop you – this paint still gives a smooth finish even without a topcoat. Using a topcoat just adds an extra layer of protection against wear and tear, so it’s still a good idea to use one.

You can purchase General Finishes Milk Paint online, but there may be a few local stores that carry it as well. So it’s fairly accessible, and you can easily order it from the comfort of your own home.


  • Sticks well to wood and finished wood surfaces
  • Can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on
  • Easy to purchase online or in a few local stores


  • Limited color selection
  • Only available in eggshell finish
  • Requires a topcoat for best durability

Here’s our General Finishes milk paint review to learn more about the pros and cons of General Finishes Milk Paint so you can better decide if it is the right paint for you!

Paint Couture Paint

Paint Couture Paint is similar to the General Finishes Milk Paint above. It’s also an easy to use self leveling paint that works well on wood and finished wood surfaces. You can also brush, roll, or spray it depending on your preference.

One advantage of Paint Couture is its wider range of colors to choose from compared to General Finishes. However, the selection is still quite limited, so you may not find the exact shade you’re looking for. And this paint also only comes in an eggshell finish.

You’ll need to purchase Paint Couture Paint online, as it’s not commonly found in local stores. However, you can check their website for a list of retailers near you that may carry this brand. This way, you can conveniently order from the comfort of your own home or find a nearby store to visit.


  • Works well on wood and finished wood surfaces
  • Can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on
  • Wider range of colors compared to General Finishes
  • Can easily order online or find a retailer near you


  • Limited color selection
  • Only available in eggshell finish
  • Not commonly found in local stores

How to Get a Smooth Finish on Painted Furniture

We’ve settled on the best self leveling furniture paints, but what more can we do to guarantee a smooth finish on our painted furniture? First, you need to make sure to sand your surface smooth before painting. Sanding before painting helps remove any imperfections and helps the paint adhere better.

Of course, you need to use a high quality self leveling paint, but you also need to make sure you have high quality tools as well. Most if not all the paints mentioned above can be applied with a brush, roller, or paint sprayer, so choose the method you’re comfortable with. You can also try these different tools and see which one works best for you and the project at hand.

If you find that your painted furniture has some texture, don’t worry. Just sand between coats of paint to smooth it out. Just let the paint dry completely before doing so, and use a fine grit sandpaper. While self leveling paints do a great job, there can still be some imperfections that need to be smoothed out.

sanding in between coats of paint for a smoother finish

Best Paint Roller for Smooth Finish on Furniture

Using rollers on furniture can be tricky, especially if you want a smooth finish. They do leave some texture behind, but with the right roller, you can minimize it. So if you’re more comfortable using a roller, check out the options below!

using sherwin williams mohair roller to apply paint onto furniture

When it comes to creating a smooth finish, the Sherwin Williams mohair rollers and the 1/4-inch white woven mini paint roller are two great options. While they may be slightly more expensive than other rollers on the market, their durability and ability to create a smooth finish is totally worth the extra cost in my opinion.

My favorite roller of these two options for a smooth finish is the Sherwin Williams Mohair Roller. Its smaller nap and durable material helps create a smooth surface with minimal shedding. You’ll have to get it at a Sherwin Williams store, but if you’re also getting the Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel paint above, then you’re already there!

Another great option is the 1/4-inch white woven mini paint roller. It has a slightly longer nap, but still creates a smooth finish and can get into details better than the Sherwin Williams one. However, it may shed more – a workaround would be to wrap painter’s tape around it before using it to catch any loose fibers.

white woven mini paint roller for painting furniture

Best Paint Brush for Smooth Finish

And if you’re more confident using a paint brush, not to worry! We’ve got some awesome options for you as well. There are Staalmeester, Cling On, and Country Chic Paint’s paint brushes, all of which are known for creating a smooth, brush free finish.

best brushes known for creating a smooth and brush free finish

Staalmeester paint brushes are made with a mix of natural hair and synthetic bristles, allowing them to easily create a brush free finish. They hold a lot of paint, so you won’t have to keep reloading your brush.

Meanwhile, Cling On paint brushes are made with nylon bristles and work well for that brush free finish. They are easy to clean and don’t shed, making them a reliable option for multiple projects. And the Country Chic Paint oval paint brush is a perfect choice for getting into tight spaces and details. It’s made with synthetic bristles and gives you a smooth, even finish.

These brushes are pricier than your average paint brush at around $25-$40 each, but if you’re set on brushing and want a flawless finish, they are definitely worth the investment. Plus, they can be used over and over again without shedding or losing their shape.

How to Get a Smooth Finish with Spray Paint

If you’ve decided to paint furniture with a sprayer, there are a few more things to consider. You might want to invest in a high quality paint sprayer like the Wagner FLEXiO 595 sprayer. This paint sprayer is great for beginners and experienced DIY-ers alike. Check out our Wagner FLEXiO 595 review to know its features and see it in action, along with our personal thoughts on this sprayer.

You’ll also need to thin the paint a little, especially if you’re working with thicker paints. Doing so helps the paint spray smoothly and evenly. Here’s how to thin paint for a Wagner sprayer for a step by step guide. You can also prevent any clogs or uneven spraying by using a paint strainer or filter to catch any debris that may be in the paint.

best practice to paint a smooth finish with a paint sprayer

It’s also important to apply paint in thin coats, building up the layers gradually. This helps prevent drips and runs, resulting in a smoother finish. You can just adjust the spraying pattern and pressure to get those thin layers.

Last but not least, you also need to consider the environment you’re working in. Filter the air or choose a clean and well ventilated area to prevent any debris from getting into the paint as you spray. If not, these particles can create a bumpy surface and ruin that smooth finish we’re trying to get. So remember to prep your workspace for the best results.

Get your furniture ready, grab the best furniture paint for a smooth finish, and don’t forget those good quality tools. With this combo, you can easily transform any furniture into a beautiful, flawless, and professional looking piece.

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