SurfPrep Vacuum POV-8 Review

The SurfPrep Vacuum is a powerful and efficient dust collection system designed to capture even the smallest particles of sawdust and debris. If you are a professional woodworker or just do it for fun, this vacuum will help you keep your work area clean and safe.

With easy connection to your SurfPrep sander, and features like automatic start/stop when your sander starts/stops, an anti-static hose, a HEPA-M filter for extra dust control, a self-cleaning filter, large wheels for rolling over cords easily, storage space on top, and more – The SurfPrep Vacuum has all the modern features of a dust collection system without sacrificing performance.

surfprep vacuum pov-8 review

Plus their customer service is highly rated by customers, so it’s easy to see why many choose SurfPrep for sanding!

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The SurfPrep Vacuum is also very user-friendly. It’s easy to set up and use, with simple controls for you to quickly adjust the power settings of your vacuum.

Also, the vacuum itself is quieter than other vacuums – so you don’t have to worry about too much noise while you work!

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How the SurfPrep Vacuum POV-8 Works

The SurfPrep Vacuum POV-8 was built to collect and contain dust from sanding. This machine has a HEPA-M filter that traps dust in the air and an automatic self-cleaning feature.

It has a powerful motor that can be adjusted to different settings depending on how much power you need. And it has an anti-static hose that helps suck up all the tiny particles in the air.

What You Can Use the SurfPrep Sanding Vacuum For

The SurfPrep Vacuum POV-8 is perfect for sucking up dust that comes from sanding. It can be hooked up to your sander for things like sanding furniture, cabinets, floors, doors, and much more.

It’s also great for keeping your workspace clean – whether you’re a professional or you’re doing this just for fun.

Just attach your SurfPrep sander to the hose and plug the sander into the vacuum. Check out our honest review on the SurfPrep sander here.

We also go into detail about the many features and benefits of the SurfPrep Electric Ray 3×4″ Sander here.

surfprep sander attached to surfprep vacuum hose

You can also use the hose to suck up dust around your workshop. Depending on what sander you have, you may be able to find an adapter that will connect your sander to the hose.

My Experience With the SurfPrep Vacuum

I personally used a RIDGID Shop Vac hooked up to my 3×4″ SurfPrep sander so I could use my sander indoors since 2018.

I bought this SurfPrep POV-8 Vacuum in 2022 when they were brand new because of the HEPA-M filter, the anti-static hose, and the automatic start/stop.

Overall, I love using the vacuum! I love the automatic start/stop feature so I don’t have to walk over to the vacuum when I’m done sanding.

It is also quieter than my shop vac, and it sucks better than the shop vac does.

sanding furniture with surfprep sander attached to surfprep vacuum

When sanding with the shop vacuum, I don’t have an anti-static hose, so I get shocked occasionally, especially when sanding things like Bondo.

I could have wrapped a wire around the hose and had it touch the floor to prevent the shocks, but I never got around to it… It was an annoyance, but not a huge deal.

I LOVE not getting shocked with the anti-static hose that came with SurfPrep. But, this hose easily gets tangled up and twisted up.

I have a Festool hose that I bought after this SurfPrep vacuum, and it does not get tangled up or twisted up.

I find the SurfPrep hose always coiled up when I want it to be straight, or I just find myself trying to get it to do what I want.

I never have to worry about that with the Festool hose hooked up to my shop vac.

The biggest issue I have with the SurfPrep Vacuum is using it with a brush attachment to suck up dust after sanding or cleaning the dust inside of my furniture projects with it.

There are no brush attachments that fit snuggly onto the end of the hose, and there are no connectors to make them fit snugly.

So, I have a brush attachment that sits over the end of the hose and easily falls off if I don’t hold onto it.

holding a brush attachment that sits on the end of the hose

SurfPrep told me that they were working on a solution though!

It took a little bit to get used to the larger wheels on the back of the vacuum because it doesn’t move any way that I want. They only go straight.

But the large wheels easily roll over cords. My shop vacuum with the small wheels can not roll over cords at all.

The small wheels on the front of the SurfPrep vacuum help the vacuum to turn. It just took me a little bit to get used to it.

I personally do not have a Festool dust collector, which are pretty similar to this SurfPrep Vacuum. But from the reviews I have read, Surfprep and Festool vacuums each have their own pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of the SurfPrep Vacuum

Just like anything, the SurfPrep Vacuum has its pros and cons. But, I think you’ll see that there are a lot more pros than cons here. And that’s not because I’m trying to sell you on it.

I want you to make an informed decision if this vacuum is right for you, or if something else will work better.


  • Automatic start/stop when your sander starts/stops (also has a manual on/off switch)
  • Comes with a LONG anti-static hose
  • Quieter than other shop vacuums
  • HEPA-M filter to protect your lungs better
  • Automatic Self Cleaning Filter so you don’t have to clean it yourself
  • Larger back wheels to roll over cords easily
  • Small storage space and handle on top
  • Can connect Systainers T-LOC boxes on top (Festool’s containers work as well!) making it so you can use your vacuum as storage
  • Easily connects to the SurfPrep sanders
  • Can be used as a wet vacuum as well
  • SurfPrep’s customer service is top-notch! (I’ve had them call me when my order didn’t look right. Or let me know that I was buying extra parts that I didn’t need.)


  • The hose gets tangled and twisted easily
  • No brush attachment or connector for typical brush heads
  • And of course, the SurfPrep Vacuum is expensive (at the time of writing, $699)

It’s up to you to weigh these pros and cons and decide if the features are worth the price point.

What Comes With the SurfPrep Vacuum

The vacuum comes with a 16-foot static conductive hose (longer than the SurfPrep sanders’ cord), the adapters that connect the hose to SurfPrep sanders, 5 replacement dust collection bags, and the adapter that connects the hose to the vacuum.

surfprep vacuum with a 16-foot static conductive hose, adapters and 5 replacement dust collection bags

You can purchase this Dual User Vacuum kit to turn your vacuum into a Dual User Vacuum (you can hook 2 sanders to it at once).

Where to Buy the SurfPrep Sanding Vacuum

The SurfPrep POV-8 Vacuum is easily available on SurfPrep’s website.

They do not allow coupon codes to be used for the vacuums at this time, but you can use my code RAY10 to get 10% off your accessories, sanders, tools and abrasives.

Who Should Buy the SurfPrep Vacuum

If you sand a lot or if you have to sand indoors, I would highly recommend a dust collection system. Your health is important, and the features make life easier.

But, if you are just getting started and only sand a few times a year, I would hold off. There is no need to buy an expensive dust collection system right off the bat.

You can find a cheaper solution with the RIDGID shop vac setup I talk about in this post about what you need to get started with a SurfPrep sander.

The SurfPrep POV-8 Vacuum is a great investment for anyone who sands frequently or needs to sand indoors.

It offers features that will protect your lungs and make life easier, like the automatic start/stop when your sander starts/stops, HEPA-M filter, self-cleaning filter, larger back wheels to roll over cords easily and more.

However, if you are just getting started with woodworking and only need to do some occasional sanding then there may be other cheaper solutions available.

Ultimately it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of this vacuum against its price point in order to decide whether or not it is right for you.

Closeup of surfprep vacuum features

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