Honest SurfPrep 5″ Orbital Sander Review

If you’re a DIY furniture painter or refinisher, then you probably know how important having the right tools are. One such tool is a power sander. But is the SurfPrep 5″ orbital sander right for you?

I have the 3″x4″ SurfPrep sander, and I LOVE it.

surfprep 5" orbital sander

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The SurfPrep 5″ sander comes in either a 3/16″ orbit or a 3/32″ orbit. The 3/32″ orbit is the sander that I have, and according to SurfPrep, it’s the less aggressive option, so it doesn’t cut as fast.

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I bought this 5″ Orbital Sander after my Dewalt 5″ orbital sander gave out on me. I have had this sander for about a year now, and I think it’s a good sander. I’m still on the fence about it.

Let’s take a closer look and find out if it’s right for you, though!

SurfPrep 5″ Orbital Sander Performance

Recently I compared the 5″ orbital sander to my SurfPrep 3×4″ sander. I set a timer and sanded 1 side of a painted dresser with 1 sander, and stopped when the timer went off.

removing paint from a dresser using a surfprep 5" orbital sander

I repeated the same process with the other sander on the other side of the dresser. Both sanders removed about the same amount of paint. But the 3×4″ sander took the lead by a small amount.

I also couldn’t get into the corners of the dresser with the 5″ orbital, but I could with the 3×4″ sander.

You can read more about the comparison and see photos of it here in my post about the best sanders to remove paint. Or watch the comparison in my YouTube video here.

Pros of SurfPrep 5″ Orbital Sander

The first thing that stands out about this sander is its weight; at only 2.5 lbs, it’s one of the lightest sanders on the market. Overall, it’s also a little smaller than some other 5″ orbital sanders.

This means less fatigue for your arms when tackling large projects. Speaking of fatigue, it also doesn’t vibrate as much as other 5″ orbital sanders do.

Check out the best orbital sanders here.

an adapter to connect sander hose to a shop vacuum

It also connects to a shop vacuum with an adapter so that dust collection is easier and more effective than ever before. Check out my SurfPrep Vacuum POV-8 review here to learn all about it.

It comes with a 1-year warranty which will give you peace of mind should anything happen to it within the year.

top view of the surfprep 5" orbital sander

If you need a sander with variable speed adjustments, the SurfPrep 5″ orbital sander has you covered with 4 different speeds.

And finally, it’s built well and feels sturdy in your hands; no need to worry about this machine coming apart after some hard use.

side view of the surfprep 5" orbital sander

Cons of SurfPrep 5″ Orbital Sander

That said, there are some drawbacks to this sander. For starters, it isn’t necessarily faster when removing paint or stain from furniture surfaces than other sanders on the market.

comparison of surfprep 3x4" sander and surfprep 5" orbital sander on how much paint is removed from a dresser

Also, it’s a pretty expensive sander compared to some of its competitors.

And finally, because it has a round pad instead of a square or rectangular pad like the SurfPrep 3×4″ Sander has, getting into corners is more difficult.

surfprep 5" orbital sander can't get into corners of furniture

Where to Buy SurfPrep 5″ Orbital Sander

SurfPrep’s Website is the best place to buy the SurfPrep 5″ orbital sander. Use code RAY10 to get 10% off your order! They offer fast shipping and great customer service.

Final Thoughts on SurfPrep 5″ Orbital Sander

Overall, it’s a great sander, but it has some drawbacks. Like I said, I’m on the fence about it.

I wish I would have ordered the more aggressive version with the 3/16 orbit (which translates to about a 4.5mm orbit… which is 1.5mm orbit more aggressive than the 3×4 sander.)

I think I would be happier with it since I’m really looking for a more aggressive sander than what I already have.

If you’re looking for a powerful orbital sander, check out my Festool Rotex 125 review here.

I know that it is a better, lighter machine than the cheaper options you find in stores today. So I’m happy to have it.

But if it’s going to be a stretch on your budget, I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend the 3×4 sander more! It’s so much more versatile and can get into corners easier.

Or even the Festool RTS 400 REQ. Check out our SurfPrep VS Festool sander reviews here.

Here’s an in-depth Festool RTS 400 REQ Sander Review to learn more.

If you want to learn more about the different types of sanders for furniture, check out my post for more information.

Is this sander right for you?? Or would you rather spend your money on something else? Let me know in the comments!

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