Festool Rotex 125 Review

If you’re a DIY-er looking for woodworking or furniture painting tools and supplies, the Festool Rotex 125 is definitely worth checking out. This powerful tool is designed to provide precise and fast sanding performance with excellent results. In this Festool Rotex 125 review, we’ll look at how this sander can help you create a professional finish on all your woodworking projects.

The Festool Rotex 125 is an excellent sander for refinishing furniture projects, woodworking and any other task that requires a reliable and powerful sanding tool. We’ll explore its features and performance along with its pros and cons.

Photo of Festool Rotex 125 with text overlay

When it comes to refinishing furniture and large wood projects, choosing the right sander is essential. You want something that is powerful enough to remove the old finish quickly and efficiently.

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You might not know it yet, but a sander with variable speeds comes in very handy as well so that you can adjust the power of the sander depending on how rough or delicate the surface is. You can check out the different types of sanders for furniture here to get an idea of what’s out there.

The Festool Rotex 125 sander is one of the top-of-the-line sanders out there, specially designed for tasks that require fast and powerful sanding, but also needs regular fine sanding.

This gear-driven sander outperforms regular orbital sanders due to its speed and efficiency when it comes to sanding old finishes or smoothing rough wood. But, it also has the capability to be just a regular orbital sander as well.

We will also compare it with the Festool RTS 400 REQ sander, a 3×5 inch rectangular orbital sander, to see how it stacks up. Let’s get started!

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Festool Rotex 125 Initial Thoughts

The Festool Rotex 125 comes in a high-end cardboard packaging with all the necessary components neatly organized inside.

It also includes an instruction manual and a heavy duty storage box that can be stacked with other storage boxes for easy transportation and organization of your sanding tools.

Setting up the Festool Rotex 125 is relatively simple. All you have to do is plug the power cord into the sander, connect it to a vacuum hose for dust collection and you’re good to go!

In terms of performance, the Festool Rotex 125 sander has two settings: coarse and fine. When set on “coarse”, it is a gear driven sander that sands aggressively. When set on “fine”, it operates just like any regular orbital sander.

photo of coarse and fine settings button located on top of the sander

Additionally, the Rotex 125 also has speed settings, depending on the material you are sanding and how gentle you want it to be.

Festool Rotex 125 Sander VS RTS 400 REQ Sander

The Festool Rotex 125 sander is a gear-driven, dual-mode tool that offers both coarse and fine sanding options. In contrast, the RTS 400 REQ is a regular orbital sander with variable speed settings. These two are the best Festool Sander for furniture.

I tested both sanders on an end table, which had a partially worn finish all across the top.

photo of Festool Rotex 125 and RTS 400 REQ sanders

The Rotex 125’s aggressive setting made quick work of removing the old finish in 1 minute and 11 seconds, while the RTS 400 REQ took longer and required more passes to get the same result, in 2 minutes and 31 seconds!

The Rotex 125 took less than half the time the RTS 400 REQ took to sand the same tabletop! Imagine if you have a large project, with a lot of finish to remove! That time savings can really add up!

Granted, if you have a lot of corners to sand into, the shape of the RTS 400 REQ sander works way better, as it is a rectangle instead of a square. You simply cannot get into corners with the Rotex 125 sander just because of its shape.

Check out our honest Festool RTS 400 REQ sander review to learn more about the pros and cons of this sander.

festool RTS sander working better for furniture with corners

If you’re looking for other sander options, here’s our list of the best sanders for furniture.

Handling and Power

The Festool Rotex 125 sander is designed with ergonomics in mind. The grip is comfortable and there is plenty of space for holding onto the sander to provide excellent control when using the tool.

It is slightly heavier than other sanders, coming in at 4.4 lbs, compared to the RTS 400 REQ sander coming in at 3.4 lbs, but, with the extra power, I’m kind of surprised it’s only an extra 1 pound!

festool rotex 125 sanding the top of the furniture

Additionally, the Rotex 125 sander has a powerful motor that can handle even the toughest sanding tasks. It is suitable for all types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods, as well as both rough and delicate surfaces.

Pros and Cons of Festool Rotex 125 Sander

The Festool Rotex 125 sander has many pros that make it a top choice for wood projects. Its dual-mode sanding option allows for both aggressive and gentle sanding depending on your needs, making it versatile and efficient.

The speed settings also add to its versatility, allowing you to adjust the power of the sander according to the material you’re working with.

close-up photo of speed settings of rotex 125

On the other hand, one of the cons of the Rotex 125 is its higher price point compared to regular orbital sanders. As a high-end brand, it may not be an affordable option for everyone.

Check out the best orbital sanders here.

Additionally, the aggressive sanding mode can be too powerful for delicate surfaces like veneer or details, making it crucial to use the fine sanding mode and adjust the speed accordingly.

Please note that this sander is very powerful in coarse mode and needs to be held with 2 hands to control the sander, or else it jumps around.

I personally can’t decide if this is a pro or a con for me. It means that I don’t have to sand for as long, and I don’t get bored waiting for the sander to do its job because I have to pay close attention to it. But, I’m sure that it could get tiring after a while.


  • Dual-mode sanding option for versatility
  • Adjustable speed settings for different materials
  • Has a vacuum port for excellent dust collection
  • Comfortable grip for easy handling
  • Powerful motor for all types of wood and surfaces


  • Higher price point compared to regular orbital sanders
  • Aggressive sanding mode can be too powerful for delicate surfaces
  • Fine sanding mode and speed adjustments may be necessary for delicate surfaces

Where to Buy

You can get your hands on the Festool Rotex 125 sander and all their awesome products straight from their official website or authorized retailers.

You can also find them on online platforms like Amazon, where you can score free shipping and check out customer reviews to make a smart choice.

Festool is renowned for its top-notch and innovative tools that do come with a higher price tag. You won’t often find Festool products on sale, as their prices stay consistent across different retailers. But consistency is key when it comes to quality!

Get more information on the three models of Festool Rotex sanders here to make sure your investment is worth it.

When you invest in a Festool item, rest assured that you’re getting an exceptional tool. If you’re looking for Festool compatible sandpaper, check out this post for all your options.

Here’s our list of SurfPrep foam pads for Festool that will work with your specific Festool sander model!

The Festool Rotex 125 sander is truly a game changer in the world of power tools. Its unique design and features make it stand out from other sanders and is totally worth adding to your collection if you are stuck sanding wood a lot.

Check out this comparison between Rotex Sander vs Orbital Sander to have a better understanding of which type of sander is right for your needs.

With its dual-mode sanding option, adjustable speed settings, and powerful sanding abilities, it’s the ultimate choice for furniture refinishing or any sanding tasks. Yeah, it might cost a bit more, but trust me, the quality and efficiency totally make it worth the investment.

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