Funny Valentine’s Day Signs

Are you tired of dull Valentine’s signs? Why not spice up your decor with funny Valentine’s Day signs? They’ll not only add humor to your home but also make your guests smile.

Here are some hilarious Valentine’s Day decor ideas to help you celebrate this month of love in a lighthearted and fun way. Get ready to spread some love and laughter this holiday with these creative and witty signs! So keep reading and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

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Valentine’s Day can often be associated with cheesy and overly romantic gestures, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it too seriously.

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With these funny signs, you can add a touch of humor and playfulness to your Valentine’s celebrations. Plus, they make for great conversation starters and photo opportunities.

Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between, these funny Valentine’s Day signs are sure to bring a smile to your face.

From puns and jokes to clever quotes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Hang them up in your home, or office, or even give them as a gift to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Don’t settle for boring decorations this Valentine’s Day, let these signs bring some laughter and joy into your life! 

What are creative ways to display funny Valentine’s Day signs?

Here are a few ideas to display your funny Valentine’s Day signs:

  • You can prop them up on a mantle or bookshelf, creating a charming display that adds a touch of personality to any room.
  • Hang them on the wall or door to make a statement and greet guests with style.
  • Or, if you’re feeling fancy, showcase them on a table as part of a captivating centerpiece, drawing attention and sparking some fun conversations.
  • To make your signs stand out, get creative with materials like chalkboards, wooden boards, or frames, adding unique touches that reflect your individuality.

Embrace the joy of crafting and let your personality shine through in every detail. Just remember to keep it light and playful to keep the laughter going and create a delightful atmosphere.

Check out our list of Valentine heart signs if you want to bring joy and love to any space. If you’re going for a farmhouse or rustic look, check out these wooden love signs for more inspiration!

And here’s our guide on how to make DIY Valentine door decorations if you want to add personalized Valentine decor to your door!

How can I add humor to my Valentine’s Day decor?

You can add humor to your Valentine’s Day decor by adding funny signs with clever puns, jokes, or quotes. These signs bring a fun vibe to the holiday and serve as awesome conversation starters.

Also, you can personalize these signs for your special someone or friends to make them extra unique and meaningful. Check out these hilarious signs to spice up your Valentine’s Day celebrations:

  • “Love is in the air? Nope, that’s just gas.”
  • “All you need is love… and maybe some chocolate.”
  • “I love you more than pizza. And trust me, that’s saying a lot.”
  • “Cupid called. He wants his arrow back.” 
  • “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye.”
  • “You’re my lobster.”
  • “I like you more than I originally planned.” 
  • “I chews you.” (with a picture of gum)

With these funny and creative signs, you can turn your Valentine’s Day into a fun and laughter-filled occasion. So don’t be afraid to let your sense of humor shine this holiday!

For more Valentine’s sign creative ideas, check out these signs for Valentine’s Day and signs about love! If you want to make your own Valentine’s sign with a touch of cuteness, here’s our guide on how to make a cute Valentine’s sign!

For a unique decor piece that will stand out among traditional Valentine’s decorations, here’s our I Love You wood sign! We also have a list of rustic Valentine decor if you’re a fan of warm tones and natural textures!

Plus, you can transform your home into a love filled paradise without breaking the bank with these cheap Valentine’s Day decor!

More Valentine’s Decor Ideas

If you’ve already checked out our collection of funny Valentine’s Day sign ideas below and still need some inspiration, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty more ideas right here.

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Funny Valentine's Day Signs

This post has creative and hilarious ideas to spice up your Valentine's Day decor! Get tips on unique display ideas and a list of hilarious sign ideas that will ignite your imagination. Don't settle for boring decorations this Valentine's Day - bring in laughter and joy with these funny signs! Celebrate love in a super fun and unique way by giving the full post a read!

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