Farmhouse Drop Cloth Curtains

There is nothing like cheap, no sew, easy and farmhouse being all in the same sentence. I cannot wait to give you a small way to create a big impact in your home. With DIY farmhouse curtains!

I’m sure you know that window treatments are not usually cheap or even versatile. But these curtains are!

Farmhouse Curtains Made from Drop Cloth Canvas

There are so many things you can do with them too! But let’s get to the basics first!

Updating the Old Curtains for New Farmhouse Curtains

When we moved into our new rental home, I needed to find a quick, easy and CHEAP way to provide some privacy in our front room.

There were old grandma style curtains up, but they kept falling down and just were a mess. Not to mention that they definitely weren’t the farmhouse style I was going for. 

I searched high an low at TJ Maxx, online stores, and Hobby Lobby, but I could not find anything that screamed farmhouse, was neutral, and that was cheap.

Sooo I searched google for some cheap no sew curtains and found this great idea! 

Now, I know how to sew, but that doesn’t mean that I want to sew my own curtains from scratch. Or spend the money on the fabric for them! 

So when I came across some budget friendly DIY modern farmhouse curtain ideas, I was thrilled!

So here we go.

DIY Farmhouse Curtains with Drop Cloth Closeup

Here is the quick and easy way to give your home that farmhouse feel, with farmhouse drop cloth curtains on a budget.

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How to Make Cheap Farmhouse Curtains

Yield: 2 Curtain Panels

How to Make Farmhouse Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop Cloth Farmhouse Curtains

Here is the quick and easy way to give your home that farmhouse feel, with farmhouse drop cloth curtains on a budget.

Prep Time 1 hour
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Washer & Dryer
  • Clothes Iron
  • Measuring Tape


  1. Purchase two drop cloths per window. If you have a really long window and want to be able to close them for privacy, I would purchase more drop cloths to cover the full window.
  2. Give them a quick wash in your washer and dryer, but make sure to only do one at a time! This basically just softens up the fabric so it’s not so rigid and rough… because man, that canvas material is rough when its fresh out of the package.
  3. Iron all of the wrinkles out and then lay the fabric flat out on the floor.
  4. Measure from the bottom of the curtain to the floor with a measuring tape. Then use that measurement to know where to fold the fabric over.
  5. Attach your curtain ring clips to the folded part of the curtain.
    I added 7 curtain rings with clips to the fold of each panel, trying to keep them evenly spaced. So one on each edge, one in the very middle, and then two clips between the middle and each edge. Hope that makes sense.
  6. Then just slide the rings onto the curtain rods and hang the curtain rods back up. Easy peasy.


If the material is too beige for you, try bleaching them. This is a great tutorial on how to bleach drop cloth. I don’t have much patience for bleaching and keeping up with all of that though.

Recommended Products

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Drop Cloth Curtains in the Living Room
Farmhouse Style Cheap Curtains
Ring Clips Hang Drop Cloth Curtains Easily

I’m completely in love with my farmhouse curtains. Not only because they will go with so many different color palettes and decor changes, but because they are sooo versatile!

If you have high ceilings, or low ceilings, just fold, (or don’t fold) the fabric over to the length you need.

And if boring ole’ neutral isn’t your thing, you can paint them too!

I’ve seen wide stripes, fun designs, and fabric dye being used to create completely unique and personalized curtains.

Here are some more modern farmhouse curtain ideas!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to help you!

And check out this post on 13 DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Complete in a Weekend to get more great ideas!

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Quickly Update your Home with Modern Farmhouse Curtains

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  1. Bill Yerds says:

    damn I need thos

  2. LOVE this tutorial thanks, Natalie! I do have a couple of questions though First, about how many clip rings are used on average? And do you use one drop cloth panel on each side of window, or more, or does that have to do with measurements? Thanks for your help. My husband and I are planning to use these in all of our rooms. ??

    1. Hey! I used 7 clips per curtain and I have used two drop cloth for each window. If your windows are larger, you may want to do two.

  3. JoAnne Andrews says:

    These drop cloth curtains look awesome and I’m definitely going to give them a try, your instructions make it seem pretty easy! The drop cloths that you have in the link do they have a seam in the panel at all? What colour are these drop cloths, in the pictures they look more on the white side, are they a beige colour or more white? Thank you!

    1. Hey there!
      Unfortunately some of them have seams and some don’t. They are more cream color than white. You’ll need to bleach them to get them whiter.

  4. Andrea Mckenna says:

    Ive been looking everywhere for farmhouse curtains just like this. Great idea WOW!!

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