Best Black Spray Paint for Furniture

Among the many types of paint for furniture, spray paint has been getting popular for its versatility and ease of use. And when painting furniture, you can’t get more classic than black. So we’ve compiled a list of the best black spray paint for furniture that will give your old pieces a sleek and stylish finish.

You can freshen up your existing furniture as well as create a bold statement with these top black spray paints, so you definitely can’t go wrong with them!

black spray paints for furniture with text overlay

If you’ve ever painted furniture the traditional way, you know it can be a time consuming and tedious process. That’s why spray paint has been gaining popularity for its convenience and efficiency. You won’t need other painting supplies like brushes or rollers, making it awesome for newbies or anyone wanting to cut down on the hassle.

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With just a few sprays, you can cover large surfaces evenly and get a smooth finish without any brush strokes. You can also easily reach small and intricate details that a brush might have trouble with. Plus, spray paint dries quickly so you won’t have to wait long to see your furniture transformation.

Now, let’s talk about black. It may seem like a simple and basic color choice compared to the wide range of options available, but it’s timeless and elegant, and it also works with any design style. Whether you’re going for a modern or rustic look, black spray paint will complement your furniture perfectly.

So if you’re looking for recommendations on black spray paint to use on your furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out which brands made our list!

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Behr Paint and Primer

The first black spray paint we’re going to talk about is the Behr Paint and Primer. This handy paint works on all sorts of surfaces such as wood, metal, and plastic. You can use it inside or outside, so you’re all set no matter what piece of furniture you’re looking to spruce up!

Behr paint and primer in gloss black

It has advanced spray tip technology that helps you get an even and smooth application. It’s designed to be comfortable to use so you won’t have any hand cramps or discomfort while spraying. And it dries quickly – you won’t have to wait long to see the final result of your hard work!

Aside from black, Behr Paint and Primer comes in 26 other colors, and matte, satin, and gloss finishes. So if you have a specific finish for the black paint on your furniture, then you have options.

One thing to keep in mind is that this spray paint works best when paired with a good primer. We recommend using Zinsser 123 or BIN shellac based primer before spraying for better durability and adhesion. And you’ll need to do multiple coats for a solid finish, so it’s best to stock up on a few cans if you have a large project, though this can get a bit pricey.

Check out the list of the best primers for painting furniture to learn more about the different types of primers and help you decide which one is best for your project.


  • Works on various surfaces
  • Comfortable to use, no hand cramps or discomfort
  • Quick drying time
  • Available in multiple colors and finishes, including black


  • Needs a good primer for better durability and adhesion
  • May need multiple cans for larger projects, can get pricey

You can read and learn all about this paint in our Behr spray paint review, so check it out!

Rustoleum Protective Enamel

Next is the Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel. It’s a spray paint that not only adds a glossy finish to your furniture but also protects it from rust and wear and tear. Its rust protection formula makes it a great choice for outdoor pieces, so if you’re planning to spruce up your patio or garden furniture, this is definitely a top contender.

Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel in black

For black options, this line has Satin Black, Flat Black, Semi Gloss Black, and Gloss Black. You can see you have a wide range of finishes to choose from and find the one that will suit your furniture and style best. This Rustoleum spray paint also levels out beautifully, giving your furniture a smooth and flawless finish.

Then again, oil paints can be a bit tricky to work with – the strong smell and longer drying time may not be ideal for some. You’ll need to wear protective gear and work in a well ventilated area, as well as wait 24 hours before adding another coat. But the oil based formula also means better durability for your furniture in the long run, so it’s a trade off that many find worth it.


  • Protects furniture from rust and wear and tear
  • Available in various black finishes – Satin, Flat, Semi Gloss, and Gloss
  • Levels out beautifully for a smooth finish
  • More durable oil based formula


  • Strong smell and longer drying time
  • Needs protective gear and well ventilated area for use
  • Requires 24 hours between coats, can be time consuming

Krylon Fusion All in One

Last but not the least is the Krylon Fusion All in One spray paint. It’s a popular choice for its quick drying formula and easy to use big button tip. With the tip, you can easily spray from any angle, so you don’t have to awkwardly maneuver your furniture while painting it.

Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel in black

Its black comes in many different finishes, from Flat Black, Gloss Black, Hammered Black, Matte Black, Metallic Black, Satin Black to Textured Black. You have more options than just the standard black, so you can really customize your furniture’s look and feel.

This Krylon spray paint may not have the same level of coverage as some other brands, so you will have to do a few more coats to get the even finish you want. This can be a bit time consuming and costly, but if you pair it with a good primer like the BIN shellac primer, you’ll end up with a durable finish that will last.


  • Quick drying formula
  • Easy to use big button tip allows for spraying from any angle
  • Wide range of black finishes available


  • May require more coats for even coverage
  • Can get costly with multiple cans needed

These 3 black spray paints are definitely worth checking out for your next furniture makeover project! Each one has its own unique features and benefits, so it really depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Here’s a Krylon vs Rustoleum spray paint comparison post to learn more about their features and benefits and help you decide which between the two is right for your project.

If you want a versatile option that works on various surfaces, go for Behr Paint and Primer. For furniture that needs extra protection from rust and wear, Rustoleum Protective Enamel is a great choice. And if you’re looking for easy application and multiple black finish options, Krylon Fusion All in One is the way to go.

Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to use a good primer as well as prepare your furniture properly before applying the spray paint for the best results.

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