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Uhaul has the best selection of sizes

I’ve used these boxes for nightstands with Fed Ex, using the double boxing method.

Foam Sheets

Shrink Wrap

Foam Board

Menards carries the 4′ x 8′ foam board that I use for padding. If you can’t find it in a hardware store near you, you can use foam insulation boards instead.

Big Bubble Wrap

The price fluctuates a lot with these, so make sure to shop around if it doesn’t look like a good deal.

Heavy Duty Packing Tape

Shipping Labels

Fragile Stickers

Moving Blankets

These ones are cheap, but thin. I usually end up overlapping them and adding an extra one for a little more padding.

Standard Pallets and Long Pallets

Call your local spa or pool stores for long pallets! They usually will give them to you for free if you ask. Check online for companies trying to get rid of their standard-sized pallets as well! You shouldn’t have to pay for a pallet.

Tie Down Straps

Harbor Freight has these cheap tie down straps! Grab them when they’re on sale if you can!

Recycled Cardboard

Check behind stores for any large pieces of cardboard. Make sure to ask the store employees before taking any though!

Recycled Packing Materials

Anytime I get a package, I save the packing materials!

Box Cutter